[Qtwebengine] Qt:WebBrowser1.0: how to configure proxy

Ruei, Eric e-ruei1 at ti.com
Fri May 5 17:00:03 CEST 2017

Hi, Kai:

Thank you so much!
It works with the system browser settings.

By the way, there was typo at my previous e-mail. What I meant was the Qt Webkitwidgets example browser.

Best regards,


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> To whom it may concern:
> I have finally been able to run the touch-friendly QT WebBrower after 
> our yocto build problems are resolved.
> The browser works well and it is very much user-friendly. The only 
> issue is that I am not able to setup the web proxy which is not one of 
> the settings options.

It's true that the Qt WebBrowser does still miss a settings dialog for custom proxy settings. Also, it does not feature a UI yet to ask for username and password. Feel free to open a suggestion for this.

Anyhow, it should pick up the system browser settings (http_proxy environment
variable) automatically, as long as you have configured Qt with -system-proxies (default since Qt 5.8).

> I try to use the chromium command-line option –proxy-server, but it 
> does not work, either.
> When I configure and save the proxy setting at one Qt Browser such as 
> the QT Webwidgt brower,  the same setting is used by other Qt browser 
> such as Qt webenginewidget demo browser.

This is weird, because these are application specific. Anyhow, I'm not sure which application you mean by 'Qt Webwidget Browser'.


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