[Releasing] FW: Content freeze for Qt 4.8.3 approaching

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
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Hi all,

We are testing at the moment against commit 8de28b65bd18bea49fa57682d7ec3c3cd3cc4e7a "Fix for restoring dockwidget's size when it gets dragged".  If all goes well we try to freeze sha1 for this commit. Updated changes file candidate as attachment.

In case of some improvement or fix which should be included we will keep possibility for change open for a few days. If you are aware of such please send email to releasing at qt-project.org<mailto:releasing at qt-project.org> .


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Please make sure that at least https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,32813 goes in. Without that it will be impossible to open modularized 5.x documentation in Qt Assistant from 4.8.3 (it will not work in any version older than 4.8.3 anyway)


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Subject: [Releasing] Content freeze for Qt 4.8.3 approaching

Hi all,

It has been great  to notice that Qt 4.8 branch is active and has already well over 200 commits since Qt 4.8.2 release.
Therefore it is suitable time to start creating Qt 4.8.3 release, as discussed earlier.

We would like to freeze Qt 4.8.3 sha1 in mid-August aiming to have Qt 4.8.3 release ready, tested and published around the end of August.

If you are aware of some improvement or fix which should be included (and/or is possibly pending on review) please send email to releasing at qt-project.org<mailto:releasing at qt-project.org> . Any information from e.g. some fix partially approved is valuable and very welcome.  As has been discussed before, we are making the 4.8 patch release directly from 4.8 branch. So we will not cherry pick anything, getting something in means that we take all commits in by that point in time.

There are a few contributions pending to be merged to 4.8 in Gerrit (link: http://codereview.qt-project.org/#q,project:qt/qt+status:open,n,z). It would be great if all maintainers  who have not yet done so go through these for their modules and all  contributors who have received comments try to fix the things needed to be accepted.

Qt version bump up and dist/changes-4.8.3 update are under work but you can find working draft of changes-4.8.3 file as attachment.


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