[Releasing] Testing: 08/22/2012 + Seems to be macx-gcc [fail]

marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com
Wed Aug 22 23:25:46 CEST 2012

On 8/22/12 9:41 PM, "ext morten.sorvig at nokia.com"
<morten.sorvig at nokia.com> wrote:

>On Aug 22, 2012, at 4:27 PM, ext Gabriel de Dietrich
><releasing at qt-project.org>
> wrote:
>> Mkspec used:                                      Seems to be macx-gcc
>We should switch to clang which is already the default compiler when
>building from source. After the beta?

I thought it was default since 10.7?

>> On OS X 10.8, I got the "untrusted developer" warning when opening the
>>install app.
>> Install experience feels sub-standard. First, people tend to trust
>>better install packages rather than install apps. Also, some of the
>>installed apps are broken (e.g., Assistant), or shouldn't be there
>>(e.g., syncqt).
>It would be great if we could get the installer signed. We (Nokia) have a
>developer account at least. I don't know who would be allowed to sign
>using that account.

Yeah, we should really have a certificate for the Qt Project, so modules
can be signed properly.

>> Qt 5 seems currently unusable on Mac. Notably, it seems there are many
>>input related issues, like basic trackpad gestures not working. For
>>instance, 2-finger scrolling would select what's lies under the cursor
>>while scrolling.
>Come on! This has been fixed for several hours already :) (See
>> Is this package releasable?:                      No
>It's fine! you learn to not 2-finger scroll after a while.

Oooo, maybe not a beta requirement, but we need that in!

Addicted to 2-finger scrolling

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