[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Release team meeting Dec 18, 2012

Linaae Hanne Hanne.Linaae at digia.com
Tue Dec 18 21:24:54 CET 2012


Here are the minutes from today's release team meeting:

1. Package/bug status
- the latest packages (386 and 389) have been tested extensively.
- the two issues  mentioned in the release team meeting yesterday (font issue on linux and QTBUG-28657) have been fixed, but the fixes will not be in until tomorrow's packages are ready (390)
- all P0 and P1s marked for the release are fixed
- commercial packages are still needed to be able to release

2. Go/no-go decision to release
- release team agreed that the 389 packages are good enough for release, but that we prefer 390 if packages are ok.
- the release team leaves it up to Lars and Hanne (who is stand in release manager for Sinan who is on vacation) to decide which package we use for the release 
- it's a go!

3. AOB
- thiago will update qtchooser


----- Meeting log: -------
[4:30pm]hanne:ZapB lars thiago steveire kkoehne tijensse_ mkalinow treinio_ iieklund akseli joaijala sahumada rosch Rafal andre_ : ping
[4:30pm]kkoehne:hanne: pong
[4:30pm]andre_:hanne: pong
[4:30pm]mkalinow:hanne: pong
[4:30pm] thiago joined the chat room.
[4:31pm]lars:thiago: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,43163
[4:32pm] johanna joined the chat room.
[4:32pm]•thiago guesses he needs to
[4:32pm]johanna:pong too
[4:32pm]hanne:ok - let's get started
[4:33pm]hanne:1. package/bug status
[4:33pm]hanne:2. go/no-go decision to release
[4:33pm]hanne:any thing else to add?
[4:33pm]hanne:let's go: 1. package/bug status:
[4:34pm]hanne:the packages from yesterday (386) and today (389) have been extensively tested.
[4:34pm]hanne:the two issues  mentioned in the release team meeting yesterday (font issue on linux and QTBUG-28657) have been fixed since then, and will be in the packages built tonight (ready tomorrow morning - i.e in 390-packages)
[4:34pm]hanne:all P1 and P0 should to my knowledge be fixed, and we could possibly, as far as i understand, release either the 389 or the 390 packages
[4:35pm]hanne:anyone have anything to raise / add regarding the packages?
[4:35pm]treinio_:hanne: lars: the font issue fix is still integrating, right?
[4:35pm]hanne:treinio_: yes, will be in 390
[4:36pm]hanne:sahumada: right? ^
[4:36pm]treinio_:if it successfully passes ci, that
[4:36pm]lars:treinio_: yes, it's intrgrating
[4:36pm]hanne:treinio_: yes, sorry - good point
[4:36pm]lars:treinio_: yes, someone would still need to update qtsdk.git though once it's in
[4:36pm]sahumada:I will do it
[4:37pm] olhirvon_ left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[4:37pm]sahumada:it should be merged in a couple of seconds 
[4:37pm]lars:sahumada: nice 
[4:37pm]johanna:was there any updates in docs?
[4:37pm]tuukkat:can that be done in time before the night build starts?
[4:37pm]sahumada:it's merged .. so I'll update qtsdk just with that change
[4:38pm]thiago:lars: what was that font fix link?
[4:38pm]sahumada:thiago: http://codereview.qt-project.org/43163
[4:38pm]johanna:sahumada: ok
[4:38pm]lars:thiago: for the linux font problem you mentioned yesterday
[4:38pm]kkoehne:joaijala: qtsdk.git hasn't been updated since this morning, so if the next update doesn't include docs changes we should be fine.
[4:38pm]thiago:lars: eskil replied to my email saying that it's a hinting issue
[4:38pm]johanna:kkoehne: ok, good
[4:38pm]thiago:I'm rebuilding anyway to check
[4:39pm]lars:thiago: there might also be a hinting issue, but what your screenshot showed was differences in sizes
[4:39pm]lars:and that's most likely related to the patch above.
[4:39pm]hanne:treinio_: do you have anything else to add regarding the bug situation for the packages?
[4:40pm]thiago:lars: interesting. I had never known of /etc/X11/Xresources setting the font DPI...
[4:40pm]treinio_:hanne: the qt5 final task list has no open bugs - only stuff to be verified
[4:41pm]treinio_:hanne: there are some p1's targeted for 5.0.1 or later
[4:41pm]lars:thiago: see the 'force fonts DPI' checkbox in kde systemsettings/fonts
[4:41pm]thiago:yup, it's checked
[4:41pm]lars:if that one's checked and your physical dpi is different from 96 you'll see different fonts between Qt 4 and 5 without the patch
[4:42pm]lars:thiago: set the value in there to 50, and you'll see a huge difference between Qt 4 and Qt 5 
[4:42pm]thiago:build finishing...
[4:42pm]hanne:anyone else have anything to add/ask about the 389 packages or the upcoming 390 ones?
[4:42pm]kkoehne:hanne: Just that there aren't any commercial packages (yet) for 389
[4:43pm]hanne:kkoehne: yes, that might cause a problem
[4:43pm]thiago:lars: sizes are now the same; hinting is still not the same
[4:43pm]hanne:we need to have commercial packages
[4:43pm]thiago:lars: overall, a step in the right direction
[4:43pm]kkoehne:hanne: SO if we decide tomorrow to go for 389 instead of the nightly ones, we've to rebuild the commercial one ...
[4:43pm]thiago:lars: thanks
[4:43pm]johanna:yes, the license issue has blocked commercial builds
[4:43pm]lars:thiago: we'll fix the hinting for 5.0.1
[4:43pm]johanna:but next build should be having correct license checking
[4:43pm]hanne:kkoehne : good point
[4:44pm]hanne:kkoehne johanna : so best would be to go with the 390 packages
[4:45pm]kkoehne:hanne: Yes.
[4:45pm]thiago:how long until we get 390?
[4:45pm]johanna:hanne: yes, if all goes well in nightly builds 
[4:45pm]•sahumada last update for qtsdk.git https://codereview.qt-project.org/43181
[4:45pm]hanne:johanna: how long time does it take to build commercial packages if we decide to use 389 instead?
[4:45pm]lars:sahumada: +2
[4:45pm]johanna:hanne: windows is the slowest, and that will take about 6 hours
[4:45pm]hanne:thiago: yes, tomorrow morning - early
[4:46pm]thiago:have we got any pass/fail from linux distributors?
[4:47pm]kkoehne:thiago: I haven't seen any reaction on the mailing list.
[4:47pm]thiago:I'll poke them today
[4:48pm]steveire:We don't even know if they've tried to package a candidate. The latest on the ubuntu repo is rc1
[4:48pm]•andre_ would be surprised if distributors checked the binary installers
[4:48pm]thiago:andre_: sources, of course 
[4:48pm]steveire:Oh, now they have rc2
[4:48pm]thiago:sahumada: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,43116 needs to be in the release
[4:48pm]kkoehne:thiago: Well, it's not without precedence that they'll add patches on top if they need.
[4:48pm]thiago:shall I resubmit directly to release?
[4:48pm]thiago:kkoehne: true
[4:49pm]thiago:kkoehne: but I'd rather know if there's anything brown-paper-bag material 
[4:49pm]thiago:anyway, since we'll have one more round of packages, I'll poke them today
[4:50pm]tuukkat:thiago: does that get in time for the nightly build?
[4:50pm]mkalinow:thought the purpose of this meeting is go/no-go? With 389 being the fallback
[4:50pm]hanne:thiago steveire : we have promoted the rc's quite well haven't we? and asked people to test in the blog posts
[4:50pm]sahumada:thiago: yes, can be pushed to refs/for/release
[4:50pm]hanne:mkalinow: yes
[4:50pm]tuukkat:Based on my (limited testing) and the reports received 389 looks very good.
[4:50pm]hanne:let's move to the go/nogo
[4:51pm]lars:thiago: you should have told us this morning.
[4:51pm]thiago:hanne: we have
[4:51pm]thiago:lars: sorry...
[4:51pm]thiago:lars: that's why I added sergio to all of those reviews I sent yesterday
[4:51pm]tuukkat:In any case there was 118 fixes already this morning in stable that are not in release and many are going in all the time, so I think somewhere early January we should do 5.0.1.
[4:51pm]lars:thiago: would have been in already then. like this it's pretty tight for tonights build.
[4:52pm]andre_:hanne: I think 389 is good enough, even without the fixes for tonight.
[4:52pm]tuukkat:It is possible to change time the nightly build starts or start it manually, if there is someone to do it
[4:53pm]hanne:so question is: do we think 389 is suitable for release? (not taking the commercial packages into consideration)
[4:53pm]hanne:andre_: +1
[4:53pm]thiago:do I have the release team's permission to self-approve the qtchooser commits?
[4:53pm]thiago:we need to release it today
[4:53pm]tuukkat:I also think 389 is good. Anything on top of that is nice to have. Unless someone proves me otherwise 
[4:54pm]lars:thiago: is it done?
[4:54pm]thiago:it's working as I posted
[4:54pm]mkalinow:+1 for taking 389 from my side
[4:54pm]thiago:I have more changes I'd like to make eventually, but right now it works
[4:54pm]andre_:thiago: fine with me.
[4:55pm]lars:thiago: ok. I can give it a +1 then 
[4:56pm]hanne:suggestion: we use the 389 packages for release tomorrow - alternatively we use 390 if we see that they are better
[4:56pm]lars:I can live with 389, but would prefer 390 if we can get the packages for tomorrow.
[4:57pm]hanne:lars: agree
[4:57pm]tuukkat:In case the nightly build (390) is seen good, I would like to have Lars the power to decide whether we go out with 389 or 390. Not to have any more meetings on this.
[4:58pm]mkalinow:sounds reasonable
[4:58pm]hanne:tuukkat: sounds good to me
[4:58pm]tuukkat:Nothing againts committeees, but I trust Lars can do the decision alone just fine 
[4:58pm]thiago:chief maintainer and release manager look at the changes and decide which one
[4:58pm]thiago:lars and hanne I guess, since sinan is on vacation already (apparently)
[4:58pm]lars:ok, will do 
[4:58pm]lars:thiago: yep
[4:58pm]mkalinow:ha, now we have somebody to blame 
[4:59pm]lars:mkalinow: yeah, whatever we do, you can blame us, right?
[4:59pm]mkalinow:lars: thinking about it, I have some pending patches... 
[4:59pm]mkalinow:ok, back to agenda...
[4:59pm]•lars kicks mkalinow
[4:59pm]hanne:i take this as we have a "go" to release tomorrow
[5:00pm]thiago:unless the sky falls over our heads today
[5:00pm]tuukkat:so it seems
[5:00pm]•thiago knocks on wood
[5:00pm]sahumada:ok .. we've got 6 patches to qt/qtbase#release .. if we really want them in .. they need to be approved in half an hour https://codereview.qt-project.org/#q,project:qt/qtbase+branch:release+status:open,n,z
[5:00pm]lars:sahumada: ok, shall I go through them?
[5:00pm]hanne:cool - fingers crossed all goes well
[5:01pm]sahumada:lars: please do
[5:01pm]hanne:lars sahumada : thanks
[5:01pm]lars:thiago: have you checked your two patches against all of qt5.git?
[5:01pm]hanne:anyone else have anything to add for this meeting?
[5:01pm]thiago:lars: no
[5:02pm]lars:thiago: uuuhhh...
[5:02pm]lars:removing headers is a very nice way to break compilation of other packages usually...
[5:02pm]hanne:sounds a bit risky..
[5:02pm]thiago:true, but haven't people noticed that in the months since the waning has been printed?
[5:03pm]tuukkat:*likely not*
[5:03pm]andre_:lars, hanne, thiago: let ossi double-check at least
[5:03pm]thiago:for 5.1 I will force developer-mode build with Werror
[5:04pm]lars:thiago: I wouldn't rely on it
[5:04pm]andre_:thiago: no sure you'll get consensus for -Werror. but that's something to discuss next year.
[5:04pm]hanne:thiago lars: do you need this meeting to discuss this further, or can we end the meeting and continue the discussion after?
[5:04pm]lars:hanne: end the meeting 
[5:05pm]hanne:lars: thanks
[5:05pm]thiago:yes, end the meeting
[5:05pm]thiago:this is a regular patch discussion now
[5:05pm]hanne:meeting ended - thanks everyone - fingers crossed all goes well
[5:05pm]andre_:--------------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------------

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