[Releasing] http://testresults.qt-project.org/forms/release-testing/ is unusable in google chrome 25.0.1364.2 dev-m

Saether Jan-Arve Jan-Arve.Saether at digia.com
Wed Dec 19 10:30:57 CET 2012

I'm not sure if more people have had this problem, but the webform does not work very well in Google Chrome. This is because Chrome tries to be smart about an input of type date, and presents a calendar popup where the user can choose date. However, Chrome will generate date of format YYYY-mm-dd, while the validator expects slashes as field separators, so it will make it inacceptible by the validator and fails to submit.

This is also why this report comes in today, and not yesterday evening (I had to change to Firefox)

Jan Arve

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