[Releasing] Bug priority downgrading during release process

Anttila Janne Janne.Anttila at digia.com
Thu Dec 20 11:27:39 CET 2012


One minor thing was bothering me on Qt 5.0.0 release process (beta, rc, and final).  It seems that we are sometimes changing bug priorities during release process to comply with some policy (No P0 or P1 in release). There was also the following statement in "Meeting minutes: Release team meeting Dec 11, 2012" mail:

> 3. Next steps 
> * Evaluate all incoming P1s, and consider downgrading if not crucial for 5.0.0. 

For me this makes no sense - bugs should and can be reprioritized based on valid reasons, and the reason should be always written to bug report. Downgrading priority just for sake of policy is stupid, instead those bugs should be targeted for next release with appropriate comment. Downgrading bug priority due to policy opens a possibility that important bug is not fixed to next release either (Downgraded P2 is likely more important compared to bug that was originally evaluated as P2).

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