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Heikkinen Miikka Miikka.Heikkinen at digia.com
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Seems that Digia builds have stopped because build system ran out of disk space on one of the machines involved. I have notified build system admins, so hopefully this gets sorted out even though most of them are on vacation.

AFAICS Digia builds are not using mksrc.sh but have a custom script instead, so that explains missing docs and other discrepancies. I don't know why this is; we need to wait for Iikka to get back from vacation to clarify the situation.

The QMacStyle::QMacStyle() crash in 10.6 should be fixed with this: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,30676


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Latest Digia installers are from July 14, except Mac which is from July 13.
Latest Nokia installers are from July 12 -- it is unclear to me why things stopped there.

Windows (Digia installer):
- VC Redist is now present, though is not selected by default on machines that do not have it installed already.
- VC Redist seemed to install correctly.
- Readme is still the one from source packages
- Src/Qt/5.0.0-beta has a .git directory. mksrc.sh is supposed to remove that from source packages.
- The Src directory is missing the html docs.  Doc generation has been in mksrc.sh since June 18, so I can only assume that Digia are using an out-of-date mksrc.sh or not using it at all.  We should all be using the same scripts.
- All of the *.prl files in Desktop/Qt/5.0.0-beta/lib are zero bytes. Is that intentional?  The corresponding files in the linux package range between 700 and 1500 bytes.
- There is one autotest binary installed (tests aren't supposed to be built in the binary packages).  The test is Desktop/Qt/5.0.0-beta/msvc2010/tests/tst_qmltestexample.exe.
- Random selection of examples seemed to work ok.  Previously reported regressions in comboboxes and font rendering are fixed -- thanks Friedemann!

Linux (Digia installer, Ubuntu 11.10, x64):
- Name of target distro is still missing from package filename
- Readme is still the one from source packages
- The Src directory is missing the html docs, as above.
- Most modules still missing examples -- only qtbase, qtdeclarative, qtsvg, qttools, qtxmlpatterns, and qt3d have examples.
- Qt3d examples are in the wrong place, they are in Desktop/Qt/5.0.0-beta/gcc_64/qt3d, but should be in gcc_64/examples/qt3d.  The qt3d examples also don't have any directory hierarchy, just all the binaries in one directory.
- There is one autotest binary installed (tests aren't supposed to be built in the binary packages).  The test is Desktop/Qt/5.0.0-beta/gcc_64/tests/tst_qmltestexample/tst_qmltestexample.
- A random selection of the examples seemed to work ok.

Linux (Nokia installer, Ubuntu 12.04 x64)
- Same as above, except....
- Docs are present and similar to the latest snapshot published by the doc team
- Most of the expected contents of the bin directory are missing (assistant, designer, qmlscene, etc), though the libs are present in the lib directory, except for the ones related to Designer.  Seems that qttools module didn't finish building.

Mac 10.6 (Tested by Daron Edie):
- All binaries crash on startup. Stack trace available, crash seems to be in QMacStyle::QMacStyle().

Mac 10.7 (Tested by Daron Edit):
- Binaries work ok,.
- Same examples missing as on linux package

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