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On 5/17/12 1:24 AM, "ext Thiago Macieira" <thiago.macieira at intel.com>

>On quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012 17.19.44, simo.falt at nokia.com wrote:
>> Moi,
>> There actually is a ci producing linux packages daily. With those the
>> problem is that while building in ubuntu 12.04, it creates not so nice
>> dependency to glibc2.15. But hopefully we get some older distro set-up
>> already this week so that those can be made widely available.
>I don't personally care about binaries, since I will not install them on
>Linux. But you probably have source packages out. That's what we need for
>alpha and we need to start testing them ASAP.

Ci is publishing the src packages in here:

I'm not sure if that will be the final delivery channel, but that is the
location for now. At the moment the src is a snapshot from qt5 and its
submodules (default ones). Once we get some progress there will be
separate release branch for those components which needs one and the src
package will be made out of that.

>> Mac packages
>> are pending, while qt-project don't have any mac nodes at the moment,
>> that issue should get sorted out pretty soon. Once we have those there
>> ready scripts to be run on regular basis. Win is the one which is now
>> lacking most. The build nodes do exist, but I haven't got time to play
>> those. If someone has time to create simple script which builds all
>> sub-modules and creates 7z out of those, feel free to contribute.
>Are we not going to repurpose iwmake?

Nope. The chosen packaging method for now is Installer Framework, same
which was used with QtSDK. There is already python scripts in
qtrepotools/release_tools dir, which are used to build the bin packages
for win, mac and linux.

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