[Releasing] Beta 2 Release Testing Started

Reinio Topi Topi.Reinio at digia.com
Thu Nov 8 15:12:51 CET 2012

Compared to previous successful build (Nov.05-322), following bugs have been addressed for packages in 

Issues addressed for qt-creator:
    QTBUG-26869 $$QMAKESPEC is a path in the source dir, but should be in the build dir/install dir.
    QTCREATORBUG-8125 Custom Executable file name with spaces handled incorrectly
    QTCREATORBUG-8187 Qt 5.0 versions show warning "No qmlviewer installed"

Issues addressed for qtbase:
    QTBUG-11912 DEPENDPATH causes source files to be found
    QTBUG-14814 QHeaderView: when dragging a section into the position that would make it the last column, dropping the section does not always work or requires the user to drag beyond the range of the widget
    QTBUG-20094 [Regression] Other submenus pop open when navigating to submenu items
    QTBUG-22528 "Phantom" header row remains after resetting QTableView.
    QTBUG-23267 Update mac-specific code in qtestlib for Qt5
    QTBUG-25342 tst_qprocess occasionally hangs on Windows
    QTBUG-27224 Leaking memory in QtConcurrent::ResultStore<T>::addResults
    QTBUG-27386 Scaled QGraphicsTextItem rendered in low quality on Mac
    QTBUG-27391 Warning generated when using QImage as QtConcurrent::mapped return type
    QTBUG-27522 Downloading a big file from QNetworkDiskCache can be very slow and CPU-intensive
    QTBUG-27639 Inconsistent enter/leave events when mouse leaves/enters the application while a popup is open
    QTBUG-27648 Regression: Context Menu key does not send a QContexMenuEvent
    QTBUG-27686 Spurious segfaults in QXcbCursor/xcb_setup_vendor_end
    QTBUG-27705 move QSystemSemaphore autotest from qtscript to qtbase
    QTBUG-27741 Angle: libEGL must delay-load dwmapi.dll
    QTBUG-27786 XCB: Parentless modal dialogs may be hidden by parents
    QTBUG-27812 QPainter drawText with rotated transform leaks GDI handles
    QTBUG-27825 font gdi leak in QWindowsFontEngine
    QTBUG-27828 QWindowsVistaStyle::drawPrimitive(PE_PanelItemViewItem) alters QPainter state
    QTBUG-27836 opengl hellowindow example - unresponsive event handling
    QTBUG-27840 OpenGL: -no-opengl not completely disables OpenGL code
    QTBUG-332 QHeaderView: Disallow moving of the a column

Issues addressed for qtdeclarative:
    QTBUG-26423 QQuickItem::transformOriginPoint lacks change notification and is read-only

Issues addressed for qtquick1:
    QTBUG-26197 qml examples aren`t installed on windows sdk package?
    QTBUG-27823 Clashes in installation directory between qtdeclarative and qtquick1 examples

Issues addressed for qttools:
    QTBUG-26869 $$QMAKESPEC is a path in the source dir, but should be in the build dir/install dir.

Compared to previous successful build (Nov.05-322), commits related to packaging (release-tools):
    3def0c4c release-tools: Enable installer packages to use ANGLE by default
    2a493d23 Fix regular expression in icu path patcher
    5f7a096a Removed doc registering from installer.
    72b9efea Major update into Qt5.0.0 beta2 installer configurations
    24fcee1b Fix bug when creating Mac installer
    79090a46 Added 32 bit vcredist package to 64 win installer package.
    e3cf7eea Qt5 installer: use latest creator build.
    bb867ad2 Fix disk image creation on Mac

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