[Releasing] Meeting minutes: release team meeting 09.11.2012

Tanilkan Sinan Sinan.Tanilkan at digia.com
Fri Nov 9 13:43:40 CET 2012


Thanks for the meeting today. Here are the minutes:

_Qt 5 beta 2 blockers_
New packages are being prepared, and we hope to have them available tonight. In those packages all know blockers are fixed, except:
https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27011 No license file in binary package
https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27820  Windows binaries should use angle

_Next steps_
Another set of packages are planned to be ready on Saturday morning. These should contain fixes for all know blockers. These last packages should be considered a candidate for the Qt 5 beta 2 release, and we hope to be able to make a go/no-go decision in the release team meeting on Tuesday.


[12:01:00] <SinanTanilkan> lars, thiago, steveire, ZapB, rosch, mauricek, treinio, iieklund, akseli, joaijala, sahumada, tijensse, kkoehne: Ping
[12:01:10] <kkoehne> SinanTanilkan: pong
[12:01:14] <rosch> pong
[12:01:16] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: pong
[12:01:17] <treinio> pong
[12:01:26] <joaijala> SinanTanilkan: pong
[12:01:31] <ZapB> pong
[12:02:20] <SinanTanilkan> Sorry for not sugesting an agenda before the meeting.
[12:02:22] <sahumada> pong
[12:02:26] <SinanTanilkan> Here is a suggestion:
[12:02:31] <SinanTanilkan> 1 - Blockers for the release. 2 - Agree on the plans for the comming days.
[12:02:35] <SinanTanilkan> Any comments or suggestions?
[12:02:40] <ZapB> sounds good
[12:02:45] <kkoehne> Yes
[12:03:01] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. treinio. Could you start?
[12:03:14] <treinio> yes
[12:03:41] <treinio> we have half a dozen bugs still open, but all of them are being addressed.
[12:04:00] <treinio> shall we go trough then one by one?
[12:04:04] <treinio> *tem
[12:04:07] <treinio> *them
[12:04:10] <SinanTanilkan> Yes. I think we should.
[12:04:16] <treinio> ok
[12:04:27] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27820 Windows binaries should use angle
[12:04:35] <treinio> The next windows packages (once done) will use ANGLE
[12:04:47] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27880 QtWebProcess.exe is missing from Windows packages
[12:04:48] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Can you confirm that this looks ok?
[12:04:54] <iieklund> yes
[12:05:01] <treinio> I understood the qtwebprocess issue is expected to be solved also when we get ANGLE
[12:05:06] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: when do we expect to see the next packages?
[12:05:08] <iieklund> Angle enabled build is ongoing, going ok so far
[12:05:23] <iieklund> win build takes ~ 7h :/
[12:05:28] <treinio> ouch
[12:05:30] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Ok. I think you are right (re qtwebprocess.
[12:05:33] <iieklund> no jom used
[12:05:38] <kkoehne> iieklund: I guess we need to package the d3* libraries then, too?
[12:05:38] <SinanTanilkan> Ok
[12:05:39] <lars> pong
[12:05:49] <iieklund> d3?
[12:06:00] <treinio> direct3d?
[12:06:00] <kkoehne> iieklund: AFAIK there are runtime libraries for activex
[12:06:10] <kkoehne> treinio: Yes, whatever the name is ...
[12:06:13] <tuukkat> iieklund: 7h more, or in total? How moch more?
[12:06:32] <kkoehne> iieklund: Just that they have to end up in the package  for both qt creator and qt.
[12:06:39] <iieklund> on top of that creator build and installer creation ~45min
[12:06:41] <lars> iieklund: kkoehne: there's one runtime we need to package, yes
[12:06:54] <iieklund> kkoehne: is this a new thing?
[12:07:02] <kkoehne> iieklund: It's an angle dependency
[12:07:29] <iieklund> ok, I need more details then to update the packaging if needed
[12:07:36] <iieklund> after mtg?
[12:07:40] <SinanTanilkan> Let me see if i get this right:
[12:07:42] <kkoehne> iieklund: Okay
[12:07:54] <SinanTanilkan> Both the bugs mentioned by treinio should be fixed in the next packages.
[12:08:04] <iieklund> correct
[12:08:14] <SinanTanilkan> What was agreed after that?
[12:08:31] <iieklund> I will check with kai what needs to be updated in packaging
[12:08:35] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. Thanks
[12:08:45] <SinanTanilkan> Please proceede treinio.
[12:08:58] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27818 mac: qt5 beta2 mac installer doesn't run with default security settings
[12:09:06] <iieklund> -> fixed
[12:09:21] <treinio> automatic signing in place?
[12:09:22] <SinanTanilkan> caroline confirmed that it is fixed in the packages from this morning.
[12:09:23] <iieklund> there was a typo in the automatic mac installer signing scripts
[12:09:29] <treinio> ok
[12:09:32] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Is it fixed?
[12:09:38] <iieklund> fixed, yes
[12:09:41] <treinio> i'll close it - thanks
[12:09:42] <SinanTanilkan> :)
[12:09:54] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27862 Display is broken Mac 10.8
[12:09:58] <treinio> Fixed in todays installer, waiting for verification
[12:10:10] <kkoehne> treinio: Anyone working on that?
[12:10:17] <SinanTanilkan> caroline has verified it. Can be closed.
[12:10:22] <-> Ossy_away is now known as Ossy
[12:10:36] <treinio> yes - ok. done
[12:10:46] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27797 Unable to Install Assistant from QT5 Beta2
[12:10:59] <-- hanne (~linaae at 202.84-49-38.nextgentel.com) has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[12:11:13] <joaijala> that should be fixes also
[12:11:22] <joaijala> if not in current installers then in next ones
[12:11:30] <treinio> Fix already in qtsdk - but depends on a new fix that landed to qtsdk moments ago
[12:11:49] <SinanTanilkan> Ok, so it's not going to be fixed in the build that is ongoing then?
[12:12:29] <joaijala> SinanTanilkan: it will be taken to next installers, it's building the sources now, that is needed in installer creation phase which is the last step
[12:12:43] <SinanTanilkan> joaijala: Great. Thanks.
[12:13:01] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27906 Qt5 installer doesn't register installed Qt in Qt Creator
[12:13:08] <treinio> Fix merged to qtsdk a few minutes ago
[12:13:19] <joaijala> same here, it will be included in next installers
[12:13:24] <treinio> yes
[12:13:30] <treinio> the last one
[12:13:30] <SinanTanilkan> Good.
[12:13:37] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27904 Can't compile all of qt from source package
[12:13:46] <treinio> Caused be late introduction of qtwebkit-examples-and-demos (?), fix (39171) already in qtsdk
[12:14:02] <SinanTanilkan> Is it part of the packages being generated?
[12:14:09] <sahumada> I verified that one
[12:14:12] <sahumada> it's working now
[12:14:15] <kkoehne> sahumada: Confirmed
[12:14:24] <treinio> sahumada: kkoehne: good, thanks
[12:14:25] <SinanTanilkan> Great. So close it then?
[12:14:42] <sahumada> yes
[12:14:44] <kkoehne> SinanTanilkan: Will do
[12:15:04] <treinio> that was it then
[12:15:31] <sahumada> treinio: no changes needed code-wise ?
[12:15:38] <SinanTanilkan> So all issues that block the beta is fixed, except the one iieklund and kkoehne will look at after the meeting?
[12:15:47] <iieklund> one more thing
[12:15:53] <iieklund> license files for installer
[12:16:05] <iieklund> there was email/jira ticket(?)
[12:16:15] <sahumada> yes, Paul mentioned that in an email
[12:16:19] <iieklund> I asked what the correct license files should be and where to get them
[12:16:19] <tuukkat> Just to verify, do we now see that the qtsdk.git is uptodate and contains things we thing will be good beta 2?
[12:16:46] <treinio> sahumada: no, unless the angle dependencies bring up something
[12:17:02] <SinanTanilkan> tuukkat: Based on the current discussion, that is my understanding
[12:17:15] --> tjenssen_without (quassel at nat/trolltech/x-dgpgpimodmciqico) has joined #qt-releases
[12:17:21] <sahumada> treinio: iieklund: joaijala: so I wont update qtsdk.git submodules with new changes
[12:17:22] <tuukkat> This is really good! I am very, very happy about it.
[12:17:33] <joaijala> tuukkat: as far I understand yes, there is some updates coming to submodules, but we decided not to update them yet
[12:17:39] <SinanTanilkan> sahumada: I agree. Unless we get new blockers.
[12:17:44] <sahumada> I agree
[12:18:02] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Did you get the answers you needed for the licensing?
[12:18:19] <iieklund> I need to check email again
[12:18:41] <iieklund> sahuma: what time was that email?
[12:18:42] <tuukkat> iieklund: I think the license files from beta 1 can be used, unless those were wrong for some reason.
[12:18:59] <iieklund> tuukkat: that's the problem, they are the same
[12:19:03] <sahumada> iieklund: 06:23 PM oslo time
[12:19:11] <sahumada> iieklund: from Paul Olav Tvete
[12:19:15] <rosch> tuukkat: SinanTanilkan: sorry if I am slow, but is tehre a tech preview license for the beta, or only LGPL?
[12:19:24] <kkoehne> iieklund: It's about the ThirdPartyLicenses file ...
[12:19:50] <kkoehne> iieklund: Licenses/ThirdPartySoftware_listening.txt just contains LGPL text
[12:20:05] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. So the current status is that we need to fix the licensing, and the issue kai and iieklund will explore. Right?
[12:20:32] <iieklund> yes
[12:20:52] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. Plans for the comming days then.
[12:21:07] <tuukkat> rosch: tech preview for commercial licensees, yes.
[12:21:23] <SinanTanilkan> New packages will hopefully be ready tonight or tomorrow morning (is this right iieklund?)
[12:21:27] <sahumada> iieklund: done
[12:21:34] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: yes
[12:22:09] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Sergio has volunteered to sanity test those packages on saturday (on win and linux).
[12:22:21] <SinanTanilkan> We need someone who can help with the sanity test on mac.
[12:22:28] <rosch> tuukkat: good :)
[12:22:32] <SinanTanilkan> Before we invite the community to test.
[12:22:40] <SinanTanilkan> Is there anyone here who has a chanse to help?
[12:23:02] <iieklund> I can follow the builds sat-sun
[12:23:23] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Do you have a mac, so you can install, and do a short sanity check?
[12:23:29] <lars> I can try to help to some extent as well
[12:23:35] <lars> have a mac...
[12:23:36] <SinanTanilkan> lars: Thanks.
[12:23:47] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: not at home
[12:24:11] -*- kkoehne will also test on Linux
[12:24:19] <tuukkat> I have mac 10.8 home and can verify on it during the weekend - at least the basic things
[12:24:32] <SinanTanilkan> tuukkat: Thanks. That's fine.
[12:25:20] <SinanTanilkan> sahumada, lars and tuukkat: If you let me know as soon as you have done basic sanity testing, i can send an invite to releasing and developent list, and invite to testing.
[12:25:49] <lars> SinanTanilkan: any defined procedure for sanity testing, or should I just do what I think makses sense?
[12:26:30] <SinanTanilkan> The objective is to evaluate if it is ready for testing by a broader audience, check that it installs as expected, and that you think it can be tested.
[12:26:38] <tuukkat> I think the invite should come as soon as possible after the installers are there
[12:26:43] <SinanTanilkan> tuukkat: I agree.
[12:26:44] <SinanTanilkan> Unless we meet serious problems, these packages should be considered a candidate for the beta 2 release.
[12:26:47] <lars> aye aye ;-)
[12:26:52] <tuukkat> What is ETA of the packages to CDN?
[12:26:53] <SinanTanilkan> :)
[12:27:00] --> anshaw (~quassel at has joined #qt-releases
[12:27:23] <tuukkat> is is not +7h or something else?
[12:27:31] <tuukkat> sorry, now + 7h
[12:27:35] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund ^
[12:27:48] <iieklund> you mean the build time?
[12:28:03] <lars> iieklund: when do we have the packages where everything should be ok?
[12:28:06] <tuukkat> What time we expect the packages be available?
[12:28:27] <sahumada> I think it's 07:00 am Finland time and 08:00 am Oslo time
[12:28:30] <iieklund> from build machine estimate: 345mins + creator builds (~20mins?) + packaging ~ 30 mins
[12:28:55] <lars> iieklund: we're not doing any packages earlier?
[12:29:04] <lars> ie. start a build now, so we can test tonight?
[12:29:05] <tuukkat> so in about 7,5 hours from now
[12:29:08] <iieklund> we already have
[12:29:13] <iieklund> but not with latest content
[12:29:27] <iieklund> http://origin.releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.0_beta2/backups/2012-11-09-329/
[12:29:33] <iieklund> but that is missing angle
[12:29:40] <iieklund> and the qtsdk.git update done today
[12:29:54] <lars> wouldn't it make sense to start a fresh build now including all the changes?
[12:30:00] <SinanTanilkan> Does it make sense to continue that build?
[12:30:05] <lars> then we should have them at 8pm tonight
[12:30:09] <tuukkat> IS the build that is now ongoing containing all the needed parts?
[12:30:19] <iieklund> there is scheduled build machine reboot every night 21:00 -> won't have time to finish
[12:30:40] <joaijala> tuukkat: yes, the build that will finish in 7 hours has all that we should need now
[12:31:08] <lars> joaijala: ok, and what's the delta to the build we'll get tomorrow morning?
[12:31:19] -*- lars is still confused
[12:31:22] <iieklund> packaging fixes possibly
[12:31:25] <tuukkat> Excellent. That means we can do sanity testing tonight and notify community after that later tonoght?
[12:31:37] <iieklund> but we should get all packaging related fixes in today
[12:31:50] <rosch> why does a win build take this long? is it not a build farm? are you not able to use teambuilder or something?
[12:31:58] <iieklund> lars: if this build succeeds that would be a good candidate
[12:31:59] <joaijala> lars, not much probably, some packaging fixes as mentioned
[12:32:09] <lars> rosch: separate discussion. nmake doesn't support -j
[12:32:25] <lars> rosch: we'll need to switch to jom for that. -> after the beta
[12:32:38] <lars> joaijala: ok
[12:32:38] <iieklund> rosch: it's pure jom has been unstable, need to check situation after beta2
[12:32:47] <SinanTanilkan> joaijala iieklund: are the fixes you mention blockers for the release?
[12:32:55] <tuukkat> I think it is good to have one candidate now and another tomorrow / during the weekend. Then we can pick the best on Monday.
[12:33:09] <SinanTanilkan> i mean the fixes that will be in the next build you start?
[12:33:11] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: I think so
[12:33:12] <rosch> iieklund: lars ok
[12:33:19] <iieklund> the Angle dependency lib needs to be added
[12:33:20] <kkoehne> SinanTanilkan: Yes.
[12:33:26] <iieklund> and the license files
[12:33:40] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: there was no reply to my question in email
[12:33:47] <iieklund> where to get correct license files?
[12:34:07] <SinanTanilkan> But these are blockers for the release right?
[12:34:13] <sahumada> iieklund: can you send us an email when we have packages available on releases.qt-project.org ? lars, tuukkat
[12:34:21] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: yes
[12:34:35] <iieklund> sahumada: I will
[12:34:39] <SinanTanilkan> So the packages that will be ready tonight are not candidates for the beta then?
[12:34:58] <treinio> this is the delta between todays packages and current qtsdk HEAD: http://pastebin.com/FUKPAJgy
[12:34:59] <lars> SinanTanilkan: no, but they will give us a very good indication where we are
[12:35:06] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: yes. The fixes that still needs to be done are related to packaging
[12:35:16] <iieklund> there is time to do those before installer creation triggers
[12:35:23] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. Thanks.
[12:35:43] <SinanTanilkan> Let me summarize (and see if i got this right):
[12:36:08] <SinanTanilkan> Packages will be ready tonight, and we will sanity test them (no request to the community for broader testing?)
[12:36:24] <SinanTanilkan> New pacakges tomorrow morning, we will sanity test, and ask for testing in the community.
[12:36:39] <SinanTanilkan> The latter packages is the potiential candidate for the qt 5 beta 2 release.
[12:36:40] <SinanTanilkan> Right?
[12:36:57] <iieklund> sounds good to me
[12:37:45] <SinanTanilkan> Good. If these packages work, it will leave more that 48 hours from the packages was published until the go/nogo-meeting (on monday)
[12:38:07] <SinanTanilkan> If new packages are needed on Sunday or Monday, i suggest the go/no-go meeting should still be on monday.
[12:38:26] <tuukkat> I will be able to do sanity test tonight, but not tomorrow (on the road) - so we need to find someone with mac or rely only on Lars (10.7), which should be fine.
[12:38:42] <lars> tuukkat: I actually have 10.8
[12:38:45] <SinanTanilkan> I trust lars :)
[12:38:54] <tuukkat> great, then we have no problem
[12:38:55] <lars> heh, careful with that :)
[12:39:07] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. That's all i have for this meeting. Anything else we should bring up?

After the meeting there was a discussion on the license files.

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