[Releasing] State of Qt 5.0.0 wk 48 & Meeting minutes: release team meeting 28.11.2012

Tanilkan Sinan Sinan.Tanilkan at digia.com
Wed Nov 28 16:16:51 CET 2012


Thank you for a very inspiring meeting today. Here are the minutes (which is also a summary of the state of Qt 5 for week 48):

_Update on the big remaining issues for Qt 5.0.0_
The big remaining issues for Qt 5 release candidate are:
- Documentation and examples
- Webkit split (QTBUG-24857)
- Providing packages

We hope to have all fixes in by Friday this week. If they are, we might be able to present a release candidate next week.

Next release team meeting: Tuesday 04.12.2012 at 16.00 (CET).

_KDAB's Qt5 sprint day_
KDAB will be having a Qt5 sprint day on Friday to help out as much as possible with blockers.

Best regards,
Sinan S. Tanilkan
on behalf of the Qt 5 releasing team

[13:30:58] <SinanTanilkan> lars, thiago, steveire, ZapB, rosch, mauricek, treinio, iieklund, akseli, joaijala, sahumada, tijensse, kkoehne: Ping
[13:31:03] <sahumada> pong
[13:31:07] <lars> pong
[13:31:11] <akseli> pong
[13:31:20] <steveire> pong
[13:31:20] <iieklund> pong
[13:31:21] <ZapB> pong
[13:31:28] <joaijala> pong
[13:31:34] <treinio> pong
[13:32:13] <joaijala> andre_: ok, thanks
[13:32:18] <SinanTanilkan> Hi, Thanks for joining. Here is a proposal for the agenda:
[13:32:20] <SinanTanilkan> 1. Update on the big remaining issues
[13:32:20] <SinanTanilkan> 2. Unprioritized bugs
[13:32:20] <SinanTanilkan> 3. Timeline
[13:32:27] <SinanTanilkan> Any opinions/suggestions?
[13:33:04] <SinanTanilkan> Let's start with an update on the big remaining issues
[13:33:11] <SinanTanilkan> The ones i
[13:33:19] <SinanTanilkan> The ones I'm following are:
[13:33:28] <SinanTanilkan> Doc, examples, webkit and packaging.
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[13:33:47] <SinanTanilkan> Would you like to add anything to the list, before we look at each of them?
[13:34:32] <SinanTanilkan> For doc and examples there is still considerable work remaining, and we hope to have most of it done by friday this week.
[13:35:06] <SinanTanilkan> On webkit, we are also hoping to have things done by friday, but it seems to involve a bit higher risk of dealy.
[13:35:17] <sahumada> question about examples: should we release the binaries ? I think were some doubts about that ..
[13:36:22] <lars> sahumada: I think it's very good to have the binaries, so people can try the examples without having to build them first.
[13:36:34] <sahumada> ok .. so we keep them
[13:36:40] <SinanTanilkan> Thanks.
[13:36:46] <SinanTanilkan> Iikka/joaijala: Could you give an update on packaging?
[13:36:53] <iieklund> yes
[13:37:11] <iieklund> few minutes ago we pushed a fix for the PADDING issue (blocker)
[13:37:21] <iieklund> did a quick some testing on linux and was working
[13:37:34] <iieklund> there is actually new installers available (10mins ago)
[13:37:39] <lars> iieklund: that will fix plugin loading on all platforms, right?
[13:37:59] <iieklund> I don't know if that is related to that one?
[13:38:08] <lars> iieklund: SinanTanilkan: ok, so we should do some sanity testing on those
[13:38:09] <iieklund> can you give the bug numnber?
[13:38:12] <sahumada> I think it's related
[13:38:37] <lars> well, let's simply try them. We'll know soon enough then :)
[13:38:43] <iieklund> ok, good
[13:38:47] <iieklund> next
[13:38:54] <iieklund> creator on mac does not compile
[13:39:01] <iieklund> tim is looking at that atm
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[13:39:20] <sahumada> iieklund: new change pushed I think https://codereview.qt-project.org/40946
[13:39:29] <iieklund> my biggest concern at the moment is the documentation
[13:39:55] <andre_> iieklund: tim should make sure he's up-to-date
[13:39:59] <kkoehne> iieklund: creator on mac is already fixed
[13:40:03] <iieklund> ok
[13:40:10] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Please elaborate on do.
[13:40:11] <SinanTanilkan> doc.
[13:40:20] <iieklund> if there is still doc changes pending, we don't have any valid build output to test doc related packaging
[13:40:30] <lars> before going to docs: can we then get  new packages for mac and windows as well today?
[13:41:00] <iieklund> new win packages was produced 15mins ago
[13:41:15] <iieklund> I need to check the situation with mac
[13:41:36] <lars> great, thanks
[13:41:49] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Could you inform us when you know?
[13:41:52] <iieklund> if creator builds on mac, then we should be able to get new mac installer today
[13:41:59] <iieklund> I will
[13:42:02] <SinanTanilkan> Thanks.
[13:42:21] <iieklund> johanna, any updates from you?
[13:43:00] <joaijala> no, I think it was all there
[13:43:08] <SinanTanilkan> I'd like to hear more about the doc issue you  mentioned iieklund.
[13:43:34] <iieklund> yes, what is the status, there has been mails that not all doc related changes are in?
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[13:43:59] <andre_> doc contents or doc build?
[13:44:02] <iieklund> are all changes related to docs in that we can get the .qch files out for each submodule?
[13:44:10] <lars> iieklund: lots of doc fixing/writing still ongoing. so contents is in flux
[13:44:12] <windows7> iieklund: sahumada: I just tried the windows package and the plugin path thing is still wrong + qmake does not work
[13:44:33] <SinanTanilkan> windows7 == hihrig?
[13:44:33] <iieklund> windows7: ok, will look into that with tim
[13:44:45] <windows7> SinanTanilkan: right
[13:44:52] <sahumada> it's about .qch file generation
[13:44:52] <SinanTanilkan> :)
[13:44:55] <andre_> iieklund: with https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,40940   make install ; make docs ; make install_docs  should install all _qtbase_ qchs
[13:45:19] <iieklund> andre_: thanks, thats the info we needed
[13:45:42] <iieklund> sergio: do we have that change included?
[13:45:49] <lars> iieklund: andre_: modules outside of qtbase still missing, right? but at least we can test the qtbase docs
[13:45:51] <sahumada> iieklund: no .. it's integrating
[13:45:59] <iieklund> ok
[13:46:07] <andre_> that's still missing all the other modules, as well the example descriptions in the manifest files
[13:46:27] <joaijala> if we are building the docs when building the sources, should we add the docs to the source package?
[13:46:32] <andre_> it should be good enough to test qtbase docs.
[13:46:46] <joaijala> before we did that, but then we were building docs at the same time when creating the source packages
[13:46:52] <windows7> iieklund: this is what i get on current windows build http://cutebin.fi/show.php?id=1253
[13:47:16] <iieklund> windows7: ok, thanks
[13:47:53] <SinanTanilkan> iieklund: Based on the new info. Where would you say we are with packaging?
[13:48:26] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: modularized docs need to be put into installer
[13:48:36] <iieklund> the second issue is the patching/PADDING issue
[13:48:43] <iieklund> that one I'm working with tim right now
[13:48:47] <lars> joaijala: right now: whatever is easiest and gives us the docs in the packages. Longer term, I think the .qch for each module should be shipped with the module
[13:49:23] <iieklund> SinanTanilkan: I hope that we can fix the 28223 with tim latest tomorrow
[13:49:28] <joaijala> lars: ok, the I guess we go now with no docs in source packages, let's change that later on
[13:49:37] <lars> joaijala: fine for me.
[13:49:53] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. Thanks. Anything else on the packaging side?
[13:50:01] <iieklund> no
[13:50:05] <joaijala> no
[13:50:12] <SinanTanilkan> Ok. I guess that was it from the big remaining issues.
[13:50:22] <SinanTanilkan> Next topic is the unprioritized bugs.
[13:50:35] <SinanTanilkan> 2 days ago they were down to just above 20
[13:50:41] <SinanTanilkan> Now they are at 41.
[13:51:01] <SinanTanilkan> I guess this is a sign that it's being tested.
[13:51:13] <SinanTanilkan> To ensure that we handle all the imprant issues.
[13:51:32] <treinio> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=13526
[13:51:33] <SinanTanilkan> Topi is looking at this list every day, to ensure that the ones that are critical for the release will be picked up.
[13:51:49] <treinio> yes
[13:52:16] <SinanTanilkan> I think this is the right way to continue, to allow as many people as possible to focus on fixing things.
[13:52:27] <SinanTanilkan> Unless there are any comments, i suggest we move to the next topic.
[13:52:32] <treinio> but i appreciate any help, so it's not just my opinion of what's blocker or not
[13:52:49] <SinanTanilkan> Good point topi.
[13:53:05] <SinanTanilkan> 3. Timeline
[13:53:07] <lars> treinio: looking a bit through them right now
[13:53:27] <treinio> lars: thanks
[13:53:41] <SinanTanilkan> We would like to aim to release the rc next week.
[13:54:23] <SinanTanilkan> And propose to hold the next release team meeting on Tuesday, potentially as a go/no-go meeting.
[13:54:26] <SinanTanilkan> Any opinions?
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[13:54:38] <ZapB> i'll be flying to SF that day
[13:55:27] <ZapB> is an RC practical next week if docs/webkit are not due until Friday that week?
[13:55:57] <SinanTanilkan> I think all of these items must be pushed this friday yes.
[13:56:15] <ZapB> oh sorry they're this friday. I misunderstood
[13:56:39] <SinanTanilkan> :) I guess we will see in a few days if i or you missunderstood.
[13:57:07] <SinanTanilkan> Could steveire be in the release team meeting in your place on tuesday?
[13:57:18] <ZapB> sure
[13:57:23] <steveire> Yep, it works for me
[13:58:04] <SinanTanilkan> I think monday is the earliest time we could announce packages as a candidate for the rc. if wednesday is a likely day, i don't know yet. It would just be nice if we don't end up delaying the release because we had the meeting to late.
[13:58:23] <SinanTanilkan> I would also propose that we meet every day after tuesday next week until the rc is out.
[13:59:02] <ZapB> ok i'll try my best to make it but I'll be fairly loaded at DevDays
[13:59:20] <SinanTanilkan> Thanks.
[13:59:28] <SinanTanilkan> That's all i have for this meeting. 
[13:59:45] <SinanTanilkan> If you don't have anything else, i guess we'll talk again on Tuesday.
[13:59:50] <SinanTanilkan> Thansk for your time.
[13:59:58] <ZapB> we (KDAB) will be having a Qt5 sprint day on friday to help out as much as possible with blockers
[14:00:32] <lars> ZapB: great, thanks!
[14:00:33] <treinio> ZapB: extremely cool
[14:01:05] <SinanTanilkan> ZapB: Great. Thanks. I think people will be happy to hear that.
[14:01:32] <ZapB> steveire: is organising it from our side
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[14:02:08] <-> hanne_ is now known as hanne
[14:02:25] <steveire> Letting me know about anything not docs-related would be good so I can get people on it. People would prefer to debug things than write docs :)
[14:02:45] <steveire> But they'll be in qt-labs on Friday anyway to coordinate.
[14:02:51] <SinanTanilkan> ZapB: Do you mind if i put that in the state of Qt 5 email?
[14:03:13] <ZapB> SinanTanilkan: please do by al means
[14:03:30] <SinanTanilkan> :)
[14:03:44] <SinanTanilkan> This was very inspiring. Thanks.
[14:03:53] <ZapB> yw
[14:03:59] <lars> steveire: have a look at the Qt 5 dashboard for bugs...
[14:04:10] <steveire> Yes, I've got all the links.
[14:05:42] <lars> steveire: ok, cool. really great you are helping!

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