[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 02.04.2013

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Wed Apr 3 16:41:56 CEST 2013


Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 02.04.2013
- latest installers available  http://releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.2/backups/2013-04-02-482/ with 3 changes delta to last week.
- qtbase changes file not finalized yet and required for release.
- Static build on Windows and Linux seems to work. Static build for Mac ongoing (Update 03.04. : build was successful).
- QTBUG-30204 under study as potential blocker for release, reports from QTBUG-29808 requires validation.
- Qt 5.1 merges are done, new modules to need to be added into qt5.git#stable.
- Topic: Linux binaries should be compiled with the oldest acceptable distribution (oldest gcc, oldest glibc). Will be investigated.
- Should configure.exe be in source tarballs for Qt 5.1? Issue will be handled on mailing list.
- Next meeting: Qt 5.0.2 release go/no-go meeting on Thursday 04.04. 16:00 CET

The IRC log below.


(5:01:00 PM) akseli1: iieklund: kkoehne: ramotyka: seahumad: thiago: seahumad: ZapB: fkleint: ping
(5:01:07 PM) ZapB: akseli1: pong
(5:01:15 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: pong
(5:01:21 PM) thiago: akseli1: pong
(5:02:08 PM) fkleint: akseeli1:pong
(5:02:12 PM) fkleint: err, you get the idea
(5:02:23 PM) akseli1: :)
(5:02:57 PM) akseli1: Time to start Qt 5.0.2 release meeting
(5:02:57 PM) akseli1: On agenda today:
(5:03:08 PM) akseli1: Installer status
(5:03:08 PM) akseli1: Change logs
(5:03:08 PM) akseli1: Static builds
(5:03:12 PM) akseli1: Blockers for Qt 5.0.2 release
(5:03:12 PM) akseli1: Qt 5.1 alpha status
(5:03:12 PM) akseli1: Next meeting
(5:03:16 PM) akseli1: Other topics we should have in agenda?
(5:03:41 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: BUild machines for linux?
(5:03:58 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: Thiago has written a couple of times that we shouldn't build on Ubuntu.
(5:04:15 PM) thiago: postpone that for 5.1
(5:04:21 PM) kkoehne: thiago: Sure.
(5:05:24 PM) akseli1: ok, if i start with installer status... latest installers (http://releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.2/backups/2013-04-02-482/)
(5:05:29 PM) akseli1: Delta from last week (3 changes):
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: * qttools d73afee...1b02287 (1):
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: > Assistant: Fix static linking on Windows.
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: * qtbase 5d2a0ee...7322fe2 (1):
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: > qdoc: Use org.qt-project. prefix in namespace
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: * qtwebkit 8d01ff3...0d0b7ae (1):
(5:05:37 PM) akseli1: > Crash at JSC::call when loading www.gap.com<http://www.gap.com> with JSVALUE32_64
(5:05:45 PM) sletta left the room (quit: Quit: sletta).
(5:05:56 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: pong
(5:06:04 PM) akseli1: no regression compared to last week noticed so far
(5:06:40 PM) kkoehne: iieklund, sahumada|home: Is b51c9d689d5f1d01f97e4ba151fafccc48e6766c (qtbase) part of todays installer?
(5:06:56 PM) kkoehne: iieklund, sahumada|home: Thats the patch from Ossi that (I understood) should fix the libexec location on windows.
(5:07:32 PM) sahumada|home: kkoehne: checking
(5:08:16 PM) eike left the room (quit: Quit: eike).
(5:08:58 PM) sahumada|home: kkoehne: it sohuld be .. that was merged on March 25th
(5:09:52 PM) eike [eike at nat/digia/x-sjswksgfpilneazg] entered the room.
(5:09:53 PM) kkoehne: sahumada|home: MMMh. then we need to find out why it didn't fix the issue :(
(5:10:24 PM) eike left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(5:10:32 PM) akseli1: kkoehne: bug id for that?
(5:11:14 PM) anshaw left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(5:11:29 PM) akseli1: kkoehne: referring to https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,52159 ?
(5:12:00 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: Yes.
(5:12:21 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: I guess it's https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-30201
(5:13:10 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: I'll verify in the next minutes. Feel free to go on.
(5:13:16 PM) eike [eike at nat/digia/x-xapdglafkmfbvfmp] entered the room.
(5:14:42 PM) akseli1: about installers, QtCreator shortcut (win) checkbox is now working but that's changes from there
(5:15:27 PM) akseli1: how about changes files status? sahumada|home: you have been looking after these?
(5:15:46 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: change logs ?
(5:16:06 PM) akseli1: yes, qtbase only one which is not completed?
(5:16:09 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: all of them in but qtbase that might need some love
(5:16:35 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: we got two changes updating it .. one from Oswald (merged) and one from Olivier (needs rebase)
(5:16:57 PM) sahumada|home: other than that .. I dont think it's in a good shape
(5:17:16 PM) ossi|tt: sahumada|home: "don't"?
(5:18:08 PM) sahumada|home: ossi|tt: I think there is some stuff missing still .. I'll review tomorrow and if there is something missing .. I'll add it
(5:18:41 PM) ossi|tt: oh, right
(5:18:55 PM) sahumada|home: not missing from you .. that is .. I didnt mean that your change was not good enough ..
(5:19:05 PM) ossi|tt: nono. i just missed the context
(5:20:40 PM) akseli1: then Static builds: windows and linux builds found working if i'm correct. how about mac?
(5:21:35 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: the mac static build configuration in the CI system is not working due to some qtwebkit stuff
(5:21:53 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: but I checked manually and I managed to compile half of the modules without problems
(5:22:02 PM) sahumada|home: on Mac, that is
(5:22:25 PM) sahumada|home: a full static build on Mac is still compiling in the office
(5:22:41 PM) akseli1: i tried to build on mac without qtwebkit folder but failed. maybe messed up in configure parameters.
(5:23:08 PM) akseli1: sahumada|home: hopefully we know tomorrow more from your build
(5:23:16 PM) sahumada|home: yes
(5:23:52 PM) thiago: 5.0.2?
(5:23:56 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: Okay, qmake still reports the wrong LIBEXEC path. but it doesn't matter , becuase qtwebprocess is now in bin, which is in PATH by default.
(5:24:06 PM) sahumada|home: yes .. 5.0.2
(5:24:42 PM) akseli1: kkoehne: ok, thank you
(5:25:07 PM) akseli1: which leads us to Blockers for Qt 5.0.2 release then
(5:25:43 PM) akseli1: didn't get so many test reports from 502 RC packages (only one i think)
(5:26:42 PM) akseli1: anyone aware of blockers for 502 release? change file requires work and static build on mac open issue
(5:26:51 PM) thiago: most poeple have migrated to 5.1 I guess...
(5:28:52 PM) akseli1: if no blockers reported or identified today \ tomorrow could we release 502 officially?
(5:28:55 PM) sahumada|home: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-30204 ?
(5:29:38 PM) akseli1: tried on linux & mac but don't know windows status
(5:29:40 PM) sahumada|home: not a P1 maybe ?
(5:30:00 PM) iikka_ [~iikka2 at gprs-internet-bceeb4-133.dhcp.inet.fi] entered the room.
(5:30:50 PM) thiago: let's see
(5:31:52 PM) thiago: seems to be a qtmultimedia problem
(5:31:59 PM) thiago: if someone can confirm it's a regression, it's a P1
(5:32:06 PM) thiago: otherwise, I would say it isn't
(5:33:07 PM) kkoehne: I can't reproduce the issue with mingw installer
(5:33:49 PM) kkoehne: oh, actually I can. I get "This video is currently unavailable." only after I click a specific video.
(5:34:31 PM) thiago: do you get that error using the demo browser?
(5:36:23 PM) thiago: let's continue, we don't need that answer right now
(5:36:30 PM) akseli1: so that issue at least requires further study but if able to reporduce & clear regression then P1
(5:36:53 PM) ZapB: any other blockers?
(5:37:49 PM) sahumada|home: there are some other in https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-29808 .. but I guess all of them need some validation
(5:38:33 PM) akseli1: that then during tomorrow
(5:39:12 PM) kkoehne: thiago: which browser? flickrview seems to work fien.
(5:42:34 PM) iikka_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
(5:42:51 PM) akseli1: change files required anyway so validating 29808 before those and having new packages then. if no clear regression or P1 found then calling separate meeting for 502 release no/go meeting
(5:43:00 PM) thiago: kkoehne: the demo browser
(5:44:02 PM) akseli1: if then moving to next item: Qt 5.1 alpha status
(5:44:12 PM) kkoehne: thiago: webkitwidgets\browser works, as well as fancybrowser
(5:44:33 PM) thiago: kkoehne: can you check if that was the Flash video?
(5:44:46 PM) kkoehne: thiago: I can watch youtube videos.
(5:45:10 PM) kkoehne: thiago: So yes, it works with flash.
(5:45:16 PM) thiago: kkoehne: right-click them. Does that show the Flash menu?
(5:45:23 PM) thiago: or is it the HTML5 RMB menu?
(5:45:24 PM) kkoehne: thiago: yes
(5:45:27 PM) kkoehne: thiago: flash
(5:45:41 PM) thiago: kkoehne: go to youtube.com/html5 and enter the HTML5 test.
(5:45:58 PM) thiago: kkoehne: let's move this to #qt-labs
(5:46:14 PM) kkoehne: thiago: works.
(5:48:30 PM) akseli1: sahumada|home: you have been working with 5.1 merges. what is the current status?
(5:48:45 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: all in
(5:49:08 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: we still need to get the new modules in qt5.git#stable .. which hasn't happen
(5:49:31 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: my wild guess is that there is a machine that is misconfigured or has something wrong
(5:49:37 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: the CI guys are looking into it
(5:50:45 PM) akseli1: sahumada|home: ok, thanks
(5:51:10 PM) akseli1: there was discussion about 5.1 alpha earlier on mailing lists
(5:52:22 PM) akseli1: making as src only release. release criteria for that is to have new modules in and able to compile
(5:52:31 PM) thiago: yup
(5:52:31 PM) akseli1: am i right about criteria?
(5:53:04 PM) akseli1: ok, so hopefully new modules available soon
(5:54:17 PM) thiago: which ones are missing?
(5:55:09 PM) sahumada|home: qtx11extras qtquickcontrols qtserialport qtsensors .. if I remember correctly
(5:56:27 PM) akseli1: thiago: not alpha release issue but for compiling Qt with linux distros other than ubuntu.. if i remember correctly it was due to gcc version?
(5:56:38 PM) thiago: and glibc version
(5:56:51 PM) thiago: the binaries should be compiled with the oldest acceptable distribution (oldest gcc, oldest glibc)
(5:57:01 PM) thiago: usually, that's Debian stable
(5:57:24 PM) thiago: what are we using? Ubuntu 10.4?
(5:58:11 PM) akseli1: Ubuntu 11.10 i think.
(5:58:47 PM) akseli1: CI system having older Ubuntu versions as well
(5:59:42 PM) akseli1: but if making change on linux distro have to be started now since is a huge tasks. will look more that issue.
(6:00:13 PM) akseli1: any other topics in mind?
(6:00:28 PM) akseli1: or would next meeting be Tuesday 8th April 16:00 CET ?
(6:00:34 PM) akseli1: if needed calling separate go/no-go meeting for 5.0.2 release earlier.
(6:00:34 PM) sahumada|home: configure.exe in source tarballs for Qt 5.1 ?
(6:00:57 PM) akseli1: sahumada|home: ah, sorry forgot that one
(6:02:34 PM) akseli1: configure.exe have been in src package earlier but is that need?
(6:02:47 PM) akseli1: some discussion about earlier but cant remember were there decission to remove that on 5.1
(6:02:48 PM) akseli1: thiago^
(6:03:45 PM) thiago: meeting time is fine
(6:03:50 PM) thiago: do we need to wait that long, though?
(6:04:01 PM) sahumada|home: if we keep it .. we need to add that in the package creation process for 5.1 .. which is a PITA
(6:04:15 PM) thiago: April 8 is Monday, not Tuesday
(6:04:37 PM) akseli1: sorry, Monday April 8
(6:04:43 PM) thiago: ok, time is fine
(6:04:56 PM) thiago: separate go-no-go earlier is appreciated
(6:05:02 PM) ZapB: +1
(6:05:02 PM) thiago: we're close now, we shouldn't wait a week
(6:05:13 PM) ZapB: hiw about thursday?
(6:05:30 PM) thiago: sahumada|home: I'd rather not have the file, but ossi wants it. I think we're not totally decided.
(6:07:10 PM) akseli1: thursday would be feasible for go/no-go meeting
(6:07:49 PM) akseli1: so thursday 16:00 CET go/no-go meeting that as only item on agenda?
(6:07:53 PM) sahumada|home: I think we need to make a decision .. no decision means that we need to create all the package creation stuff for Qt 5.1 to include configure.exe
(6:08:17 PM) sahumada|home: which doesnt make any sense .. if configure.bat can bootstrap it
(6:08:46 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: +1 for Thursday
(6:08:48 PM) sahumada|home: iieklund: ^ comments
(6:08:52 PM) ossi|tt: sahumada|home: you cannot explain to a user "yeah, you can use configure --help, but that needs to bootstrap configure first"
(6:09:01 PM) thiago: sahumada|home: send to releasing ML so we can make a decision
(6:09:05 PM) thiago: akseli1: +1 for Thu
(6:10:25 PM) akseli1: so configure.exe & 5.1 topic continues on releasing mailing list, 5.0.2 go/no-go meeting on next Thursday 16:00 CET
(6:10:49 PM) akseli1: thank you all for the meeting
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