[Releasing] [Development] Switch of MinGW toolchain for Qt 5.1

Jonathan Liu net147 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 14:07:30 CEST 2013

On 4/04/2013 8:38 PM, Koehne Kai wrote:
> I'd like to update the recommended 32 bit MinGW toolchain (that we also ship in binary installers) for 5.1 from
>    x32-4.7.2-release-posix-sjlj-rev8
> to
>    x32-4.8.0-release-posix-dwarf-rev1
> The recommended 64 bit toolchain would change accordingly from
>    x64-4.7.2-release-posix-sjlj-rev8
> to
>    x64-4.8.0-release-posix-seh-rev1

ANGLE doesn't compile with GCC 4.8.0 Rev 1 toolchain.

d3dcompiler.h needs some patches which I've submitted upstream to 
wine-patches mailing list (mingw-w64 DirectX headers are from Wine):

Patch status: http://source.winehq.org/patches/


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