[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.2 release team meeting 02.12.2013

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Dec 3 07:28:49 CET 2013

Meeting minutes from Qt 5.2.0 release team meeting 02.12.2013:

- Target Qt 5.2.0 release day Tuesday 10.12.2013
   * qt5.git updated & content items aimed for Qt 5.2.0 in packages Thursday 5.12.2013
   --> Changes in the release branch after early Thursday morning may not make the final
	- To be able to create final packages on Thursday we need to start qt5.git integration late Wednesday evening & build  and packaging Thursday morning.
   * Issues to be fixed before Qt5.2 final release metabug QTBUG-35145
   * Release team go\no-go meeting before release

- Next meeting 9.12.2013 16:00 CET

Irc log below:

(5:00:39 PM) akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: sahumada: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko ping
(5:00:42 PM) kkoehne: akseli: pong
(5:00:47 PM) ankokko: akseli: pong
(5:01:03 PM) ZapB: akseli: pong
(5:01:29 PM) thiago: ankokko: pong
(5:01:32 PM) fkleint: akseli: Ping, have to rush in 20mins..doctors appointment
(5:01:34 PM) thiago: oops
(5:01:35 PM) wolfgang-b: akseli, pong
(5:01:37 PM) thiago: akseli: pong
(5:02:02 PM) akseli: Time to start Qt 5.2 release team meeting
(5:02:07 PM) akseli: On agenda today
(5:02:11 PM) akseli: Qt 5.2.0 final schedule
(5:02:17 PM) akseli: RC1 feedback & issues to be fixed before Qt5.2 final release (QTBUG-35145)
(5:02:21 PM) akseli: Next meeting
(5:02:38 PM) akseli: anything else anyone?
(5:03:22 PM) akseli: Feel free to add items later
(5:03:40 PM) akseli: starting from Qt 5.2.0 final schedule ..
(5:03:40 PM) fkleint: akseli: Can the pending changeas to release  branches be staged?
(5:03:59 PM) fkleint: akseli: fex  https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,72518 ....
(5:04:21 PM) akseli: fkleint: there have been issues to get some pending items through CI .. ankokko: latest status ^
(5:04:42 PM) fkleint: sigh...
(5:05:29 PM) sahumada [~sahumada at] entered the room.
(5:07:09 PM) ankokko: akseli: couple of changes now integrating that were listed on the meta bug, which contains the bugs that need to be fixed
(5:07:59 PM) ankokko: akseli: and again we have one test case that seems to fail ~every staged change: Testing tst_QColumnView failed
(5:09:02 PM) fkleint: on which platform?, error message?
(5:10:06 PM) ankokko: fkleint: on windows, I need to check if it's always the same platform
(5:10:18 PM) ankokko: fkleint: Testing tst_QColumnView
(5:10:19 PM) ankokko: FAIL! : tst_QColumnView::dynamicModelChanges() Compared values are not the same
(5:10:19 PM) ankokko: Actual (delegate.paintedIndexes.count()): 0
(5:10:19 PM) ankokko: Expected (1) : 1
(5:10:19 PM) ankokko: tst_qcolumnview.cpp(1052) : failure location
(5:10:20 PM) ankokko: Totals: 33 passed, 1 failed, 0 skipped
(5:11:00 PM) fkleint: hm,ok can you create an autotest-labelled task..will look into it tomorrow if it s windows..
(5:11:28 PM) sahumada_ [~quassel at] entered the room.
(5:11:35 PM) sahumada left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(5:11:39 PM) sahumada_ is now known as sahumada
(5:12:44 PM) hanne_ [~linaae at] entered the room.
(5:13:12 PM) akseli: then about schedule for final .. although CI doesn't look promising ..
(5:13:50 PM) akseli: i feel that we should aim for having content aimed for Qt 5.20 final integrated to & qt5.git submodule updated ..
(5:14:10 PM) akseli: so that packages would be ready on Thursday 5.12.2013 evening
(5:14:32 PM) thiago: so one week of feedback only?
(5:15:01 PM) akseli: and if no showstoppers found aim for release Tuesday 10.12.2013
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(5:15:23 PM) ZapB: I hit this today https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-10972 which prevents debugging
(5:15:38 PM) akseli: thiago: yes, feedback so far haven't been so bad and 24.12. is getting near
(5:15:49 PM) fkleint: ZapB: Provide info to Andre..
(5:16:00 PM) ZapB: fkleint: yep will do
(5:16:46 PM) kkoehne: ZapB: I understood we're still in the early investigation phase for this one ... meaning, we don't really know what it is, and whether we can fix it any time soon :) I wouldn't make the release depending on such a vague thing.
(5:17:26 PM) ZapB: kkoehne: right. It's very problematic if you hit it though
(5:19:18 PM) akseli: we have metatask for issues to be fixed before Qt5.2 final release (https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-35145) but all together, is target schedule something where we could aim for?
(5:20:56 PM) thiago: it's hard to say because we've only got one weekend of feedback
(5:21:03 PM) thiago: we *cannot* set a schedule right now
(5:21:45 PM) ZapB: agreed
(5:21:49 PM) akseli: or could we agree that as a target and reconsider & reschedule on release ML if new blockers are found later during this week?
(5:22:00 PM) fkleint left the room (quit: Quit: Feierabend!).
(5:22:01 PM) thiago: we can assume: assuming there are no more bugs reported, when can we release
(5:22:08 PM) kkoehne: akseli: I think it's right to aim for releasable packages very soon, and be more strict what to take in. Whether the THursday ones will be the final one's though ... hard to say.
(5:22:12 PM) thiago: there are pending changes already
(5:23:06 PM) akseli: surely we would have go-no meeting before release (e.g. next Monday)
(5:24:22 PM) thiago: makes sense
(5:26:50 PM) akseli: so we agree about target schedule to be on Thursday content items in packages, Monday go\no-go meeting, Tuesday release if all goes well?
(5:27:06 PM) kkoehne: yeah, why not.
(5:28:06 PM) thiago: make sure everyone knows that any changes in the release branch after Thursday may not make the final
(5:28:31 PM) akseli: thiago: will be done
(5:28:44 PM) akseli: if there are missing items from metabug QTBUG-35145 could you please propose those on comments or alternatively link to metabug with preferrably some comment about that?
(5:29:22 PM) thiago: I have one
(5:29:28 PM) thiago: the configure.exe in the .tar.gz
(5:29:36 PM) thiago: do you want me to create a bug for that?
(5:30:47 PM) akseli: at this point it would make sense
(5:30:55 PM) akseli: to create bug for that 
(5:31:40 PM) thiago: ok
(5:31:54 PM) akseli: thanks
(5:34:35 PM) akseli: personal opinion is that i would have 5.2.0 release during next week and start creating 5.2.1 release at the beginning of January
(5:34:55 PM) akseli: so small increments rather than trying to fix everything on 5.2.0 now
(5:35:14 PM) akseli: but that schedule is maybe topic for another meeting
(5:35:42 PM) thiago: I agree actually
(5:36:45 PM) akseli: any other items for today's meeting? next meeting on Monday at the same hour?
(5:39:04 PM) akseli: if nothing else then hopefully Qt 5.2.0 go decisision meeting on next Monday 16:00 CET
(5:39:27 PM) akseli: thank you all for the meeting
(5:39:47 PM) akseli: bye
(5:39:55 PM) wolfgang-b: bye
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(5:41:13 PM) kkoehne: bye
(5:41:27 PM) ZapB: bye

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