[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.2 release team meeting 09.12.2013

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Mon Dec 9 19:35:44 CET 2013

Meeting minutes from Qt 5.2.0 release team meeting 09.12.2013:

- All needed fixes are now in so unless new blocker items found on testing today \ tomorrow we aim for release on Wednesday 12:00 CET

- Target for Qt 5.2.1 release is at the end of January \ early February.

               * Actions regarding merge from stable to release etc will be informed on mailing lists after Qt 5.2.0 release is done.

- 4.8.6 Release will be done partially at the same time than 5.2.1 and release quite close to each other if possible

- Next meeting 13.01.2014 16:00 CET

Irc log below:

[17:01:08] <akseli> iieklund: kkoehne: sahumada: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko ping
[17:01:16] <sahumada> akseli: pong
[17:01:24] <ankokko> akseli: pong
[17:01:26] <peter-h> akseli: pong
[17:01:49] <fkleint> akseli: pong
[17:02:21] <akseli> Time to start Qt 5.2 release team meeting
[17:02:30] <akseli> On agenda today
[17:02:34] <akseli> Qt 5.2.0 status & release day
[17:02:38] <akseli> Qt 5.2.1 preliminary schedule
[17:02:42] <akseli> Next meeting
[17:02:49] <akseli> any additional items?
[17:03:27] <akseli> if not now feel free to introduce other topics at the end of the meeting
[17:03:38] <akseli> starting from Qt 5.2.0 status & release day
[17:03:50] <akseli> All expected Qt5 content items and "QTBUG-35145 Issues to be fixed before Qt5.2 final release" are available in todays packages (http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2013-December/014493.html).
[17:04:00] <akseli> QTBUG-35145 statuses are not yet fully updated and today found Maintenance tool related issue (QTBUG-35473) already has fix.
[17:04:05] <akseli> It doesn't require changes to Qt5 content just new installers.
[17:04:09] <kkoehne> akseli: pong
[17:04:35] <akseli> Proposal: unless new blocker items found on testing today \ tomorrow we could aim for release on Wednesday 12:00 CET
[17:04:46] <akseli> Does everyone agree?
[17:05:22] <kkoehne> akseli: Fine with me.
[17:05:46] <fkleint> looks forward to release cake on Wednesday...
[17:08:16] <akseli> ... and i take silence from the others as agreement to release on wednesday :)
[17:08:54] <tuturune> cake on Wed sounds good to me
[17:09:31] <akseli> also cake on Wed agreed .. then Qt 5.2.1 preliminary schedule ..
[17:09:41] <akseli> Plan would be to have Qt 5.2.1 release at the end of January \ early February.
[17:09:52] <akseli> Actions regarding merge from stable to release etc will be informed on mailing lists after Qt 5.2.0 release is done.
[17:11:09] <akseli> but main idea to have this information available as early as possible
[17:11:40] <akseli> please note also Qt 5.3.0 schedule from http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2013-December/014453.html
[17:12:09] <kkoehne> akseli: I'm wondering how the Qt 4.8.6 schedule fits into this?
[17:12:25] <thiago> good question
[17:12:39] <thiago> we need a 4.8 to fix the remaining mavericks issues
[17:13:40] <akseli> kkoehne: right after 5.2.1 i would say.. partially done at the same time than 5.2.1 and release quite close to each other if possible
[17:14:06] <tuturune> I assume we will do 4.8.6 in similar fashion as so far, i.e. freezing the release from the branch and making new RC with whatever landed since, if the RC is not accepted?
[17:14:28] <thiago> any reason we'd do it differently?
[17:15:12] <tuturune> I see no reason. So in vary happy case 4.8.6 can happen fast, if the branch works well now (or soon after snapshots are done)
[17:15:31] <tuturune> ...and in not so happy case it will take a few iterations
[17:15:54] <thiago> I expect a few issues in getting 4.8 packaging
[17:16:10] <thiago> but after we've got that up, the actual content should be easy
[17:17:28] <kkoehne> thiago: Well, quite some patches has landed in Qt 4.8, and we didn't do as much internal testing any more ... but let's see.
[17:18:41] <kkoehne> akseli: I'd like to get Mingw-builds 4.8.1 packages btw for 4.8.6. Do we still need Mingw.org 4.4 packages to keep the bc promise?
[17:19:12] <fkleint> shudder...wonder if that still compiles...
[17:19:35] <akseli> fkleint: it used to compile at least not so long ago;)
[17:20:46] <tuturune> akseli: Do you expect we might get first snapshots, or maybe even 4.8.6 RC before the holidays?
[17:20:47] <akseli> kkoehne: maybe we could consider possibility provide both if 4.4 and 4.8.1 are working out of the box? mingw upgrade at least would have benefits
[17:21:09] <akseli> tuturune: first 5.2.0 out and cake, then estimates about 4.8.6
[17:21:14] <tuturune> :)
[17:21:32] <thiago> kkoehne: I can tell you that getting Qt 4.8 working on a Windows machine was difficult
[17:21:40] <thiago> we couldn't find that mingw 4.4 to be installed in the first place
[17:21:55] <thiago> but we can discuss that when we do 4.8 release team
[17:22:03] <thiago> I think we're getting ahead of ourselves
[17:22:10] <kkoehne> thiago: Alright :)
[17:22:11] <thiago> aside from discussing when it should be, that is
[17:22:22] -*- thiago would prefer a release as early as possible
[17:22:38] <thiago> Mavericks is already out and we need to ensure 4.8 still works there
[17:23:27] <kkoehne> I completely agree.
[17:23:58] <akseli> and xmas & new year is kind of blocking some of that work but at least we can start during this year
[17:24:23] <thiago> it would be great if we could get an idea of how bad we've slipped
[17:24:32] <thiago> but Qt 4.8 in January would be better
[17:25:19] <thiago> 198 changes already in
[17:26:10] <akseli> yep, that is a lot of changes
[17:26:47] <wolfgang-b> Maybe I am the only but I have the feeling we had more than 200 alone in the release branch of Qt 5.2
[17:27:30] <wolfgang-b> IMHO that were way too many changes for a release branch fixing only P0,P1 issues, but that's another topic I don't want to start right now.
[17:28:47] <akseli> but since we can get 5.2.0 out this wednesday we might not need to have release meeting on next Monday?
[17:28:50] <fkleint> yes, that is a topic for post-mortem, many things done way too late in the  process, BC checks. etc.
[17:28:51] <tuturune> If I recall correctly it has been arount 200 for some of the latest 4.8.x patch releases.
[17:29:09] <wolfgang-b> fkleint: +1 thx
[17:29:14] <fkleint> and the deadline for 5.3 is also quite short ...
[17:29:17] <thiago> release branches tend to be big
[17:29:37] <thiago> http://macieira.org/~thiago/qt-stats/current/qt-full.branch.absolute.png
[17:29:43] <thiago> see the -rcN and final releases
[17:29:59] <fkleint> if we want to have that fixed release schedule we need to make a kind of plan when to do things. like API reviews/BC checks.etcv
[17:30:29] <thiago> I think we did it soon enoug
[17:30:38] <thiago> it's just that some thing slip after them
[17:30:54] <wolfgang-b> I think this is something we can discuss on the development/release DL
[17:31:08] <fkleint> yep
[17:32:33] <akseli> that conversation would be beneficial so please do raise that to mailing list
[17:33:19] <akseli> about next meeting .. since release on this week no meeting on next monday?
[17:33:29] <wolfgang-b> akseli: I will do. Wanted to look into the patches which went into the release branch in detail first.
[17:34:04] <akseli> wolfgang-b: thank you
[17:34:55] <akseli> due to xmas & new year vacations next meeting will be most likely 13. January but jaheikki3 will send invitations later
[17:35:30] <akseli> if urgent issues please send emali to releasing mailing list and if needed additional irc release team meeting arranged earlier
[17:36:34] <akseli> thank you all for the meeting and especially effort for making Qt 5.2.0 release possible during this week:)
[17:36:51] <akseli> bye
[17:37:07] <fkleint> bye..
[17:37:07] <wolfgang-b> bye
[17:37:32] <sahumada> bye

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