[Releasing] Preparing Qt 5.0.2 release

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The info Iikka sent is about releasing.
I believe that if someone is interested in getting releasing specific emails, they may subscribe to a proper mailing list.

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Iikka Eklund wrote:

> Hi,
> Making of Qt 5.0.2 patch release has started:
> - Plan is to move into 'release' branch 18th February.
>    So there is roughly 6 days left to get your fixes into 'stable' 
> -  After 18th February any changes that are required to get in for 5.0.2
>    need to be pushed into 'release' branch. Release team will then
>    decide if the change will be taken in (P0, P1) 
> - First 5.0.2 offline installers for testing will become available into:
>    releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.2/
> - Expected release time for 5.0.2 is in March
> - New reference installer is planned to be provided as well:
>    Win8/msvc2012 64bit

Even cross-posting is typically bad idea, what do you think should we
cross-post this kind of info to development list as well?

I assume that not all Qt developers are following releasing list, 
and I think that this mail contains useful information for all devs...

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