[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 12.03.2013

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Tue Mar 12 15:38:21 CET 2013


Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 12.03.2013
- Qt 5.0.2 installer content quite up-to-date, though not all content is in yet. There are still changes pending in 'release' branch. Installer packages will be available http://releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.2/
- Qt Creator 2.7.0 RC released last Thursday and Qt Creator 2.7.0 is planned to be part of Qt 5.0.2 installers.
- Work in progress aiming to decrease ICU library size (QTBUG-29828) on Qt 5.1. Current patch so far available https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,49840. Opinions on the matter in general are warmly welcome.
- Next meeting: Tuesday 19.03.2013 08:00 CET.

The IRC log below.


(10:01:56 AM) akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: ramotyka: tronical: thiago: sahumada: ZapB: fkleint: ping
(10:02:05 AM) iieklund: akseli: pong
(10:02:05 AM) fkleint: akseli: pong
(10:02:07 AM) kkoehne: akseli: pong
(10:02:30 AM) tronical: akseli: pong
(10:03:14 AM) akseli: Time to start Qt 5.0.2 release meeting
(10:03:19 AM) akseli: I'm proposing following agenda for today:
(10:03:19 AM) akseli: Installer status
(10:03:19 AM) akseli: Creator 2.7 status
(10:03:19 AM) akseli: ICU library size issue (update)
(10:03:19 AM) akseli: Next meeting
(10:03:46 AM) akseli: other topics we should handle?
(10:05:28 AM) leena [~leena at] entered the room.
(10:05:52 AM) iieklund: ok, I can start with installer status
(10:06:01 AM) iieklund: 5.0.2 offline installer builds should finish within few hours so we should get installers for testing today
(10:06:12 AM) iieklund: content quite up-to-date, though not all content is in, there is still stuff pending in 'release' branch
(10:06:35 AM) iieklund: One known issue in installers, during the installation you might get warning/error from sdktool, just ignore that
(10:07:35 AM) iieklund: msvc2012/win8 installer delayed today, we try to get that built later today
(10:08:45 AM) iieklund: the packages will be available here as usual: http://releases.qt-project.org/digia
(10:09:10 AM) iieklund: but we will move to mirror brain delivery system in near future so the url for packages will change
(10:09:14 AM) ramotyka: akseli: pong
(10:09:26 AM) iieklund: but a separate mail will follow regarding that
(10:10:12 AM) iieklund: that's the installer status briefly
(10:10:39 AM) iieklund: (I got one another item to discuss but maybe in the end? static builds)
(10:11:51 AM) iieklund: next?
(10:12:14 AM) akseli: regarding to opengl desktop installers is there or will the be any changes to webkit2 part? tronical^
(10:12:33 AM) sahumada|home: akseli: late pong :)
(10:13:16 AM) akseli: sahumada|home: welcome back:)
(10:13:32 AM) tronical: akseli: no changes from my side, desktop gl installes will miss qml2 integration of webkit but should work/build fine otherwise
(10:14:08 AM) akseli: ok, thanks
(10:14:28 AM) fkleint: tronical: what is the fix version for that, 5.0.3?
(10:14:28 AM) akseli: then Creator 2.7 status: kkoehne^
(10:14:52 AM) kkoehne: akseli: We released 2.7.0 RC last Thursday, and updated creator to 2.7 branch in qtsdk.git
(10:15:15 AM) kkoehne: A patch is in qt to also ship qmlpuppet, which is needed for QtQuick Designer
(10:15:29 AM) kkoehne: There's still an issue with the qbs plugin though, which we're investigating
(10:15:53 AM) kkoehne: The move to 2.7 also caused the installer warnings that iikka mentioned, but that's fixed soon.
(10:16:04 AM) kkoehne: All in all I think we can continue planning with 2.7
(10:16:31 AM) kkoehne: akseli: That's it from my side :)
(10:16:55 AM) lqi [~lqi at 202.84-49-38.nextgentel.com] entered the room.
(10:17:21 AM) akseli: ok, sounds good, lets keep & continue with 2.7 on this release then
(10:17:43 AM) akseli: next item: ICU library size issue (update)
(10:18:17 AM) kkoehne: We discussed last time that we might give people the option on Windows do not ship ICU data at all.
(10:18:45 AM) kkoehne: I did some investigation, and the best approach seems to split out the ICU data into a separate file (which is actually recommended by ICU)
(10:19:01 AM) tronical: fkleint: I don't know yet, I don't know yet also how much work it actually is (how intrusive the patch is)
(10:19:01 AM) kkoehne: This file can then be tweaked by the developer without having to recompile ICU
(10:19:21 AM) kkoehne: Anyhow, that also means users have to ship one more file ...
(10:19:40 AM) kkoehne: What makes the issue a bit tricky though is that we've to find & load the file at runtime.
(10:19:51 AM) kkoehne: My patch does this right now in QCoreApplication::init()
(10:20:02 AM) iieklund: kkoehne: is this "separate file" different from the current icu datafile?
(10:20:13 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: No, that's the ICU data file.
(10:20:27 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: But we're right now shipping the data inside the icudt49.dll
(10:20:35 AM) iieklund: kkoehne: ok
(10:20:42 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: WIth the split we'd have icudt49.dll as a stub, and a icudt49l.dat file
(10:21:15 AM) iieklund: ok
(10:21:26 AM) kkoehne: Anyhow, the issue is that , if you do things before QCoreApplication::init(), you might initialize ICU/fill Qt caches with information about ICU, but you haven't actually loaded the dat file
(10:21:35 AM) kkoehne: So there's a potential for regressions
(10:22:05 AM) kkoehne: Also, on a more general note I'd like to investigate whether we can actually remove the ICU dependency on Windows, for Qt Core.
(10:22:18 AM) kkoehne: Using the native WIndows API's instead.
(10:22:29 AM) kkoehne: BUt I dont' know yet how big that task is / how much effort I can spend./
(10:23:37 AM) kkoehne: that's the patch so far,b tw: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,49840
(10:25:19 AM) kkoehne: akseli: That's it from my side. I'll continue investigating . Opinions on the matter in general is warmly welcome, maybe it's just me who sees the ICU data size as a problem ...
(10:26:38 AM) akseli: ok, thank you for the update, opinions & discussion hopefully active on mailing list
(10:26:47 AM) fkleint: seconding, who is working on QtCore in Oslo?
(10:30:09 AM) akseli: fkleint: i don't know names right now but will find out and let you know. would that be ok?
(10:30:50 AM) fkleint: yes, thanks
(10:31:04 AM) fkleint: maybe they could help with that ICU stuff
(10:31:40 AM) akseli: yes, then next item: static builds. iieklund^
(10:31:46 AM) iieklund: ok
(10:32:04 AM) iieklund: static builds, compiles on 12.04 (some examples failing), compiles on Win7/msvc2010 (some examples failing), but fails on mac in qtbase/widgets
(10:32:13 AM) iieklund: http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/latest/linux-g++_static_Ubuntu_12.04_x64/log.txt.gz
(10:32:14 AM) iieklund: http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/latest/macx-clang_static_OSX_10.7/log.txt.gz
(10:32:14 AM) iieklund: http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/latest/win32-msvc2010_static_Windows_7/log.txt.gz
(10:32:46 AM) iieklund: improvement on windows but the static mac build still fails according to ci results
(10:33:31 AM) iieklund: but to my understanding somebody in Berlin should be looking after the mac issue?
(10:33:37 AM) fkleint: Berlin? Mac?
(10:33:49 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: Actually you should talk to the Mac team in Oslo (mostly)
(10:33:53 AM) fkleint: yes
(10:34:01 AM) iieklund: ah, ok
(10:34:20 AM) iieklund: do you know any names who to contact?
(10:34:20 AM) fkleint: some examples failing is probably expected. Which ones are affected on Windows?
(10:34:25 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: THere's actually one patch still not in that we IMO need for static builds, and that is using ICU statically, too: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,50231
(10:34:39 AM) iieklund: fkleint: see the logs above
(10:34:51 AM) sahumada|home: iieklund: Mac + Oslo => Morten most likely
(10:34:52 AM) fkleint: iieklund: Msorivg, richard moe gustavsen
(10:34:56 AM) iieklund: thanks
(10:34:58 AM) fkleint: Msorvig
(10:35:08 AM) fkleint: iieklund: I don't see any examples?
(10:35:11 AM) tronical: fkleint: for desktop gl, do I need to install say the "NVIDIA Graphics SDK" ?
(10:35:39 AM) fkleint: tronical: No, juist the driver
(10:35:44 AM) iieklund: fkleint: hmm did I mix with other build log....
(10:36:00 AM) fkleint: iieklund: It says success at the bottom
(10:36:04 AM) tronical: fkleint: I've got the driver. so no need for extra headers or so? just configure -opengl desktop ?
(10:36:12 AM) fkleint: tronical: yes
(10:36:16 AM) tronical: fkleint: alright. thanks!
(10:37:01 AM) iieklund: fkleint: sorry, the win log does not seem to have errors
(10:37:03 AM) fkleint: tronical: np ;-) .hoping for the fix
(10:37:18 AM) fkleint: iieklund: Wonderful news ;-)
(10:37:20 AM) iieklund: fkleint: just some "Cannot add commands to previously defined target install_sources."
(10:37:42 AM) fkleint: iieklund: Hm..yes,sth is fishy in the examples profilkes
(10:38:11 AM) iieklund: so the linux examples and mac (qtbase/widgets) is failing staticly atm
(10:38:20 AM) iieklund: but I will contact the team in oslo
(10:38:41 AM) iieklund: who to contact in linux/examples ?
(10:38:51 AM) sahumada|home: iieklund: Sinan or Hanne
(10:38:54 AM) iieklund: ok
(10:39:14 AM) ZapB [~sean_harm at cpc4-macc3-2-0-cust493.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com] entered the room.
(10:39:36 AM) iieklund: that's all from me (regarding static builds)
(10:39:53 AM) akseli: any other topics anyone or should we agree next meeting date & time?
(10:39:55 AM) ZapB: sorry I missed the meeting guys - kids were up all night being ill
(10:42:28 AM) akseli: would next Tuesday 08:00 CET be feasible for release team meeting?
(10:43:02 AM) kkoehne: akseli: Fine with me.
(10:43:16 AM) fkleint: uh, ungodly hour ;-(), but ok
(10:43:17 AM) kkoehne: ZapB: You didn't miss anything big, I'd say :)
(10:44:18 AM) ZapB: akseli: 08:00 CET is fine for me. Will get an early night ;)
(10:45:03 AM) akseli: ok, next Tuesday 08:00 CET then, i'll send invitations later
(10:45:11 AM) akseli: thank you all for the meeting
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