[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 19.03.2013

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Tue Mar 19 18:22:40 CET 2013


Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 19.03.2013
- Qt 5.0.2 main concern on Webkit crash (e.g. QTBUG-30165 & QTBUG-30201) prior 457 builds. On 458 and 459 builds there have been no Webkit related changes but first results indicates problem to be fixed.
- Qt Creator 2.7.0 looking good for release. Remaining issues are on qbs plugin and qmlpuppet where latter one being missing from Windows Qt Quick Designer.
- Static builds with Qt 5.0.2 fails on Mac (fix available). Static build should work already on Linux & Windows but based on CI results further analysis is required (issue will be continued offline).
- Info about new MinGW issue (QTBUG-30212 MinGW gcc 4.7.2 bug 55171). Current gcc version has a bug if you derive from two classes and call purely virtual methods. There's a new version of the toolchain to fix that but decision is to continue Qt 5.0.2 with current toolchain version and make toolchain related changes on Qt 5.1.
- ICU library size issue (update): refined patch available that split the data out of icudt.dll into a separate file. Recommendation for upgrading to ICU 5.0 for 5.1 binary installers (QTBUG-30269) done. No ICU related changes for Qt 5.0.2.
- Next meeting: Tuesday 26th March 09:00 CET

The IRC log below.


9:01:01 AM) akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: ramotyka: seahumad: thiago: seahumad: ZapB: fkleint: ping
(9:01:05 AM) ramotyka: akseli: pong
(9:01:08 AM) iieklund: akseli: pong
(9:04:53 AM) sahumada|home: akseli: pong
(9:05:27 AM) fkleint [~fkleint at] entered the room.
(9:05:50 AM) akseli: It would be time to start Qt 5.0.2 release meeting but lets try again after 10 minutes
(9:06:18 AM) fkleint: oki ;-)
(9:06:24 AM) fkleint: heavy snow in Berlin today
(9:09:34 AM) akseli: ok, that might do funny things for traffic
(9:11:03 AM) kkoehne: akseli: pong (sorry, traffic problems ...)
(9:11:25 AM) fkleint: kkoehne: Same here stuck in tram ;-)
(9:11:36 AM) anshaw [~quassel at] entered the room.
(9:12:25 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: But you managed to get in the office, too :)
(9:12:55 AM) fkleint: yep
(9:15:00 AM) akseli: kkoehne: np:)
(9:16:56 AM) lqi [~lqi at ti0018a380-dhcp2407.bb.online.no] entered the room.
(9:17:21 AM) akseli: Now that there are few more of us lets start again
(9:17:24 AM) akseli: Qt 5.0.2 release meeting
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Proposing following agenda for today:
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Installer status
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Creator 2.7 status
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Static builds
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: ICU library size issue (update)
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Next meeting
(9:17:35 AM) akseli: Other topics we should have in agenda?
(9:17:58 AM) kkoehne: akseli: short info about mingw issue
(9:18:30 AM) akseli: kkoehne: after Static builds and before ICU library would be good place i think
(9:18:37 AM) kkoehne: akseli: sure
(9:18:41 AM) fkleint: WebKit crash bug in VC2012, incorrect line ending for examples?
(9:20:08 AM) akseli: fkleint: can we go that through with installer status?
(9:20:23 AM) fkleint: Sure
(9:20:34 AM) ZapB [~sean_harm at cpc4-macc3-2-0-cust493.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com] entered the room.
(9:20:36 AM) iieklund: ok
(9:20:40 AM) iieklund: latest build: releases.qt-project.org/digia/5.0.2/backups/2013-03-18-459/
(9:20:49 AM) iieklund: current build ongoing, will go to late afternoon
(9:20:49 AM) ZapB: hi - sorry - running late this morning
(9:21:03 AM) iieklund: Mac installer, QtCreator automatic launch not working (fix on the way)
(9:21:41 AM) iieklund: then the random(?) webkit/webprocess issue
(9:21:57 AM) iieklund: which seem to be fixed in build -459 if I read test reports correctly?
(9:23:00 AM) iieklund: but the thing is that between -458 and -459 we did not take in any webkit related fixes
(9:23:19 AM) iieklund: so this troubles me a bit how it did get fixed...or is it a random one
(9:23:47 AM) iieklund: unless it got fixed via qtbase somehow?
(9:24:08 AM) fkleint: No webkit folks around, it seems?
(9:24:12 AM) iieklund: no
(9:24:16 AM) iieklund: simon is on vacation
(9:24:41 AM) fkleint: Hm
(9:25:54 AM) iieklund: let's see if the issue still remains in todays installers (build ongoing)
(9:26:50 AM) akseli: fkleint: was webkit crash bug in VC2012 you mentioned from one of those problematic builds or something else?
(9:27:37 AM) fkleint: akseli: It was in a package from last week
(9:27:45 AM) fkleint: akseli: Clicking around in assistant
(9:27:53 AM) fkleint: akseli: but that uses WebKit 1 IMO
(9:27:58 AM) fkleint: (no process)
(9:28:01 AM) iieklund: fkleint: tested with build -459 ?
(9:28:05 AM) fkleint: where was that task....
(9:28:24 AM) fkleint: 456
(9:28:29 AM) fkleint: earlier even
(9:28:35 AM) akseli: fkleint: noticed that same on -456 and -457 builds but not with -459
(9:28:53 AM) fkleint: Oh, is there hioe
(9:29:08 AM) iieklund: seahumada|home: I can't recall taking in any webkit fixes lately?
(9:29:11 AM) fkleint: hope, i mean ,.that would be nice since it was blocking the VS2012 platfrom
(9:30:31 AM) iieklund: other things about installer status....icu but that's later on on the list for this meeting
(9:33:18 AM) akseli: i guess we just have to check specially webkit from builds ongoing and contact webkit people if problem raises again
(9:33:29 AM) akseli: then next item: Creator 2.7 status
(9:33:38 AM) lqi left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(9:33:39 AM) sahumada|home: iieklund: only qtbase and qttools lately as far as I can see ..
(9:34:12 AM) kkoehne: akseli: It's looking good for a 2.7.0 standalone release this Thursday
(9:34:37 AM) kkoehne: akseli: Remaining issues for the qt5 are AFAIK: qbs plugin, qmlpuppet
(9:34:58 AM) kkoehne: akseli: The qbs plugin _should_ be there since the weekend, though I forgot to check myself :(
(9:35:00 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: Did you?
(9:35:19 AM) fkleint: kkoehne: Nope, I cannot get it to compile
(9:35:25 AM) fkleint: on Windows using Qt 4
(9:35:25 AM) kkoehne: akseli: The qmlpuppet for Qt Quick Designer is there for Linux/Mac, but still missing fro Windows.
(9:35:33 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: Well, is it there in the binaries?
(9:35:42 AM) fkleint: Haven;t tried
(9:35:48 AM) kkoehne: akseli: Though a fix is waiting for review.
(9:35:56 AM) ossi [~ossi at i59F76B7B.versanet.de] entered the room.
(9:35:57 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: Okay, will do right after downloading the latest installers.
(9:36:05 AM) kkoehne: akseli: I think that's it. fkleint: Anything to add?
(9:36:26 AM) fkleint: not from my side, will check today's packages again
(9:36:30 AM) ossi: akseli: did you just cancel the qttools integration? is it safe to just re-stage?
(9:37:37 AM) akseli: ossi: i haven't done anything with gerrit this morning
(9:37:48 AM) ossi: iieklund: maybe you?
(9:38:17 AM) akseli: kkoehne: fkleint: thanks for the update
(9:38:21 AM) iieklund: ossi: no?
(9:38:24 AM) akseli: Next item: Static builds iieklund
(9:38:42 AM) iieklund: yes, linux and windows ok, on linux some examples fail to compile
(9:38:50 AM) iieklund: but should not be a blocker though
(9:38:59 AM) iieklund: static builds on mac, there is a fix
(9:39:00 AM) fkleint: yep
(9:39:11 AM) iieklund: but not in 'release' yet (sergio?)
(9:39:23 AM) iieklund: sahumadaÉ™|home: ^
(9:39:28 AM) iieklund: sahumada|home: ^
(9:39:45 AM) iieklund: we'd need to cherry pick that
(9:39:49 AM) sahumada|home: iieklund: not as far as I understand
(9:39:55 AM) sahumada|home: iieklund: gabriel should do it
(9:40:31 AM) iieklund: sahumada|home: ok, let's ask him today to do that so we get the fix in
(9:40:51 AM) sahumada|home: who is verifiying the static builds ? I checked the CI logs and it seems like none is working (for various reasons)
(9:41:05 AM) iieklund: then we should get static mac builds working as well
(9:41:15 AM) iieklund: sahumada|home: nobody regularly
(9:41:27 AM) sahumada|home: Linux : http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/build_00071/linux-g++_static_Ubuntu_12.04_x64/log.txt.gz
(9:41:39 AM) sahumada|home: Windows : http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/build_00071/win32-msvc2010_static_Windows_7/log.txt.gz
(9:41:53 AM) sahumada|home: Mac : http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_release_Integration/build_00071/macx-clang_static_OSX_10.7/log.txt.gz
(9:41:56 AM) iieklund: sahumada|home: static builds in ci are run every night if there are changes in the super repo (qt5.git)
(9:42:15 AM) sahumada|home: yes .. these are from yesterday
(9:42:38 AM) iieklund: hmm, on linux:
(9:42:39 AM) iieklund: make[2]: Leaving directory `/work/build/qtxmlpatterns/tools'
(9:42:39 AM) iieklund: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
(9:43:03 AM) iieklund: xmlpatternsvalidator
(9:43:38 AM) iieklund: windows one looks fine
(9:44:27 AM) iieklund: there was a team in oslo for mac issues, what about linux?
(9:44:59 AM) sahumada|home: I can send an email so can follow up the details offline
(9:45:07 AM) iieklund: ok thanks
(9:45:25 AM) iieklund: but in any case static build status looks better compared to 5.0.1
(9:45:40 AM) kkoehne: well, in 5.0.1 they didnt' work at all ;)
(9:45:46 AM) iieklund: :)
(9:45:52 AM) iieklund: next?
(9:45:56 AM) akseli: Info about MinGW issue, kkoehne: ^
(9:46:30 AM) kkoehne: Just fyi, we found out about yet another issue with the current toolhcain: QTBUG-30212
(9:46:49 AM) kkoehne: gcc has a bug if you derive from two classes and call purely virtual methods.
(9:47:04 AM) kkoehne: There's a new version of the toolchain to fix that, but I'm tempted to leave that for 5.1
(9:47:12 AM) kkoehne: Since we want to switch toolchains then, anyway :)
(9:47:35 AM) kkoehne: So far I don't think the Qt compilation itself might be affected, but it's definitely something for the Known Issues.
(9:48:15 AM) kkoehne: Alternatively we might still upgrade the toolchain to rev11. Should be bc compatible, but little tested.
(9:49:07 AM) akseli: kkoehne: if just possible lets stay on current toolchain and do changes on 5.1 if no one disagrees
(9:49:23 AM) kkoehne: akseli: Fine with me.
(9:49:38 AM) iieklund: fine for me as well
(9:50:23 AM) akseli: next item: ICU library size issue (update), kkoehne: ^
(9:52:20 AM) kkoehne: akseli: Well, I just refined the patch that split the data out of icudt.dll into a separate file.
(9:52:52 AM) kkoehne: We've about four options: leave it as it is, remove dependency to ICU from QtCore completely, try to load icu dlls dynamically, or the split above.
(9:53:10 AM) kkoehne: I think the split into .dat file and a .dll file is a good compromise.
(9:53:20 AM) kkoehne: I'll poke Thiago to review it :)
(9:53:59 AM) ZapB: kkoehne: split sounds good to me
(9:54:25 AM) ZapB: kkoehne: can the data file just be replaced without rebuilding all of ICU?
(9:54:54 AM) kkoehne: ZapB: Yes. Just click through http://apps.icu-project.org/datacustom/ and create a new one :)
(9:55:00 AM) ZapB: kkoehne: nice
(9:55:52 AM) kkoehne: akseli, iieklund: Btw, I'd also recommend upgrading to ICU 5.0 for 5.1 binary installers. Just because it's the newest version.
(9:56:12 AM) iieklund: kkoehne: ok
(9:56:28 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: I'll create a task, so that we dont forget...
(9:56:33 AM) iieklund: thanks
(9:56:58 AM) akseli: ok, thank you for the update
(9:57:00 AM) iieklund: about the debug icu libs we bundle into installers
(9:57:21 AM) iieklund: is there any real use for them or can we drop them out?
(10:00:12 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: I think we should drop them, or change qtbase to link against them in debug mode. If we do the latter however we break compilation against the pre-built ICU that can be downloaded from icu-project.org . And since there's probably not many people who really want to debug ICU, I'd say drop them.
(10:00:54 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: We're only using the C API, so to my best knowledge there's no problem in mixing debug QtCore and release ICU libraries.
(10:01:30 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: We also didn't get any complains about 5.0.0 5.0.1 AFAIK, were we exactly had that setup.
(10:01:43 AM) iieklund: ok, let's drop them out at the same time we upgrade to new ICU version
(10:02:15 AM) kkoehne: so 5.1.0
(10:02:28 AM) fkleint: anshaw: ^^^^^^^^^^^ About mixing debug & release for C only runtime (ICU)
(10:02:43 AM) fkleint: anshaw: is that ok, do you think?
(10:04:40 AM) sletta [~sletta at] entered the room.
(10:05:33 AM) anshaw: personally I wouldn't recommend it
(10:05:55 AM) anshaw: but if the api we use is safe in that respect then it should be ok
(10:06:27 AM) fkleint: hm, hard to tell for ICU
(10:06:48 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: WE're only using the C API
(10:07:21 AM) fkleint: hm,ok since there are no complaints so far
(10:08:24 AM) anshaw: that we are aware of
(10:08:45 AM) fkleint: ;-)
(10:08:49 AM) anshaw: if it was causing a problem it wouldn't necessarily show up as pointing to ICU as the cause
(10:09:28 AM) kkoehne: okay, if we decide to go the 'safe route' and link against the debug build we've to tweak qtbase, and break compilation against the pre-built versions out there.
(10:09:41 AM) kkoehne: I can do that if that's what we decide upon
(10:09:49 AM) fkleint: tweak? in what way?
(10:10:00 AM) kkoehne: fkleint: link against +d+.dll :)
(10:10:25 AM) fkleint: kkoehne: If it isn;t too much hassle
(10:10:31 AM) iieklund: ps. debug webkit links to release icu libs at the moment
(10:10:40 AM) leena [~leena at] entered the room.
(10:10:54 AM) anshaw: that should change too
(10:11:09 AM) fkleint: hm
(10:11:30 AM) kkoehne: okay, how aobut fixing it, but for 5.1.0 then? This way people won't be surprised by it.
(10:11:35 AM) anshaw: but are we shipping the prebuilt versions for the source package? because you can create a problem if someone uses 2012 to build Qt and it uses those libraries
(10:11:55 AM) anshaw: I agree with that, rather than trying to fix it for 5.0.2
(10:12:15 AM) iieklund: anshaw: shipping prebuilt icu libs in source packages? no
(10:12:19 AM) kkoehne: anshaw: Well, we're telling the people then that they've to compile ICU on their own.
(10:12:31 AM) anshaw: kkoehne: iieklund: ok, I thought that was the case, just checking :)
(10:12:57 AM) iieklund: will that webkitissue get fixed automatically if kai does the change mentioned above? Or something else wrong in the build
(10:13:13 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: We've to change the webkit .pro files, too.
(10:13:55 AM) iieklund: ok, so not icu related changes for 5.0.2?
(10:14:06 AM) iieklund: s/not/no
(10:16:15 AM) kkoehne: iieklund: Yes. DOn't fix something that didn't cause problems so far in a patch release :)
(10:18:16 AM) akseli: ok, then last item from agenda, next meeting
(10:18:21 AM) akseli: would Tuesday 26th March 09:00 CET be alright?
(10:19:56 AM) kkoehne: fine with me.
(10:20:06 AM) fkleint: Yes
(10:20:29 AM) fkleint: very good.....hoping we won;t be seeing snow again then
(10:22:35 AM) akseli: ok, Tuesday 26th March 09:00 CET then. I will send meeting minutes & calendar invitations later today. Thank you all for the meeting:)
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