[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 26.03.2013

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Thu Mar 28 16:56:27 CET 2013


Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2 release team meeting 26.03.2013
- Change logs requiring actions from Maintainers (see http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2013-March/010569.html)
- Qt 5.0.2 main issues either fixed or fix available on next build. Aiming for Release Candidate during 27.3.
- Qt Creator 2.7.0 available via Qt 5.0.2 installers and related QTBUG-30384 fixed on Qt 5.0.2 installers
- Windows static build works, Linux static build fails on Assistant (fix merged during meeting) and Mac static build fails unless Webkit folder is removed before build (-skip qtwebkit doesn't disable webkit)
- Regarding to 5.1 & alpha release main problem now is error on qttranslations (https://codereview.qt-project.org/52098)
- Next meeting Tuesday 2nd April 16:00 CET

The IRC log below.


(5:00:52 PM) akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: ramotyka: sahumada: thiago: ZapB: fkleint: tronical: ping
(5:00:59 PM) kkoehne: akseli: pong
(5:01:07 PM) sahumada|home: akseli: pong
(5:01:42 PM) ZapB: akseli: pong
(5:01:51 PM) fkleint: akseli: pong
(5:02:18 PM) thiago_ [~thiago at kde/thiago] entered the room.
(5:02:37 PM) thiago_ is now known as thiago
(5:03:03 PM) akseli: Time to start Qt 5.0.2 release meeting
(5:03:27 PM) akseli: Proposing following agenda for today:
(5:03:27 PM) akseli: Installer status
(5:03:27 PM) akseli: Creator 2.7.0 (update after release)
(5:03:31 PM) akseli: Static builds
(5:03:31 PM) akseli: Next meeting
(5:03:31 PM) akseli: Other topics we should have in agenda?
(5:04:17 PM) sahumada|home: changelogs ?
(5:05:17 PM) ZapB: blockers?
(5:06:24 PM) akseli: should we start with changelogs? blockers maybe with\right after installer status?
(5:06:36 PM) ZapB: sure
(5:07:02 PM) sahumada|home: I sent an email about changelogs today http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2013-March/010569.html .. most of them are in .. we just need to find a way to fill up the qtbase.git one
(5:08:09 PM) sahumada|home: I can try to come up with more stuff .. but I really think that maintainers are the ones supposed to fill them up
(5:09:28 PM) akseli: any maintainers in meeting having opinion about changelogs? thiago^
(5:12:07 PM) fkleint: sahumada|home: I will take a look at the Windows stuff again..how do you want to handle it? by mail?
(5:12:20 PM) iikka [~iikka2 at gprs-internet-bcee91-94.dhcp.inet.fi] entered the room.
(5:12:34 PM) sahumada|home: fkleint: gerrit I think .. there are not that many changes going it
(5:12:41 PM) fkleint: hm,ok
(5:13:10 PM) iikka: akseli: pong
(5:13:37 PM) jpasion: akseli: by the way, I will be on vacation next week. Is it possible to release the docs when I come back or before (tomorrow) the release.
(5:14:20 PM) thiago: we can probably release them early
(5:15:25 PM) akseli: jpasion: today might be better than after your vacation in case we have release during next week
(5:15:34 PM) akseli: *today == tomorrow
(5:15:37 PM) kkoehne: MMmh, we'd have to make sure no single change affecting docs then goes in any more.
(5:15:57 PM) jpasion: akseli: ok. But here is a summary of most doc changes: http://pastebin.com/Fu1xs1zX
(5:16:00 PM) kkoehne: Also, didn't we save the SHA in the docs somewhere?
(5:17:15 PM) jpasion: akseli: there is a change by ahumada today regarding Qt Script Tools title. It's merged: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,52277
(5:17:21 PM) ***kkoehne probably misses what 'releasing the docs' means.
(5:18:27 PM) akseli: jpasion: can someone else make update during your vacation? maybe checking this offline tomorrow morning?
(5:19:00 PM) jpasion: kkoehne: I can check with the other people in the team. treinio could probably do it.
(5:19:01 PM) thiago: I guess it's "uploading to the website"
(5:20:06 PM) kkoehne: jpasion, thiago: THen I don't think we've to be too pedantic about it. It's not a misery if e.g. we still get a typo fix in the offline docs that's not in the online docs.
(5:20:50 PM) jpasion: kkoehne: akseli: I got venugopalms to help with the release process. He and treinio can do the release while I'm gone.
(5:21:05 PM) thiago: right
(5:21:14 PM) thiago: if there's a typo fixed afterwards, we can simply re-upload
(5:21:34 PM) akseli: jpasion: ok, thank you for info
(5:21:43 PM) akseli: next item, Installer status: iikka^
(5:21:59 PM) iikka: akseli: ok
(5:22:36 PM) iikka: most of the packaging related fixes are in and effective in installers available tomorrow
(5:23:07 PM) iikka: docs missing from msvc2012 packages, creator launch issue on mac
(5:23:17 PM) iikka: sorry, not the docs, examples
(5:23:32 PM) iikka: and the webkit issue fix should manage in for tomorrow
(5:23:58 PM) kkoehne: iikka: there's a fix for the creator launch issue. The examples missing on windows is somewhat of a mystery to me.
(5:24:33 PM) fkleint: MSVC2012 64 bit also looks good now, Assistant no longer crashes.
(5:24:37 PM) iikka: kkoehne: there is some issue with ssh/scp...although nothing in logs when fetching the examples injection package
(5:24:42 PM) fkleint: [at least when I toy around with it]
(5:25:09 PM) iikka: qmlpuppets in binary packages, has anybody tested those?
(5:25:16 PM) kkoehne: iikka: Okay. Let's just hope it was a one-timer :)
(5:25:27 PM) kkoehne: iikka: Not included because of a creator issue.
(5:25:36 PM) iikka: kkoehne: ok
(5:25:42 PM) kkoehne: iikka: Should be in the next round of packages, though.
(5:25:47 PM) iikka: good
(5:26:15 PM) kkoehne: Btw, the issue is that QT_CONFIG doesn't contain the Qt modules any more. Maybe something for the known issues or ChangeLog.
(5:26:20 PM) kkoehne: (if it isn't there yet)
(5:26:36 PM) iikka: windows / file type registration fix, tim was looking after that, maybe you kai know the status with that?
(5:26:50 PM) iikka: if tim is still at office?
(5:26:52 PM) kkoehne: no, actually I've no idea :)
(5:26:54 PM) kkoehne: tijensse: ^^?
(5:28:52 PM) iikka: thats about all from packaging
(5:29:07 PM) thiago: kkoehne: it's not a known issue. It was intentional (the QT_CONFIG change).
(5:29:13 PM) thiago: kkoehne: we have a module called "opengl"
(5:29:30 PM) thiago: kkoehne: if we have the modules in QT_CONFIG, it will conflict with Qt enabling the OpenGL functionality.
(5:30:00 PM) kkoehne: thiago: I know it was intentional. It's just that I think this is one of the gotchas that should be highlighted :)
(5:30:46 PM) kkoehne: iikka: Btw, tim said he fixed the file registration issue, but it's not really tested yet.
(5:31:08 PM) iikka: kkoehne: ok, we can test that tomorrow
(5:31:22 PM) thiago: kkoehne: it should be in the changelog, aye. Ping ossi please.
(5:32:24 PM) kkoehne: thiago: okay, will do
(5:33:25 PM) akseli: then blockers: if above mentioned issues are fixed are there other issues as blocker?
(5:33:28 PM) akseli: does static build work - that is open issue at least
(5:33:39 PM) iikka: akseli: tested on linux today
(5:34:01 PM) iikka: akseli: on linux (64bit) qt libs compile, fails in assistant
(5:34:18 PM) iikka: webkit and examples excluded
(5:34:29 PM) sahumada|home: win: works .. linux: doesnt (compilation error in assistant) .. mac: doesnt (-skip qtwebkit doesnt disable qtwebkit)
(5:34:36 PM) iikka: this with 5.0.2 source package
(5:35:07 PM) thiago: sahumada|home: rm -rf qtwebkit instead of -skip
(5:35:10 PM) iikka: sahumada|home: it should work if you just delete webkit dir before compilation
(5:35:35 PM) sahumada|home: iikka: thiago: yes .. that's something I'll try tomorrow
(5:35:43 PM) fkleint: Assistant should be by f212e46fe930ee89a8cb52beeeccc03369c015a1 in stable
(5:35:51 PM) fkleint: that 5.0.3, then
(5:35:53 PM) kkoehne: fkleint: stable? Can we cherry-pick?
(5:36:04 PM) fkleint: hmm
(5:36:14 PM) ossi|tt: right, i forgot to write a changelog *at all*Ü
(5:36:33 PM) kkoehne: ossi|tt: So you got some homework to do :)
(5:36:56 PM) thiago: me too
(5:37:50 PM) fkleint: ossi|tt: qttranslations does not have dist it seems..maybe mention in qtbase that we fixed the translations properly?
(5:38:03 PM) akseli: kkoehne: fkleint: i would vote for cherry-pick as exceptionial case. static build has huge demand to be fixed on 5.0.2
(5:38:07 PM) ossi|tt: we did what?
(5:38:21 PM) kkoehne: fkleint: f212e46fe930ee89a8cb52beeeccc03369c015a1 looks pretty safe for release .
(5:38:23 PM) fkleint: ossi|tt: All the lupdate profile ,fixes, etc
(5:38:31 PM) fkleint: kkoehne: Psst! ;-)
(5:38:53 PM) kkoehne: fkleint: :)
(5:41:33 PM) akseli: any other blockers known? webkit issues on windows was one of the main concerns but should be solved now
(5:41:39 PM) iikka_ [~iikka2 at gprs-internet-bcee2e-103.dhcp.inet.fi] entered the room.
(5:41:52 PM) iikka__ [~iikka2 at gprs-internet-bcee2e-103.dhcp.inet.fi] entered the room.
(5:42:47 PM) ZapB: akseli: is that just for ANGLE builds or also for desktop GL builds?
(5:43:10 PM) fkleint: Desktop GL still has only WebKit 1, I understand
(5:43:26 PM) ZapB: that was my understanding too
(5:43:42 PM) akseli: and problems were on webkit2, sorry didn't specify
(5:44:27 PM) akseli: is there some issues which would prevent us to have release candidate tomorrow?
(5:45:01 PM) iikka left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
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(5:45:29 PM) akseli: would be valuable to have community feedback also
(5:46:02 PM) iikka [~iikka2 at gprs-internet-bcee2e-103.dhcp.inet.fi] entered the room.
(5:46:09 PM) kkoehne: akseli: Sure. We should take the opportunity to ask for testing over Easter, at least.
(5:46:24 PM) akseli: kkoehne: sure
(5:48:12 PM) akseli: then Creator 2.7.0 (update after release), kkoehne: you mentioned already one issue from installers & creator, other issues found?
(5:48:47 PM) kkoehne: no, I don't know about anything else.
(5:49:05 PM) akseli: ok
(5:49:58 PM) akseli: static builds: already status handled
(5:50:41 PM) sahumada|home: akseli: are we going to cherry-pick then ?
(5:51:32 PM) akseli: sahumada|home: i would vote yes, does someone say against that?
(5:51:41 PM) akseli: seen as exceptional case
(5:51:50 PM) akseli: *say == vote
(5:51:51 PM) sahumada|home: akseli: ok .. I +1 as well
(5:51:54 PM) sahumada|home: https://codereview.qt-project.org/51377
(5:52:55 PM) kkoehne: so who does the picking? :)
(5:52:57 PM) fkleint: +!
(5:52:59 PM) sahumada|home: https://codereview.qt-project.org/52353
(5:53:01 PM) fkleint: +1
(5:53:02 PM) sahumada|home: done
(5:53:06 PM) fkleint: ;-)
(5:53:15 PM) akseli: thank you:)
(5:53:42 PM) akseli: anything else anyone? or "Next meeting:" would Tuesday 2nd April 16:00 CET be alright?
(5:54:47 PM) kkoehne: Fine with me.
(5:54:52 PM) fkleint: ok
(5:54:54 PM) iikka: ok
(5:55:16 PM) ZapB: fine by me
(5:55:32 PM) thiago: ok
(5:55:35 PM) thiago: wait
(5:55:36 PM) sahumada|home: ok
(5:55:40 PM) thiago: you guys enter DST next week right?
(5:55:49 PM) fkleint: yes
(5:55:57 PM) thiago: ok, one hour earlier for me
(5:55:58 PM) thiago: it's still fine
(5:56:08 PM) thiago: we need to start thinking of the 5.1 alpha too
(5:56:25 PM) thiago: that's a source-only release though
(5:56:59 PM) sahumada|home: for 5.1 alpha .. there is this error in qttranslations https://codereview.qt-project.org/52098
(5:57:46 PM) fkleint: Urmpf..what a dumb make is this..
(6:00:32 PM) akseli: i think we might have additional members on release team for qt 5.1 but having alpha release as topic on next release meeting agenda anyway
(6:01:19 PM) akseli: don't want to prevent continuing study with qttranslations so ending this meeting now
(6:01:21 PM) akseli: next IRC Tuesday 2nd April 16:00 CET
(6:01:31 PM) akseli: thank you all for the meeting
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