[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.2 release team meeting 14.10.2013

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On 15.10.2013, at 07:27, Hausmann Simon <Simon.Hausmann at digia.com>

> Hi,
> The notes mention problems with v4 on arm and OS X. I'm aware of arm and it is currently being worked on. However I'm not aware of any issues on OS X. Can somebody elaborate on what isn't working there?

I think that was a typo by Thiago (OS X vs iOS), who tried to quote Vladimir's 
"vladimirM: I have a different question: are Android and iOS target platforms are in the scope for 5.2 Beta? We still see problems in V4 on ARM."

> Thanks :)
> Simon
> Fra: Heikkinen Jani
> Sendt: 06:42 tirsdag 15. oktober 2013
> Til: releasing at qt-project.org
> Emne: [Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.2 release team meeting 14.10.2013
> Meeting minutes from Qt 5.2.0 release team meeting 14.10.2013:
> - Qt 5.2.0 beta1 status from packaging \ builds
> 	• MSVC2012 32bit package missing due to a qtwebkit failure which should be fixed by https://codereview.qt-project.org/68000
> 	• MinGW has some build issues (investigation ongoing)
> 	• iOS package available as new installer
> - Issues to be fixed before Qt5.2 Beta1 release should be linked to QTBUG-33305
> - We have noted some issues in V4 on ARM, on OSX; we're investigating, if you run into issues, please file them
> - Cross-compiling from Mac is broken (e.g. QTBUG-33896) but since it's not regression and no real fix available at the moment not blocking beta release.
> - Proceed towards beta by fixing those existing bugs from https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33305
> - Release team go/no-go decision by Thursday 13:00 CEST
> BR,
> Jani
> IRC log below:
> (5:00:17 PM) jaheikki3_: akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: sahumada: thiago: fkleint: ZapB_: tronical: ramotyka: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: ping
> (5:00:25 PM) sahumada: jaheikki3_: pong
> (5:00:33 PM) akseli: jaheikki3_: pong
> (5:00:36 PM) vladimirM: hi
> (5:00:46 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: pong
> (5:00:58 PM) vladimirM: peter-h is on vacation. not sure he will join
> (5:01:08 PM) fkleint_: jaheikki3_: pong..have to leave soon, though . doctor's appointment.
> (5:01:20 PM) fkleint_: But we have Windows packages now, which is good
> (5:01:21 PM) ZapB: akseli: pong
> (5:01:51 PM) jaheikki3_: OK, lets start Qt 5.2 release team meeting
> (5:02:00 PM) thiago: jaheikki3_: pong
> (5:02:05 PM) jaheikki3_: On agenda today:
> (5:02:12 PM) jaheikki3_: Qt 5.2 Beta1 release
> (5:02:28 PM) jaheikki3_: - Packaging/build status
> (5:02:37 PM) jaheikki3_: - error status
> (5:03:04 PM) jaheikki3_: - beta1 release date
> (5:03:06 PM) jaheikki3_: Any additional items to agenda?
> (5:04:21 PM) jaheikki3_: feel free to add items later but lets starts from packaging/builds: sahumada^
> (5:06:02 PM) sahumada: one windows package missing due to a qtwebkit failure
> (5:06:17 PM) sahumada: and we managed to get the iOS package out
> (5:06:48 PM) sahumada: the webkit issue is under investigation
> (5:07:05 PM) wolfgang-b: jaheikki3_, pong
> (5:07:18 PM) jaheikki3_: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,68000 should fix that webkit
> (5:07:55 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: What about that mingw build issue?
> (5:08:28 PM) anshaw left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
> (5:09:07 PM) sahumada: that's pretty much from my side
> (5:09:28 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: Needs to be investigated.
> (5:11:03 PM) jaheikki3_: OK, so still couple of issues to be solved from packaging/build side. But as fkleint said, at least we have windows packages now. Let's hope we could get rest soon as well
> (5:11:24 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: The qt creator in the packages is still acting strange, though.
> (5:11:43 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: E.g. the welcome screen is non-functional for me (Windows), and apparently also on Mac.
> (5:12:29 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: yes. I didn't have that same issue :(
> (5:12:54 PM) fkleint_: kkoehne: WHich package was that? - Since it is working here (local builds and MSVS2012/64/OpenGL)?
> (5:13:00 PM) ***thiago noticed that the welcome screen is blank too
> (5:13:02 PM) thiago: Linux
> (5:13:18 PM) anshaw [~quassel at] entered the room.
> (5:13:30 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago: do you mean whole welcome screen or just examples browser?
> (5:13:48 PM) fkleint_: thiago: Graphics setup? (was it a recent package..earlier packages had some shader syntax error)
> (5:13:56 PM) kkoehne: fkleint_:  That was qt-windows-enterprise-5.2.0-beta1-msvc2012-x64-offline, build 55 . Anyhow, since creator is the same in all packages I guess it's a general issue.
> (5:14:19 PM) fkleint_: kkoehne: Weird..never saw that..
> (5:15:19 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: Did you create an error report about that? It would be good to link it to metabug: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33305
> (5:15:39 PM) thiago: the entire welcome screen, self-compiled Qt and creator.
> (5:16:02 PM) thiago: running Intel graphics (of course)
> (5:16:29 PM) thiago: Mesa 8.0.4
> (5:17:17 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: But it is better than you have it, it is easier to study the issue ;)
> (5:17:21 PM) kkoehne: thiago: Welcome screen got a redesign, but it shouldn't be 'all black' ;)
> (5:17:28 PM) thiago: all white
> (5:17:35 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: Yeah :)
> (5:18:13 PM) kkoehne: thiago: DO any qtquick2 examples run?
> (5:18:21 PM) fkleint_: Mesa..hmm
> (5:18:35 PM) thiago: kkoehne: I'll investigate later. It's probably my fault.
> (5:18:35 PM) ***kkoehne actually just rebooted his windows machine, and welcome screen seems to work now :)
> (5:18:47 PM) fkleint_: kkoehne: *see*
> (5:18:48 PM) kkoehne: scary.
> (5:18:49 PM) fkleint_: ;-)
> (5:18:58 PM) fkleint_: workaround: reboot Windows...
> (5:19:02 PM) eike: kkoehne: "welcome screen is non-functional for me (Windows), and apparently also on Mac"
> (5:19:21 PM) kkoehne: eike: Yes. Didn't you say so?
> (5:19:42 PM) eike: kkoehne: no :) it was non-functional with Qt 5.1
> (5:19:51 PM) fkleint_: eike: Reboot Windows ;-) ?
> (5:19:55 PM) kkoehne: eike: Aha :)
> (5:19:56 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: there has been this kind of functionality with those examples as well: Sometimes restarting creator make those examples visible
> (5:19:57 PM) eike: hehe
> (5:20:12 PM) kkoehne: jaheikki3_: Alright, I think we'll manage to clarify these issues in the next days :)
> (5:20:13 PM) fkleint_: Wonder if there is some global focus mixup in widgets causing that
> (5:20:28 PM) fkleint_: anyways, I have to rush. Bye
> (5:20:33 PM) fkleint_ left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
> (5:20:36 PM) jaheikki3_: fkleint: bye
> (5:20:43 PM) eike: there are *some* issues when embedding Qt Quick 2, leading e.g. to not being able to inline edit text in .ui designer. but nothing that'd block beta imo
> (5:21:22 PM) eike: (mac-perspective)
> (5:21:48 PM) jaheikki3_: eike: OK, good. All beta blockers should be listed in that metabug
> (5:22:42 PM) jaheikki3_: There is still some issues open, hoping we could get those fixed really soon to be able to publish beta as soon as possible
> (5:23:11 PM) vladimirM: I have a different question: are Android and iOS target platforms are in the scope for 5.2 Beta? We still see problems in V4 on ARM. I'm just curious if those problems are generic. It would be great to get unit testing for Android and iOS as ARM platforms up and running so that we can at least compare the status on different ARM platforms
> (5:24:18 PM) jaheikki3_: vladimirM: Yes thoose are
> (5:25:15 PM) jaheikki3_: But I think getting CI in android/iOS devices isn't realistic in Beta schedule
> (5:25:58 PM) sahumada: vladimirM: we dont run tests for any arm platform .. there is some work ongoing though https://bugreports.qt-project.org/issues/?jql=component%20%3D%20%22Slow%20Cycle%20CI%22%20AND%20project%20%3D%20QTQAINFRA
> (5:26:06 PM) sahumada: in the CI system, that is
> (5:26:54 PM) thiago: CI might not be necessary, but can test runs be done, even if manual?
> (5:28:03 PM) jaheikki3_: I think there isn't anybody from CI/Android/iOS team to comment that
> (5:28:34 PM) jaheikki3_: I can discuss with them tomorrow but I wouldn't block the beta because of that...
> (5:28:55 PM) thiago: agreed
> (5:29:03 PM) thiago: beta = validate the implementation
> (5:29:09 PM) thiago: that's the whole point of releasing a beta :-)
> (5:29:37 PM) wolfgang-b: so any RC will be blocked by a V4 bug?
> (5:29:55 PM) kkoehne: wolfgang-b: Depends on the bug ...
> (5:30:37 PM) wolfgang-b: kkoehne, of course. Assuming it will QtQuick etc. will not work stable on arm
> (5:31:03 PM) thiago: depends on how serious it is
> (5:31:15 PM) thiago: if V4 is majorly broken on ARM, yeah
> (5:31:30 PM) wolfgang-b: Ok, lets if it works then
> (5:32:40 PM) wolfgang-b: I am not keen on blocking anything, just want to be sure it works reliably on the announced platforms :)
> (5:32:54 PM) thiago: for now, we can list vladimirM's concerns
> (5:33:11 PM) thiago: "we have noted some issues on ARM, on OSX; we're investigating, if you run into issues, please file them"
> (5:34:39 PM) vladimirM: thiago: where are you quoting from?
> (5:35:22 PM) thiago: I'm not
> (5:35:26 PM) thiago: I'm writing this now
> (5:35:37 PM) thiago: something to improve upon and add to the release notes
> (5:36:01 PM) vladimirM: I'm already in contact with Simon and Lars wrt the recent problems
> (5:36:27 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago:vladimirM: and to the known issues maybe?
> (5:37:13 PM) jaheikki3_: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt520-beta1-KnownIssues
> (5:37:17 PM) vladimirM: I just feel a kind of strange that we pre-test problems whereas BB10 is not listed as a reference platform.
> (5:37:34 PM) thiago: it's not reference but it's tier 1
> (5:37:46 PM) thiago: but neither android nor iOS are reference
> (5:37:50 PM) thiago: as of now, they aren't tier 1 either
> (5:38:29 PM) vladimirM: thiago: I recently learned that "tier" categorization is not used in Qt5 anymore
> (5:38:38 PM) thiago: the Qt Project did not change from it
> (5:38:41 PM) thiago: so it's still in effect
> (5:38:55 PM) thiago: tiers are assigned upon release to the platforms that did support the release
> (5:39:07 PM) thiago: android and ios in 5.1 were experimental. So not tier 1.
> (5:39:17 PM) thiago: we'll see by 5.2's release what they can be called.
> (5:39:33 PM) thiago: BB10 has been tier 1 for some time
> (5:40:26 PM) vladimirM: was it? when?
> (5:41:30 PM) thiago: bb10 has been participating in the bugfixing and testing for 5.0 and 5.1 releases
> (5:41:47 PM) thiago: it was ready for the releases
> (5:41:57 PM) thiago: and it has long-term commitment. That is enough to qualify for tier 1.
> (5:42:07 PM) sahumada: thiago: where is that documented ?
> (5:42:19 PM) vladimirM: BB10 keeps doing this for 5.2 too
> (5:42:19 PM) sahumada: just out of curiosity
> (5:42:53 PM) vladimirM: I was googling for the right list and definition of Tier 1 for Qt5 some time ago. I just takes 10-20 more mins :-)
> (5:43:13 PM) vladimirM: Qt5 does not have a notion of Tier 1 anymore
> (5:43:41 PM) vladimirM: I do not have a link for the new page but I can send later - need to google again
> (5:44:34 PM) jaheikki3_: Let's contiunue that discussion on ML
> (5:44:40 PM) jaheikki3_: I think we are going a bit away from subject. Is there still something related to errors or can we move to beta1 release date
> (5:44:41 PM) vladimirM: Maybe, just to save time here, we can add to the todo list to define this categorization more clear and on a well known place
> (5:44:58 PM) vladimirM: agree!
> (5:45:22 PM) vladimirM: there is another change important for BB10:https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,64762
> (5:45:42 PM) sahumada: vladimirM: that needs to be re-pushed to stable
> (5:45:52 PM) vladimirM: It causes problems for a few teams working on Mac OS
> (5:47:15 PM) jaheikki3_: vladimirM: Are you proposing this needs to be get in to beta?
> (5:47:34 PM) vladimirM: Ah, ok. I hope this is the only reason why it did not get attention
> (5:48:28 PM) vladimirM: jaheikki3_: from BB10 perspective, it is an important fix. So, yes.
> (5:49:40 PM) jaheikki3_: Any comments, I don't fully understand that issue?
> (5:51:07 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago: You have at least reviewed  the issue? Quickly looking it seems we can live with is in beta, but it is my opinion...
> (5:51:21 PM) jaheikki3_: is=it
> (5:52:09 PM) jaheikki3_: But as said earlier, there is still some issues open which needs to be corrected before beta
> (5:52:10 PM) thiago: the point is that cross-compiling from Mac is broken, period
> (5:52:25 PM) thiago: doesn't matter that it's compiling for QNX. It's a problem related to having host == Mac.
> (5:52:42 PM) thiago: I disagreed with the solution because it was special-casing QNX instead of fixing the underlying issue.
> (5:53:01 PM) thiago: but I agree it's real and it's a showstopper for cross-compiling from Mac.
> (5:53:17 PM) kkoehne: thiago, jaheikki3_: BUt it's not a regression from 5.1, is it?
> (5:53:33 PM) thiago: as far as I can tell, no
> (5:53:38 PM) vladimirM: it is not a regression from 5.1
> (5:53:40 PM) thiago: vladimirM: do you know if it used to work in 5.1?
> (5:53:58 PM) thiago: the point is that until recently, nobody had ever bothered to cross-compile from Mac
> (5:53:58 PM) vladimirM: we just discovered this recently as more teams on Mac joint the works
> (5:54:07 PM) kkoehne: so if it's not a regression, I don't see why this should be a blocker for the beta.
> (5:54:20 PM) thiago: it's a serious issue, though
> (5:54:59 PM) vladimirM: This is also a reason why i was asking about Android and iOS. This problem should be the case on iOS builds too. I did not check them though
> (5:55:15 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: Agree. And we need to get some fixes still in so if this fix is available then it will be in as well.
> (5:55:34 PM) sahumada: I'd suggest filing a bug report, get it triaged, assigned and linked to the meta task (if needed)
> (5:55:44 PM) thiago: vladimirM: I doubt anyone is building for Android, on a Mac host.
> (5:56:09 PM) vladimirM: thiago: but certainly for iOS, right? :-)
> (5:56:12 PM) thiago: right
> (5:56:16 PM) thiago: but iOS is OSX-like
> (5:56:24 PM) thiago: so the problem might not manifest itself
> (5:56:40 PM) vladimirM: sahumada: I have got a bug report for this… wait a sec...
> (5:57:00 PM) sahumada: we do build Android on Mac .. we have packages even
> (5:57:01 PM) vladimirM: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33896
> (5:57:49 PM) kkoehne: I understand this is a serious issue, but I also understand that a) it's not a regression b) there's no 'real' fix right now.  So I suggest to not make it a blocker for the beta, and maybe try to fix it for the RC.
> (5:58:06 PM) jaheikki3_: kakoehne: +1
> (5:59:01 PM) jaheikki3_: My proposal is that let's do beta immediately when currently open issues in metabug is fixed( + of course that webkit oom issue + mingw build issue)
> (5:59:28 PM) jaheikki3_: Plan for beta was this thursday. It will be tight but still possible
> (6:00:20 PM) thiago: sahumada: please put the task in the meta blocker
> (6:01:03 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago: which task aand where?
> (6:01:41 PM) leena left the room.
> (6:02:43 PM) thiago: 07:57 < vladimirM> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33896
> (6:02:51 PM) vladimirM: Wrt the prev discussion about V4 on ARM: I will also file a bug report for the current V4 problem: the unit test for QtGraphicalEffects dumps a core. This was a mail discussion so far
> (6:02:52 PM) thiago: link to the release blocker please
> (6:03:11 PM) vladimirM: ok, cool! thanks!
> (6:03:27 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago: I think we didn't agree that?
> (6:05:25 PM) thiago: kkoehne's suggestion
> (6:05:35 PM) thiago: I meant RC blocker, not beta release blocker
> (6:05:41 PM) thiago: sorry, I wasn't quite specific
> (6:06:03 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago; OK, that is OK
> (6:06:08 PM) ***kkoehne just ran into a mingw compilation error in angle/qtbase :(
> (6:06:24 PM) jaheikki3_: I will add it, there is metabug for RC already
> (6:07:33 PM) jaheikki3_: So now we can proceed towards beta by fixing those existing bugs from https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33305
> (6:08:24 PM) jaheikki3_: Anything else or should we decide next meeting?
> (6:08:44 PM) thiago: next steps?
> (6:09:07 PM) thiago: we have 1 P0 + 4 P1
> (6:09:24 PM) thiago: it's unlikely but possible that we'll have those fixed in the next 36 hours
> (6:09:58 PM) thiago: if they are, we'd have packages in 48 hours (Wednesday afternoon Europe)
> (6:10:36 PM) jaheikki3_: I have understanding that we could have fixes already tomorrow for most of those
> (6:10:40 PM) thiago: if the packages are there, the release team sanity tests on Thursday morning and makes a go/no-go decision by Thursday 13:00 CEST. Does that make sense?
> (6:11:29 PM) jaheikki3_: Sounds OK for me
> (6:12:38 PM) jaheikki3_: And if we don't have those packages available thursday morning lets check the status on Monday 16:00 cet?
> (6:12:55 PM) thiago: just post an email by Thursday 13:00 whether we have a go/no-go
> (6:13:06 PM) thiago: I don't like the first notice of a release being lars's blog
> (6:13:43 PM) jaheikki3_: thiago: OK, I'll do that
> (6:15:13 PM) jaheikki3_: I think we have a plan now. Let's end this meeting now and push to get beta out this Thursday
> (6:15:37 PM) kkoehne: Alright! Have a nice evening then :)
> (6:15:51 PM) jaheikki3_: bye
> (6:15:57 PM) sahumada: bye
> (6:16:08 PM) thiago: bye everyone
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