[Releasing] HEADS UP: Starting preparations for Qt 5.2.0 - merge 'dev' into 'stable'

Ramakanthreddy Kesireddy Ramakanthreddy.Kesireddy at techmahindra.com
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Could you please let me know if Qt3d repository to be part of Qt5.2?

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We are starting the preparations for the Qt 5.2.0 release, which means that:

- We plan to merge 'dev' into 'stable' branch on September 23rd.

- After Sept 23rd any changes that are required for 5.2.0 need to be pushed to the 'stable' branch. So if your changes are not in by that day, please wait until the merge is done and re-target it to the 'stable' branch.

The repositories that will be part of the Qt 5.2.0 merge are:

- qtactiveqt
- qtbase
- qtconnectivity [*]
- qtdeclarative
- qtdoc
- qtgraphicaleffects
- qtimageformats
- qtlocation [1][*]
- qtmacextras [2][*]
- qtmultimedia
- qtquick1
- qtquickcontrols
- qtscript
- qtsensors
- qtserialport
- qtsvg
- qttools
- qttranslations
- qtwebkit
- qtwebkit-examples
- qtwinextras [*]
- qtxmlpatterns
- qtx11extras


[1]: pending status, see https://codereview.qt-project.org/65075
[2]: pending status, see https://codereview.qt-project.org/64435
[*]: since there is no 'stable' branch, we will create it out of 'dev'
instead of doing a merge
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