[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt release team meeting 03.02.2014

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Feb 3 16:37:34 CET 2014

Meeting minutes from Qt release team meeting 03.02.2014

-        Big problems with irc: people didn't see all comments written :(

-        Plan is to release Qt 5.2.1 this Wed 5.2.2014

-        Next meeting 10.02.2014 16:00 CET


Irc log below:
[17:06:49] <jaheikki3> iieklund: kkoehne: sahumada: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko ping
[17:06:55] <kkoehne> jaheikki3: pong
[17:06:58] <ankokko> jaheikki3: pong
[17:07:01] <sahumada> jaheikki3: pong
[17:07:09] <mapaaso> jaheikki3: pong
[17:07:16] <peter-h> jaheikki3: pong
[17:07:25] <jaheikki3> Time to start Qt 5 release team meeting
[17:07:48] <jaheikki3> Sorry I am a bit late, there were problems to get in freenode :(
[17:08:02] <jaheikki3> On agenda today
[17:08:14] <jaheikki3> Qt 5.2.1 final release
[17:08:14] <jaheikki3> Qt 4.8.6 status
[17:08:14] <jaheikki3> Next meeting
[17:08:14] <jaheikki3> any additional items?
[17:09:36] <jaheikki3> OK, let's start from qt 5.2.1 final release
[17:10:15] <jaheikki3> We have all needed content in current packages
[17:10:56] <jaheikki3> Testing is ongoing, results seems to be promising
[17:11:39] <jaheikki3> My proposal is to release qt5.2.1 this wednesday
[17:12:28] <jaheikki3_> That way we have enough time to get more test results & get packages in all mirrors early enough
[17:12:50] <jaheikki3_> Is that OK for everyone?
[17:14:41] <kkoehne_> jaheikki3: So whats up with 5.2.1 ? Will we release this week?
[17:15:02] <jaheikki3_> OK, you didn't see my proposal?
[17:15:17] <kkoehne_> Ah, sorry, it seems i was disconnected again for a while :(
[17:15:28] <kkoehne_> freenode instabilities ...
[17:15:34] <jaheikki3_> kokoehne_: Maybe same here
[17:15:53] <kkoehne_> jaheikki3: Sry. Just go on.
[17:16:00] <jaheikki3_> But proposal is to release qt5.2.1 this wednessday
[17:16:07] <jaheikki3_> if nobody diagrees
[17:16:36] <kkoehne_> fine with me
[17:17:55] <jaheikki3_> OK, let's release Qt 5.2.1 this wed (5.2.2014)
[17:17:59] <kkoehne_> syc
[17:18:35] <jaheikki3_> Then short status for 4.8.6
[17:19:58] <jaheikki3_> status is pretty much same than last week
[17:20:27] <jaheikki3_> There isn't so many new changes in after http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/4.8/2014-01-27_461/
[17:21:21] <sahumada> ?
[17:21:22] <peter-h> jaheikki3_: I think there are problems with the IRC and we don't see everything you wrote...
[17:21:22] <vladimirM-webcha> I can see only a few messages :-(
[17:22:30] <jaheikki3_> :( Let's end this meeting now, release 5.2.1 this wed & try again next week in this same time. OK?
[17:22:48] <jaheikki3_> Let's hope irc is working better then...7
[17:27:14] <kkoehne_> jaheikki3_: Sounds good.,
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