[Releasing] ODP: rethinking the branching scheme

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Feb 20 18:30:31 CET 2014

Em qui 20 fev 2014, às 12:42:51, Nowacki Jedrzej escreveu:
> > I don’t see why a “stable” branch makes it easier for anyone than 5.x
> > branches. 5.x with highest x is what we currently call stable branch.
> > Maybe people who ‘casually’ commit/committed to Qt Creator can say if it
> > was hard for them to find out which is the development branch, and which
> > is the branch of the current ‘stable’ Qt Creator release series.
> You can not follow them as we do now with stable branch. For example, I have
> a stable checkout that I can safely pull and it always points to the
> current stable version, not some old release, it means that I do not need
> to check if a new branch appeared and then switch to it. It is something
> really nice and useful. I really appreciate that I do not have to know Qt
> release number to push a doc fix or some trivial patch, but I may agree
> that it is not crucial.

This is an advantage and we have to remember it when weighing the options.

There's a lot of developers who keep a Qt tree that they barely update. Those 
are casual committers to the Qt Project or not contributing at all, just 
trying to get the latest or easily update. There are also some of our most 
active developers who keep trees they barely update (read: me, Windows -- I 
didn't change my Windows tree to "dev" this last cycle).

I remember how difficult it was to get KDE developers to update the branch of Qt 
they were using whenever the minimum required version changed.

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