[Releasing] rethinking the branching scheme

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sat Feb 22 19:40:17 CET 2014

Em sáb 22 fev 2014, às 12:25:56, Oswald Buddenhagen escreveu:
> real branching:
> - [write notification mail that we are starting the branching process]
> - [lock down parent branches]
> - [wait for integrations on parent branches to succeed or fail]
> - create child branches (with a script): ~1 minute
> - clone CI configs (with a script): ~2 minutes (yup, we'd need to put
>   some effort into it to ensure that it is that painless)
> - write notification mail that branches were created: ~2 minutes
> - total time: ~5 minutes
> - on top of that, the forward-merging from the previous stable branch
>   needs to be done and integrated. that delays the release, but is
>   asynchronous to development.
> - [after two days, unlock parent branches]
> downmerge "branching":
> - write notification mail that we are starting the downmerge process
> - lock down child branches
> - wait for integrations on child branches to succeed or fail
> - do forward merges
> - [lock down parent branches]
> - wait for integrations on parent branches to succeed
> - do fast-forwards to child branches
> - unlock child branches
> - write notification mail that downmerging was completed
> - total time: ~5 days (your estimate, probably realistic)
> - [after two days, unlock parent branches]

You didn't end up at the same codebase.

Please include the merging of 5.x into the newly created 5.y branch in your 
estimate of the first procedure.

I think it's important that we put that in the mandatory task list, as it 
guarantees that moving from 5.x to 5.y is a direct fast-forward too and all 
fixes are present.

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