[Releasing] HEADS UP: Qt 5.2.1 - merge stable into release

Paaso Matti Matti.Paaso at digia.com
Mon Jan 13 12:03:56 CET 2014


Just a reminder: stable->release merge is ongoing. Still waiting for last staged changed to be integrated, and after that we can proceed with the merge.
There seems to be some changes in stable which are not staged, so those changes has to be submitted into release -branch if change needs to be in 5.2.1.
Matti Paaso

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Subject: [Development] HEADS UP: Qt 5.2.1 - merge stable into release


We are about to start the "Qt 5.2.1" release as agreed in [1], which means that:

- We plan to do a fast-forward merge from 'stable' into 'release' branch
on Jan 13th.

- After Jan 13th any changes that are required for 5.2.1 need to be
pushed to the 'release' branch. So if your changes are not in by that
day, please wait until the merge is done and re-target them to the
'release' branch.

The repositories that will be part of the Qt 5.2.1 release merge are:

- qt5
- qtactiveqt
- qtandroidextras
- qtbase
- qtconnectivity
- qtdeclarative
- qtdoc
- qtgraphicaleffects
- qtimageformats
- qtlocation
- qtmacextras
- qtmultimedia
- qtquick1
- qtquickcontrols
- qtscript
- qtsensors
- qtserialport
- qtsvg
- qttools
- qttranslations
- qtwebkit
- qtwebkit-examples
- qtwinextras
- qtxmlpatterns
- qtx11extras

[1]: http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/releasing/2013-December/001557.html

Matti Paaso
SW Engineer - Digia, Qt
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