[Releasing] New Qt 5.2.1 snapshots available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Jan 20 08:09:33 CET 2014

Hi all,

There is new snapshot in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.1/2014-01-19_21/

Now there is all installers available, please verify your fixes

Qt5 changes in these packages:

* qtbase eaedc04...a198170 (45):
> Use non-threaded render loop on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
> Windows: Do not try to update keymap on WM_IME_CHAR messages
> [QNX] Set Window usage
> Fix crash due to a stale pointer dereferencing
> Revert "Cocoa: fix single punctuation input via CJK input method"
> Cocoa: Popups should not become key
> Doc: Update links in INSTALL file
> Implement QMainWindow::setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac
> Remove Mac unified toolbar workarounds.
> Stabilize tst_QAbstractItemView::task200665_itemEntered()
> Revert "QAIV - Fix scollbars with ScrollPerPixel to scroll 1 pixel."
> Windows: Do not print test output to both stdout and system debug log
> Mac: Remove old unified toolbar implementation.
> Fix typos in comments
> QNX: Fix compiler warning about unused variable.
> Mac: remove unified toolbar workarounds.
> Mac: Update unified toolbar drawing code.
> Fix Use android theme when defined
> Mac: Update PE_IndicatorToolBarHandle drawing.
> Enable window dragging code in QToolBar on Mac
> QDate - Fix parsing Qt::ISODate
> QDateTime - Fix isValid() if invalid QTimeZone
> QLocale - Check day number is valid
> Fix to comply with Qt coding guidelines
> Cocoa: Add setContentBorderThickness().
> Fix kms build with -qtnamespace
> make AlwaysAsk if found help determine whether the configuration is Discovered or not.
> fix connman QNetworkConfiguration Discovered
> update the network configuration list
> Make qtbase compile with QT_NO_TEMPORARYFILE
> Make qtbase compile with QT_NO_GESTURES
> Dont force create the platform window.
> network proxy tests: adapt proxy authentication to new server
> Make qtbase compile with QT_NO_DOM
> Use custom -I,-D and -L flags when building arch-test
> Remove #ifdef from outside test functions
> fix memory leaks in MSVC generators
> Fix bug on X11 with WA_TranslucentBackground and native child windows.
> Make qtbase compile with QT_NO_XMLSTREAMWRITER
> Dont check if a file exists before opening it
> Fix QtWidget function-unused warnings found by Clang 3.4
> Remove unused member m_eglApi
> Fix unused function warnings in qtriangulator.cpp
> Fix function-not-used warnings detected by Clang 3.4
> Fix file descriptor leak in the perf event counter

* qtconnectivity 02a74dc...d659e17 (1):
> Add change log for 5.2.1

* qtdeclarative d580411...da54d7f (17):
> QQmlInstructionData: fix warning code {is,might be} used uninited
> Improve Mac OS X touch event enabling.
> V4: relieve more memory allocator pressure.
> Fix usage of FileDialog.folder property in QtQuick
> QtQuick.Dialogs FileDialog: dont go astray into qrc:/ on Android
> Fix failing context->next != 0x1 assertion
> V4 IR: do edge splitting after SSA transformation
> V4: lower memory allocator pressure.
> V4 IR: update immediate dominators when purging unreachable basic-blocks
> Revert "Support batching of rotated antialiased elements."
> V4: remove unnecessary spills and order them correctly.
> On Mac only editable ComboBox should receive tab focus
> Make qtdeclarative compile with QT_NO_TRANSLATION
> tst_qquickpathview: Use QCOMPARE instead of QVERIFY.
> not build QQmlSettings when QT_NO_SETTINGS is defined
> Support batching of rotated antialiased elements.
> Doc: Fix current QtQuick module version.

* qtdoc 960f92f...f308fb8 (1):
> Fix some typos in documentation.

* qtlocation f9f88b4...6e82406 (5):
> Remove byte order marker which causes problems with older compilers
> Attempt to fix flaky QNemaPositionInfoSource_Simulation test on Windows
> Add 5.2.1 change log
> Stop skipping declarative_core tests.
> Fix declarative_core unit test

* qtmultimedia f74d739...30078ee (8):
> Android: fixes some issues with JCamera.
> Only acquire resources as required in gstreamer backend.
> Fix playback with exotic gstreamer pipelines.
> Fix recording settings being discarded by the Camera QML type.
> Fix configuration of camera settings in camerabin backend.
> Allow the camerabin source selection to be overridden.
> dont error out on static builds
> BlackBerry: Fixed volume setting

* qtqa 38a26e6...1de258a (1):
> Use predefined QMAKEFLAGS from environment variable in build

* qtrepotools d8858f6...0f80e8a (2):
> Add alias for myself so that the inactive account isnt used
> Fix returned paste url

* qtserialport d5658bd...14b5437 (2):
> Fix the broken handle() documentation
> Fix the waitForReadyRead() behavior on Windows

* qttools 2aba84b...5d1d088 (2):
> Revert "Qt Designer: Fix scrolling of widget box."
> add "Clear" to context menu of log viewer in qdbusviewer

* qtwebkit 9b0de4a...99113b7 (1):
> Reduce memory footprint when linking

* qtxmlpatterns 5735051...831c6a4 (1):
> Remove unused variable, found by ICC 14

From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 17. tammikuuta 2014 14:54
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: releasing at qt-project.org
Subject: First Qt 5.2.1 snapshots available

Hi all,

We have now first snapshots available for Qt 5.2.1 here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.1/2014-01-17_17/

Please check those & verify your fixes. Content is the situation after merge, qt5.git isn't updated after that so that's why latest changes are still missing. Hoping we could get qt5.git integrated during the weekend and packages with newest changes during the weekend /on Monday

Unfortunately few installers are still missing, hoping we could get those at the beginning of next week as well.

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