[Releasing] Using LGPLv3 for the pre-built binaries of Qt 5.4

Turunen Tuukka Tuukka.Turunen at digia.com
Wed Oct 1 15:55:19 CEST 2014


As Qt 5.4 contains new items available under LGPLv3 only, I believe it is best to provide also the pre-build binaries under LGPLv3 only. Using just LGPLv3 in the binary installers allows us to take all the new items into the release binaries, reduces complexity and risk of misunderstanding.

We do not have a good approach for providing a solid method to reliably accept different license for each individual component. It would also be somewhat difficult situation if a user has to fulfil both LGPLv21 and 3 requirements with their application.

If one desires to use Qt under LGPLv2.1, s/he can build it from the source packages and not include any of the items available under LGPLv3 only. This should be relatively  straightforward for anyone wishing to specifically use Qt under the old version of LGPL.

This approach also simplifies the license acceptance dialog, which now displays quite many different licenses as well as the LGPL exception for v2.1.

If there are any concerns or other suggestions, let's discuss these in the mailing list or release team meeting.



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