[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt release team meeting 01.09.2014

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Sep 2 09:43:21 CEST 2014

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 01.09.2014:

Qt 5.4.0 Alpha status
	- Content should be now in place. Only thing to be done is to get all stuff in src packages
	- Target to put Alpha out as soon as possible, hoping already Tuesday 2.9.2014

Qt 5.3.2 status
	- At the moment all known blockers are fixed (new proposal QTBUG-41070)
	- Target to produce packages for testing during this week  & put Qt5.3.2 final out during next week if nothing serious found during testing

Qt 5.4.0 tools & versions
	- It seems we cannot use Ubuntu 14.04 in the packaging machines
		-  only option is to deploy Bluez 4.101 headers to 11.10 machines.
	- Kai will propose couple of updates in ML later this week
		- ICU 53-1
		- MinGW with gcc 4.9.1

Next meeting Tue 9th Sep 16:00 CET


IRC log below:
[17:01:20] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl: ablasche_: ping
[17:01:37] <fregl> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:39] <fkleint> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:44] <ankokko__> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:49] <vladimirM> pong
[17:01:56] <akseli> jaheikki3: pong
[17:02:37] <jaheikki3> Time to start Qt release team meeting
[17:02:45] <jaheikki3> On agenda today:
[17:02:45] <kkoehne> jaheikki3: pong
[17:02:51] <jaheikki3> 5.4.0 Alpha release
[17:03:00] <jaheikki3> 5.3.2 release 
[17:03:06] <jaheikki3> Qt 5.4.0 tools & versions
[17:03:24] <jaheikki3> Something else to the agenda?
[17:05:06] <jaheikki3> Let's start from Qt 5.4.0 Alpha release
[17:05:59] <fregl> webengine went in finally \o/
[17:06:13] <jaheikki3> Content should be now in place. Only thing to be done is to get all stuff in src packages
[17:06:14] <fregl> but I fear we'll run into similar integration troubles in the future
[17:06:52] <jaheikki3> fregl: true, it seems to be pain always near release
[17:06:58] <fregl> jaheikki3: did you get builds to pass?
[17:07:09] <fkleint> went where?
[17:07:15] <fkleint> is it now in the snapshots?
[17:08:07] <jaheikki3> fregl: fkleint: Not yet, mapaaso is studying what is the problem with qtwebengine-chromium
[17:08:11] <fregl> fkleint: qt5.git, first attempt was august 13th
[17:08:34] <fregl> jaheikki3: do you run the init-repository inside the qtwebengine module?
[17:08:50] <fregl> it needs the right chromium snapshot, otherwise nothing works
[17:09:45] <jaheikki3> fregl: It seems init repository is done properly but something went wrong later in the packaging...
[17:10:01] <fregl> OK, that's up to you then
[17:10:30] <fkleint> But what is the goal, then. Will it be part of the snapshots and source archives  - I was under the impression it is a separate add-on
[17:10:45] <fkleint> Which it should be ., otherwise archive size will explode..
[17:10:49] <fregl> fkleint: all addons are in the source snapshots
[17:10:54] <fkleint> OMG
[17:11:10] <fkleint> so, our source archive grows from 200MB to GB?
[17:11:34] <kkoehne> fkleint: We've always provided one big source package, in parallel to the source packages split by repo.
[17:12:45] <fkleint> This means our source archive will be X GB WebEngine + 200MB rest of Qt ?
[17:13:03] <fregl> fkleint: you are actually right, webengine sources weigh in around 900 MB
[17:13:07] <fregl> :D
[17:13:18] <fregl> jaheikki3: can you confirm that?
[17:13:32] <fkleint> ** fall off chair *** Did no one think of this 
[17:13:35] <fkleint> before?
[17:14:18] <fkleint> I mean, it is known that WebWengine is an OS, basically
[17:14:54] <jaheikki3> fregl: Just checking that
[17:15:25] <jaheikki3> Current src package (.7z) is 167 M
[17:15:47] <jaheikki3> Without that qtwebengine-chromium
[17:16:24] <jaheikki3> I don't have that qtwebengine-chromium size available at the moment...
[17:16:42] <fkleint> So, 167MB + 900 MB fregl says
[17:16:49] <fregl> yeah... qtwebengine itself is 700 KiB
[17:17:08] <jaheikki3> Single src package will be huge...
[17:17:16] <fregl> qtwebengine-chromium is 176 as tar.gz for me
[17:17:31] <fregl> assuming you use git archive
[17:18:03] <fkleint> I mean, it must have been clear that WebEngine has to be kept as separate as possible?
[17:19:41] <jaheikki3> 176 ins't that bad (if you compare 900 MB) ;)
[17:20:09] <jaheikki3> But it will double the package size...
[17:20:44] <carewolf> pong
[17:21:05] <fregl> carewolf: good timing
[17:21:08] <fkleint> hm
[17:21:41] <kkoehne> jaheikki3: So, do we offer the separate .tar.gz per module already for the Alpha?
[17:21:54] <jaheikki3> kkoehne: Yes
[17:22:15] <jaheikki3> Both single src packages & split src packages / module
[17:22:26] <kkoehne> people concerned about size should just use these, then.
[17:23:11] <fregl> bah, 7z is slow
[17:24:05] <carewolf> if we want to invest time in it, it might be possible to remove ICU from webengine
[17:24:30] <jaheikki3> I agree. And we might continue discussion in ML if needed. Alpha will be as it is now & if something needs to be done let's done it before beta
[17:24:56] <fkleint> hm,,ok
[17:25:39] <jaheikki3> We are hoping we could put alpha out already tomorrow (if mapaaso finds a solution for remaining issue)
[17:25:42] <carewolf> ICU in itself is 150Mbyte
[17:25:50] <carewolf> (uncompressed)
[17:26:44] <fregl> for me compressed webengine with 7z ends up at 119 MiB
[17:27:02] <fregl> let's move on for now
[17:27:03] <mibrunin> jaheikki3: the problem is that git archive does not automatically include submodules
[17:27:26] <mibrunin> jaheikki3: mapaaso is busy with other things, so I have been looking at it
[17:27:35] <fregl> mibrunin: git archive also doesn't support 7z, so I wonder how we ever got the 7z
[17:28:22] <jaheikki3> mibrunin: OK
[17:28:31] <mibrunin> fregl: by calling 7zip from the command line
[17:28:50] <mibrunin> fregl: or by script, but not directly in combination with git
[17:29:04] <fregl> mibrunin: right, we zip up and down, I forgot
[17:29:21] <fregl> create zip first and then extract and re-zip or so. maybe I don't want to remember :)
[17:29:36] <jaheikki3> fregl ;)
[17:29:42] <fregl> I think iieklund explained that to me before
[17:29:46] <mibrunin> fregl: exactly, it exports in tar, extracts, zips up
[17:30:03] <fregl> OK, I guess that'll be sorted out then.
[17:30:13] <mibrunin> fregl: tags and book-keeps along the way
[17:30:41] <mibrunin> jaheikki3: should we distribute qtwebengine as a separate snapshot?
[17:31:59] <jaheikki3> mibruning: There will be own src package for it as well
[17:32:11] <jaheikki3> mibruning like all other submodules
[17:33:42] <jaheikki3> Ok, I think that is all about 5.4 Alpha at the moment. Let's hope we could put it out already tomorrow
[17:33:54] <mibrunin> jaheikki3: okay
[17:34:04] <jaheikki3> Then Qt 5.3.2 release
[17:34:05] <mibrunin> jaheikki3: I'll  keep looking into the submodule issue
[17:34:25] <jaheikki3> mibruning: OK, keep me informed about the progress...
[17:34:59] <jaheikki3> 5.3.2 branch is now done & qt5.git integrated
[17:35:17] <jaheikki3> At the moment all known blockers are fixed
[17:35:35] <jaheikki3> new one proposed: QTBUG-41070
[17:36:38] <jaheikki3> If I understood the issue correctly I think we need to remove those files from official packages
[17:37:12] <jaheikki3> Target is to produce "RC" packages as soon as possible for testing
[17:37:40] <jaheikki3> Maybe already tomorrow or wednesday
[17:38:05] <fkleint> jaheikki3: But the EN-packages are borked, as stated in mail
[17:39:07] <jaheikki3> fkleint: ?
[17:39:23] <fkleint> jaheikki3: see mail
[17:40:39] <jaheikki3> fkleint: ahh, true. Those should be fixed soon, it is related to ankokko's ongoing task related to updated add-on components
[17:40:48] <fkleint> Aha,ok
[17:42:46] <jaheikki3> Target is to release Qt5.3.2 final during next week if we get packages for testing during this week & nothing serious found during testing
[17:45:17] <jaheikki3> OK, that's all about 5.3.2 
[17:45:28] <jaheikki3> Then Qt 5.4.0 tools & versions
[17:46:24] <jaheikki3> Last time we started discussion if we could update ubuntu's in the packaging machines 
[17:47:00] <jaheikki3> ablasche_ started the discussion in ML and it seems we cannot :(
[17:47:56] <jaheikki3> If I understood correctly only option is to deploy Bluez 4.101 headers to 11.10 machines.
[17:48:11] <jaheikki3> ablasche_: Any comments?
[17:50:33] <jaheikki3> It seems ablasche_ isn't available at the moment...
[17:51:39] <jaheikki3> is there something else which we need to update/discuss related to tools & versions? mingw? kkoehne?
[17:51:54] <fkleint> ablasche went home
[17:51:59] <kkoehne> jaheikki3: Well ... I'm currently testing a new mingw-builds package iwth gcc 4.9.1
[17:52:09] <kkoehne> ICU can get an update to 53-1, too :)
[17:52:23] <fkleint> oh no..just keep that stable
[17:52:30] <kkoehne> The last one should actually be a non-brainer, the mingw-builds one needs some more testing
[17:53:25] <kkoehne> (new gdb tends to break debugging e.g. in Qt Creator)
[17:54:25] <kkoehne> jaheikki3: I'll send out a proposal for both later this week.
[17:54:44] <jaheikki3> kkoehne: OK, sounds good
[17:55:29] <jaheikki3> Anything else at this time except next meeting?
[17:58:22] <jaheikki3> Seems not ;) Ok to have a meeting next monday at this same time?
[17:58:34] <fkleint> not ok
[17:58:39] <fkleint> see mail ok again ;-)
[18:00:44] <ankokko__> +1
[18:00:48] <fkleint> -1 
[18:01:02] <jaheikki3> fkleint: true, then  tue at this same time, OK?
[18:01:18] <fkleint> Fine, will be on  holiday then
[18:01:21] <fkleint> ;-)
[18:01:34] <jaheikki3> fkleint: ;)
[18:02:01] <jaheikki3> OK, let's have a meeting tue 9th Sep 16:00 CET
[18:02:14] <jaheikki3> Thank's for everyone! bye
[18:02:20] <ankokko__> bye
[18:02:25] <wolfgang-b> bye
[18:02:26] <fkleint> bye

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