[Releasing] Important bug in 5.4.1

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Tue Feb 3 07:20:55 CET 2015

 http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.1/2015-01-30_104/   - the problem is not fixed

>It seems that a fix is merged to Qt 5.4.1 branch, so this is hopefully fixed with the next snapshot (https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/104672). It would be very good if you can follow the snapshots and inform if these solve the problem for your.
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>Aihe: [Releasing] Important bug in 5.4.1
>Important bug not fixed in qt 5.4.1 !
>Standard context menu shortcuts (e.g. Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All) when pressed in non-latin keyboard layout (e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic) don't work in Qt's widgets such as:
>*  QLabel
>*  QPlainTextEdit
>*  QTextEdit
>In latin keyboard layout (e.g. English) they're working fine.
>Didn't happen before Qt 5.4. Reproducible in binary distribution of Qt Creator 3.3.0 as well.
>Occurrs in all Windows versions, but users report that it happens also in Linux distributions (Mint, Slackware). Isn't reproducible on Mac OS X though.
>P.S. Probably the same issue: Ctrl+/ (Comment shortcut) in Qt Creator 3.3.0 stopped working in non-latin keyboard layout as well.
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