[Releasing] Qt 5.5.0 Post Mortem

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Tue Jun 23 12:31:42 CEST 2015

Hi all,

We are quite close to releasing Qt 5.5.0 final so it is good time to start thinking & writing down the lessons learnt from that release.

We are so much late so there should be pretty much thing to be improved at least. I have created a wiki page for collecting the information, see https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5.5.0_Post_Mortem

Please add your comments etc there. You can also sent your feedback directly to me if you don't want to add it to the wiki page because of some reason.

I'll start analysing feedback after summer holidays so please add your comments before beginning of August 2015.



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