[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 12.4.2016

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Wed Apr 13 07:41:24 CEST 2016

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 12th April 2016

Qt 5.7.0 Beta status:

    - New snapshot under testing, nothing really serious reported so far

      * Mostly packaging issues found, should be fixed in next snapshot. QTBUG-52517 is the hardest one & most probably will be as known issue in beta (affects only in 32bit windows packages, 64 bit ones are OK)

   - Target is to get new snapshot for testing during this week & release it as Qt 5.7.0 Beta if nothing really serious found during testing

   * Beta target beginning of next week

Qt 5.6.1 status:
   - First snapshot under RTA testing, seems to be pretty OK

   - Target to produce new snapshot quite soon

      * Plan to start manual testing when Qt 5.7.0 beta is out

   - Target to get Qt 5.6.1 out at the beginning of May

      * To be able to do this we need to start soft branching Mon 18th April & finalize it after a week (as usual)

Next meeting Tue 26th April 16:00 CET



irc log below:

[17:00:24] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl: ablasche: ping
[17:00:30] <ankokko_> jaheikki3: pong
[17:00:46] <akseli1> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:03] <carewolf> poing
[17:02:18] <jaheikki3> Time to start qt release team meeting
[17:02:23] <jaheikki3> on agenda today:
[17:02:27] <fkleint> aheikki3L: pong
[17:02:29] <jaheikki3> - Qt 5.7 beta status
[17:02:47] <jaheikki3> - Qt 5.6.1 status
[17:02:57] <jaheikki3> Any additional item to the agenda?
[17:04:40] <jaheikki3> ok, lets start from Qt 5.7 beta status
[17:05:11] <jaheikki3> - Beta snapshot packages under testing, nothing really critical reported so far
[17:05:29] <jaheikki3> mostly packaging issues which should be fixed in next snapshot
[17:05:49] <jaheikki3> Open beta blockers in https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=17576
[17:07:01] <jaheikki3> Biggest issue there is QTBUG-52517 Qt5.7 offline: WebEngine and WebView libraries missing from vs2013 & vs2015 #406 installers. this might be hard to be fixed soon
[17:08:03] <jaheikki3> It is because we are still buiding 32 bit binaries in 32 bit windows & webengine needs 64 bit machine even for 32 bit build
[17:08:28] <jaheikki3> So most probably we need to live with that issue in beta & fix it for RC
[17:08:46] <fkleint> jaheikki3: This is 32bit packages only?
[17:09:04] <jaheikki3> fkleint: Yes, 64 bit packages are ok
[17:09:10] <fkleint> Ah,right
[17:09:18] <fkleint> since I saw nanobrowser..
[17:10:45] <jaheikki3> We are targeting to get new snapshot later this week and if nothing really serious found during testing I propose to release those as 5.7 beta at the beginning of next week
[17:11:34] <ankokko_> sounds good to me
[17:11:37] <jaheikki3> Any comments or questions?
[17:13:54] <jaheikki3> Ok, that was all about 5.7 beta at the moment
[17:14:09] <jaheikki3> Then Qt 5.6.1 status:
[17:14:48] <jaheikki3> - First snapshot created last week & under RTA testing
[17:15:28] <fkleint> from 5.6 branch as is?
[17:15:30] <jaheikki3> - RTA smoke tests done, seems to be pretty much OK. Full RTA set ongoing
[17:15:37] <jaheikki3> fkleint: Yes
[17:15:40] <fkleint> oki
[17:16:08] <carewolf> when is it targeted to and will new snapshots be taken?
[17:16:27] <jaheikki3> We aren't planning to organize official manual testing round for 5.6.1 packages yet to get all effort for 5.7 beta first
[17:17:16] <jaheikki3> carewolf: I would say 5.6.1 out somewhere beginning of May
[17:17:56] <jaheikki3> and we are trying to produce new snapshot quite soon. First manual test round targeted after 5.7 beta release
[17:18:13] <carewolf> thanks
[17:18:31] <jaheikki3> and if someone wants to take a tour packages are found from http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.1/
[17:19:51] <jaheikki3> If we are trying to release 5.6.1 at the beginning of may we should start branching from 5.6 to 5.6.1 quite soon. I propose to start soft branching at the beginning of next week & finalize it after a week (as usual), ok?
[17:20:16] <fkleint> +1
[17:20:20] <ankokko_> +1
[17:21:30] <jaheikki3> Ok, that is the plan then
[17:23:00] <jaheikki3> That was all at this time so let's end this meeting now. If we managed to get beta out at the beginning of next week I think we can skip the next weeks meeting & have new one 26th April, OK?
[17:23:25] <fkleint> sounds good
[17:23:31] <ankokko_> yes
[17:23:50] <jaheikki3> Great. Thanks for your participation. Bye!
[17:24:07] <ankokko_> bye
[17:24:59] <fkleint> bye
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