[Releasing] Apparent virus in qt downloads?

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Wed Jul 6 20:03:12 CEST 2016

> Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2016 at 12:25 PM
> From: "Thiago Macieira" <thiago.macieira at intel.com>
> To: releasing at qt-project.org
> Subject: Re: [Releasing] Apparent virus in qt downloads?
> On quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016 08:25:41 PDT Edward Welbourne wrote:
> > Thiago Macieira:
> > > We're aware that some virus scanner tools are reporting a virus.
> > > 
> > > We haven't yet been able to prove decidedly whether it's a virus or a
> > > false positive.
> > 
> > Have we contacted the virus-scanner vendor(s) involved to ask them for
> > details of what they think is a virus ?  They might be able to work that
> > out faster than we can !  Furthermore, if it's a false positive, it'll
> > get them up to speed on the details faster that way ...
> Not yet, as far as I know. We were discussing this on the security mailing 
> list, but no one responded to my last question from Thursday, asking how to 
> prove that it's a false positive.

Run it through other AV?
Compare it to a another binary generated on the same build platform (and options) (and has been virus scanned)?

I can see how an online installer might look like a virus, since they are all some form of an online installer...

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