[Releasing] New Qt 5.7.0 RC snapshot available

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Wed May 18 06:44:45 CEST 2016

Hi all,

New Qt 5.7.0 RC snapshot available

Windows: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.7/5.7.0-rc/456/

Linux: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.7/5.7.0-rc/424/

Mac: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.7/5.7.0-rc/354/

src: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.7/5.7.0-rc/latest_src/submodules/


Packages are RTA sanity checked and everything seems to be pretty much Ok. So please test the packages and make sure all Qt 5.7.0 blockers are visible in https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=17619. We are planning to release Qt 5.7.0 rc 1st of June and so on all blockers must be fixed latest 23rd May. Then we have enough time to integrate changes in qt5.qit, create and test the packages before rc.

Known issues in the packages:

- WebEngine and WebView missing from 32 bit windows packages

- Serialbus missing form Windows Android packages

- VKB and qtquickcontrols2 example paths are wrong

Last qt5.git integration in these packages:


Patch Set 26: Code-Review+2 Sanity-Review+1

qt/qt3d 7c9331e953700e4c35e4bd3d51ebc49e4c3b0f80..faf56f50608f9391d2a73ed7c61bfdd9c2afab78:
> Make QSceneChange ctor protected to prevent direct use
> Split out QPropertyValue[Added|Removed] classes
> Rename QNodeRemovedPropertyChange -> QPropertyNodeRemovedChange
> Rename QNodeAddedPropertyChange -> QPropertyNodeAddedChange
> QNode[Added|Removed]PropertyChange inheritance changed
> Add QStaticPropertyValueRemovedChangeBase
> Add QStaticPropertyValueAddedChangeBase
> Make typed property change a private header template
> QNodePropertyChange -> QPropertyUpdatedChange
> QNodePropertyChangeBase -> QStaticPropertyUpdatedChangeBase
> QNodeDynamicPropertyChange -> QDynamicPropertyUpdatedChange
> Rename QNodePropertyChangeBase -> QPropertyChangeBase
> Mark QNodeUpdatedChangeBase ctor protected and export class
> Make ctors explicit, provide out of line dtors and export classes
> Remove QSceneChange::SenderType
> Change arbiter checks DeliveryFlags
> QBackendNodePropertyChange sets delivery flags to all
> Add setter/getter for delivery flags to QSceneChange
> Remove unnecessary forward declaration and move another
> Remove QSceneChange::timestamp()
> Remove ChangeFlag from NodeUpdated change type ctors
> Temporarily remove use of a custom allocator for QNodePropertyChanges
> Change inheritance of QNode[Added|Removed]PropertyChange
> Move change classes into their own dir and tidy up .pro/.pri files
> Add QPropertyValueRemovedChangeBase
> Add QPropertyValueAddedChangeBase
> Rename NodeAdded/NodeRemoved ChangeFlags
> Rename NodeUpdated ChangeFlag to PropertyUpdated
> Fix compilation on MSVC2013
> Fix reset in bigmodel example
> Add QNode::notifyObservers()
> QRenderState needs to create creation changes too
> Set QObject parent immediately and defer backend notifications
> qgltf: fix GCC 6 warning about misleading indention
> ShaderParameterPack: use rvalue QVector::push_back
> ShaderParameterPack: fix parameter passing (II)
> ShaderParameterPack: fix parameter passing (I)
> Mark more types movable/primitive/shared
> Removing defunct examples - Cpp_example
> QShaderData should notify dynamic property changes
> Add convenience to notify dynamic property changes
> Add missing pointer typedef
> Properly export QNodeDynamicPropertyChange symbols
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Custom-mesh-cpp
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Custom-mesh
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Loader-qml
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - MouseInpt
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Simple-cpp
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Simple-qml
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Smpl Shader
> Replaced FPS Camera with Orbit - Tessellation
> Add missing "We mean it" warnings
> Add QNodeDynamicPropertyChange class
> Change QNodePropertyChangeBase to inherit from QNodeUpdatedChangeBase
> Add QNodeUpdatedChangeBase
> Remove unneeded ctors from QSceneChange and subclasses
> Add Q_DECL_NOEXCEPT to getters in QSceneChange
> Cleanup defunct comment in qscenechange.h
> Rename ObserverType to SenderType in QSceneChange
> Port missing examples to the new Layer(Filter) API
> Removing defunct examples - Torus-qml
> Removing defunct examples - Playground-qml
> Remove NodeAboutToBeDeleted change type enum value
> GLTFIO: claim copyright for the substantial recent changes
> GLTFIO: move QFile::readAll() into resolveLocalData()
> GLTFIO: replace QMap with QHash
> GLTFIO: includemocs
> GLTFIO: use printf-style qWarning/qDebug where possible
> GLTFIO: wrap remaining qWarning()s in Q_UNLIKELY
> GLTFIO: replace static const QLatin1Strings with #defines
> GLTFIO: brush up ctors of nested structs
> GLTFIO: avoid some hidden detaches
> GLTFIO: remove {QMap,QMultiHash}::remove() calls
> GLTFIO: eradicate remaining Q_FOREACH loops
> GLTFIO: remove {QMap,QMultiHash}::contains() calls
> GLTFIO: fix leak of QShaderProgram in processJSONProgram()
> GLTFIO: don't iterate over QMap::values()
> GLTFIO: don't iterate over QMap::keys()
> GLTFIO: don't iterate over QJsonObject::keys()
> GLTFIO: replace QStringLiteral and C literals with QLatin1Strings in comparisons
> GLTFIO: the standard uniform name isn't actually needed
> GLTFIO: use QLatin1String instead of QStringLiteral
> GLTFIO: remove QJsonObject::contains() calls
> QRenderAspect: use QSharedPointer::create()
> render: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [remaining low-risk]
> input/frontend: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> render/materialsystem: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> render/framegraph: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> QAbstractPhysicalDeviceBackendNode: remove unused function
> Introduce local macros for declaring types as movable/primitive/shared
> Send shader data's property reader to the backend
> Add another missing Qt3DExtras import.
> Don't hide function in base class change
> Don't set null as event source
> Add firstVertex to QGeometryRenderer API
> Get rid of QLayer::names
> Update docs/examples: QClearBuffer -> QClearBuffers
> Adjust LayerFilter's layers property behavior
> Change QList<int> properties to QVector<int>
> Add more missing Qt3D.Extras imports to the examples.
> QClearBuffers: clear specific QRenderTargetOutputs
> Fix for loading using a Mesh
> Remove setTargetNode()/targetNode() from backend property changes
> Introduce QTypedBackendNodePropertyChange
> Add missing import Qt3D.Extras to wave example
> Introduce QBackendNodePropertyChangeBase class
> Camera controller naming convention
> Get metaobject directly from the QObject
> Remove QBackendNode::updateFromPeer()
> QTexImageData to QTextureImageData
> Remove cloning from QGamepadInput
> Fix qmltypes generation, add them to the sources
> Don't crash when introspected by qmlplugindump
> Make sure this is a NodeUpdated change
> Make QSceneIOPlugin private for the time being
> Fix CLANG reported warnings
> Bring more type safety to the buttons properties
> Rename QSceneParserPlugin to QSceneIOPlugin
> Make QInputDevicePlugin and friends private
> Remove TransformType from the public API
> Turn QAxisInput into QAbstractAxisInput
> Split QAnalogAxisInput out of QAxisInput
> Remove unused function
> Splitting of QAxisInput
> Fixed picking example
> Remove QbackendNode::setPeer(QNode *)
> QObjectPicker creates and handles creation changes
> Add QBackendNodeTester to enable testing of QBackendNode private methods
> Remove virtual QBackendNode *create(QNode *frontend) const
> Tidy QBackendNode a little
> Remove unused map of clones
> Remove temporary envvar for trying no clone approach
> Tidy up comments in QNode
> Make QAbstractNodeFactory private
> Q_NULLPTR -> nullptr
> Fix -Wreorder warning in renderer
> Fix trianglevisitor traversing triangle strips
> Add we mean it to qfirstpersoncameracontroller_p.h
> Add we mean it to QGraphicsApiFilter header
> Fix warning in Renderer
> tst_trianglesextractor: fix test to pass
> QNodeRemovedChange: contains QNodeIdTypePair
> QAbstractAspect: remove all traces of cloning
> QNodeAddedChange: contains a QNodeIdTypePair
> QAbstractAspect: remove cloning code path
> Move last remaining pieces of examples-common to Qt3DExtras
> QNode: initialize m_typeInfo to Q_NULLPTR
> Add missing import for Qt3DExtras.
> ShaderData: Comment out NodeAdded/Removed sections
> geometries: use QSharedPointer::create() for QBufferDataGenerators
> GenericDeviceBackendNode: aggregate mutex by value
> QThreadPooler: aggregate mutex by value
> QRayCastingService: don't iterate over QHash::values()
> QItemModelBuffer: don't iterate over QHash::keys()
> InputChord: replace a Q_FOREACH with assignment
> QAspectEngine: replace a Q_FOREACH loop with qDeleteAll()
> input/backend: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> render/jobs: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> PickBoundingVolumeJob: optimize EntityGatherer
> Make QNodeDestroyedChange public
> Move QNodeIdPair into qnode.h
> QLayer/Layer create and handle creation changes
> QRenderTarget/RenderTarget create and handles creation changes
> QNodeCreation overhaul
> Strip out cloning subsystem
> Fix memory leaks in render aspect
> Fix memory leaks in renderer
> render/frontend: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> QSortPolicy: fix argument passing
> Handle case where rendersurfaceselector is root of the FG
> Fix wave example
> Adapt the assimp scene parser to use the node factory
> Only try to move scene subtree if non null
> QSortPolicy fix
> Fix direction for directional and spot lights
> Repair attenuation handling
> Repair this example
> QAbstractLight now inherits directly QComponent
> Don’t expose QGenericInputDevice to QML
> Whitespace fix
> QShaderData also recognizes dynamic properties
> Prevent QAbstractLight instances creation
> Make the type property read-only on QAbstractLight
> Don't copy non-writable properties
> Rename QLight to QAbstractLight
> Activate input handling
> Fix attenuation use in SpotLight
> MouseEventFilter: handle HoverMove events
> Scene3DItem: add the hoverEnabled property
> Fix memory leaks in input
> Fix memory leaks in openglvertexarrayobject
> De-inline some polymorphic dtors
> Fix: restore FilterKeyManager
> Fix forward declare of struct GraphicsApiFilterData
> Render::Renderer: eradicate remaining Q_FOREACH loop
> render/backend: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [low-risk]
> QThreadPooler: QVector::clear() no longer sheds capacity
> QThreadPooler: minimize critical section
> Fix static builds
> Make public headers compile with -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant
> GeometryRenderer use new added/removed change types
> Texture use new added/removed change types
> Technique use new added/removed change types
> RenderPass use new added/removed change types
> Material use new added/removed change types
> Effect use new added/removed change types
> QGeometry use new added/removed change types
> QTechniqueFilter use new added/removed change types
> Rename QTechniqueFilter::criteria() to matchAll()
> QRenderState use new added/removed change types
> RenderPassFilter use new added/removed change types
> RenderTarget use new added/removed change types
> AbstractPhysicalDevice use new added/removed change types
> QLogicalDevice/LogicalDevice use new added/removed change types
> QInputSequence/InputSequence use new added/removed change types
> QInputChord/InputChord use new added/removed change types
> QAxis/Axis use new added/removed change types
> QAction/Action use new added/removed change types
> Add change type for NodeRemoved changes
> Add a specific change type for NodeAdded changes
> Moves QSortCriterion flag to QSortPolicy and remove it
> QGraphicsApiFilter: get rid of the copy method
> Technique/Renderer: use GraphicsShaderData
> QGraphicsApiFilter: move all members to dedicated struct
> ShaderData: implement initializeFromPeer
> QShaderData: add createNodeCreationChange member function
> Fix memory leaks in aspects
> Fix QGamepadInput
> QGoochMaterial export and documentation fix
> QGoochMaterial namespace fix
> QParameter: don't manually send property change
> standardUniformSetter bug fix
> QNode: make cleanup a private slot
> Move defaults and geometries out of Qt3DRender and into Qt3DExtras
> Rename QBackendScenePropertyChange -> QBackendNodePropertyChange
> QBackendScenePropertyChange cleanups
> Add convenience ctors that set the change type and observable type
> Fix -Wreorder warning
> Fix TextureImage source update.
> Add Mouse Wheel event handling in the backend
> QVectorize Quick3DShaderDataArray
> Fix comparison of enums
> Rename QScenePropertyChange -> QNodePropertyChange
> Introduce a new base class for node property change events
> If scene has more than one mesh, only the last one added can be modified
> Added the rest of Qt3DCore doc skeletons
> Fix rendering when having multiple leaf nodes in framegraph
> Add new example to demonstrate dynamic component addition/removal
> Use new component added/removed changes
> Add change types for component added/removed
> Silence some unused variable warnings
> QVectorize QRenderTargetSelector
> Fix ClearColor for Scene3D usage.
> QFrameAction: remove virtual on onTriggered
> Fix make TextureImage ReadWrite
> QVectorize PointLightBlock
> Handle frontend texture change status
> AntiAliasing added as Renderstate
> QSceneLoader now avoids cloning
> Cleanup assimp example a little
> QVectorize QAspectManager

qt/qtwebengine 7d172fcf39fa2a5d7d5202f20c599eb678f6cb58..023168cf91dc7ac11ced1b6a60ca7aa248987810:
> Change messagebox in simplebrowser example
> Remove notifier signals for spellchecking support
> Fix debug-only build on Windows
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Remove spellchecking support
> Add spellcheck autotest
> Adds qwebengine_convert_dict tool
> Use empty default values in spellcheck init
> Doc: Document how dictionaries are loaded
> Remove warnings about missing dictionaries
> Provide a debug version of QtWebEngineProcess
> Doc: How recentlyAudibleChanged and setMuted interact
> Combine candidate icons for a page into a single icon
> Remove availableDictionaries from spellcheck api
> Update Chromium
> Get additional sanitizer dependencies from upstream chromium.
> Cleanup license leftovers
> Revert "Fix unexpected passes in tst_QWebEnginePage."
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> Add missing icon getter and corresponding signal to QWebEngineView
> Make public API test up to date
> Remove WebAudio settings
> Replace print dialog with a custom one for printing to pdf.
> Disable extensions at compile time
> Cleanup copyright and origin in src/core
> Copyright cleanup in core/renderer sources
> Implement hooks for pepper isolated filesystem
> [OSX] Try and load the widevine plugin where Chrome looks for it.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> Add icon role to WebEngineHistoryListModel
> Add changes-5.7.0
> Update Chromium
> Parse logging verbosity levels
> SimpleBrowser: Use new QWebEnginePage::icon API
> Add QQuickWebEngineFaviconProvider
> Add comments to new ResourceType enums

qt/qtscxml 7e885ef3952830b9683d145aadc592c66cec180d..bdbe7d947a65070b59ac24cf9f05247037863ef8:
> Fix valid children according to scxml specification
> Set the event type of done.state events to internal.
> Add qmltypes file to QtScxml types
> Remove dead code
> Don't leak m_doc->root when nested <scxml> occurred.
> Fix the event's debugString().

qt/qtsensors 33d15b76dfdb95da5970b8e0294bbb87ea1eb9a8..f32489e379805c51b28ae5d471491a649283fd8d:
> Update QtSensors QML version for Qt 5.7 release

qt/qtserialbus 1675a0d726e5c07c275c0981cc3deb5ffbcc6afc..ad54496cce03077073660c5c440b0f45b7e46496:
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7

qt/qtdeclarative 9bb640625d1e929f8caac34fa0a0fedeef8687ca..531d00c1909527cb1bc28f17197267ccde408b0c:
> QML: Fix anchors on Windows.
> QML: Remove internal field padding from QQuickAnchorPrivate.
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6.1' into 5.7
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> QQuickWindowPrivate: Only update transform on polish if needed
> V4: make QQmlEnginePrivate::dereferenceScarceResources inlinable.
> Docs: Prefer Q_ENUM over Q_ENUMS
> Add QVector support to JS sequences
> Fix qmlimportscanner to find Qt Quick Controls 2 styles
> Add Qt::ImInputItemClipRectangle support to QtQuick items
> Quick: expose movementDirection of PathView
> QmlProfiler: Reduce memory usage for file names and URLs
> V4 profiler: Don't duplicate function locations
> QML: Fix qmlplugindump Info.plist
> QML: Replace qIsFinite with qt_is_finite.
> qmlplugindump: skip "private" directories.
> Abort application if QJSEngine is constructed before QCoreApplication
> Particles: Invalidate all group IDs when groups are reset.
> Qml: use qDeleteAll more
> QmlProfiler: Pass detailType directly, rather than as a bit field
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Use QStringRef to optimize memory allocation
> Fix performance issues when handling layout changed in Quick item views.
> QML: Drop unnecessary include
> QmlDebug: Adapt to renaming of Qt Creators "QML/JS" console
> QQuickTextInput: Listen for changes to cursorFlashTime
> QQuickTextControlPrivate: Listen for changes to cursorFlashTime
> Allow target path version in a parent module
> Minor cleanup: Remove unused forward declaration
> Fix assertion in qt_create_image_data()

qt/qtmultimedia 7f286e0965eb31f29c68b1c1e32d2653ae34014e..08e13bfcdb23eabfbc47bca7499b0b8aadce0ac7:
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Skip integration tests when the service is not available.
> Update QML revisions for CameraImageProcessing
> Do not pin Multimedia QML module version
> DirectShow: Improve error handling.
> Update qmltypes for Qt Multimedia
> Mark CameraImageProcessing's new brightness property with revision 2
> Add new QDeclarativePlayList 5.7 items with new QML revision
> Add missing \since tag for brightness property
> Blacklist tst_qaudioinput and tst_qaudiooutput tests from OpenSUSE 42.1
> Add missing implementation for QMediaPlaylist::moveMedia().
> tst_qaudioinput blacklist pushSuspendResume on RHEL 7.2
> Fix unused variable warning
> Blacklist qtmultimedia autotests that have been failing since RHEL 6.6

qt/qtlocation e41c3a9b345536ccee0840ac6f049173aa6a0785..761331ddc841809a4bdc6ca2f2b84c148cb9b19a:
> Fix build
> Update QML version to 5.7 for QtPositioning and QtLocation
> Map.copyrightsVisible is a new property since 5.7

qt/qttranslations 745f8d5329d0d6d98a8577a254d2ee3e7174634e..c95337f7e974c75a88b96c168b6056a1642399bb:
> Update Russian translation
> Update German translations for 5.7.
> make .qm targets depend on lrelease executable

qt/qtqa 4704f79e9be910d9859d2649aa6a060f58c05bf8..32893be6fa2c1068df16479979acf9b3ba7f6bcd:
> Fix benchmark result separation for table driven tests
> Fix formatting of percentage display in the footer
> purge symbian vestige

qt/qtdatavis3d 8427634773505f73ce030cf68761c4719eb03e5c..2f6074fde0ec050c77f881e0d2ce265fa93a0fcc:
> Prospective fix for documentation build
> Skip build for missing opengl dependencies
> Renamed qdocconf

qt/qtdoc 619297421f5fd5f89768cc4161b4f3a7a5c3d575..65397e8c9d7a30bd8a07bfa866ded1428532b840:
> Doc: Add What's new for Qt 5.7
> Move Qt Quick Controls 2 from Tech Previews to Add-Ons

qt/qtserialport 84feab670cce8414ad54f4d19b46291c7fdb14cf..a11fa1dfd529948da961d3d292926a15f9b7005b:
> Drop the Win CE support

qt/qtpurchasing 114352e123021488e14fa81aa154195cbe1ad509..0afcd2efe2c33bbbd5d9b1edc47b0fcccb6ce8c2:
> Fix crash when requerying product before previous completed
> Use Android SDK detection feature instead of hardcoding
> Remove debug output from Android backend
> QMacInAppPurchaseTransaction: Expose native error message in errorString

qt/qtquick1 5e3bd5cb28e7af95b289a617ca2f7a8892498225..26229cfa0b729313893af5674d604e8692dbb946:
> QDeclarativeTextInput: update API to use setBlinkingCursorEnabled

qt/qtcharts 023f3b1edeaa9b5f622ddb7781c82ca3468caeff..7bc9c012efbb987790742ee8905965344be55ea7:
> Add 5.7.0 changes file

qt/qtbase b3fcaea5f2b97d3f562add97aee48cbb469c875a..e64b2234e829cc47872225debcf80d6c06db18f0:
> QImage::setPixelColor: warn about invalid colors
> QDateTimeParser: adapt unquote() to make good use of QStringRef.
> QDateTimeParser: de-duplicate calls and cache results
> eglfs: Fix DRM+KMS backends
> Add support for -Werror with ICC 17 on Linux
> Make it an #error if we failed to detect the ARM architecture version
> QEglFSKmsIntegration: use new QJsonObject::value(QLatin1String)
> QImageWriter: use new QJsonObject::value(QLatin1String)
> QFactoryLoader: use new QJsonObject::value(QLatin1String)
> QJsonObject: add some overloads taking QLatin1String
> Prospective MSVC 2013 build fix
> Fix build on WinRT
> QUrl: enable (N)RVO for gcc
> QDateTimeParser: proper construction of QString
> QWidgetTextControl: ensure we listen for changes to cursorFlashTimeChanged
> Fix ANGLE glGetUniform*v functions to work properly with arrays
> Doc: Highlight Quick Controls 2 - Gallery example
> Be more specific what is in Core and what is not
> QNX: Force use of system zlib on Windows host
> QJsonValue: don't create a temporary QString on every toString() invocation
> Add a QMutex::isRecursive() const noexcept
> Work around ICC's bug in making std::atomic a literal type
> Mark QThread::currentThreadId() as a pure function
> Implement QLibrary::PreventUnloadHint for Windows
> Remove includes to qdatetime_p.h that aren't necessary
> Mark QTimeZone constructor nothrow.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> compile fix for static qt with dynamic opengl
> Android: Force use of system zlib on Windows host
> Add device mkspec for the iMX7 SOC
> QUrlQuery: use erase and std::remove_if with QList
> iOS: Add text selection support from the platform plugin
> iOS: set StyleHint::StartDragTime to 300
> QScoped(Array)Pointer: canonicalize swapping
> QtNetwork: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [rvalues]
> Support color font rendering for freetype engine
> Fix plugin name for eglfs' GBM backend
> Tune fast-exit for signal activation for QML.
> Fix MinGW 5.3.0 build of ANGLE
> Add Qt::ImInputItemClipRectangle support to widgets
> Add QInputMethod::inputItemClipRectangle()
> Add ImInputItemClipRectangle
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> QDateTime: use default ctor to create invalid object
> QDateTimeParser: enable RVO in format()
> Don't bother asking if Linux supports a monotonic clock: it does
> Decompress QResources only when needed.
> Android: Bring back the useful public vars
> QWidgetTextControl: only show cursor when having focus
> Android: Fix style extract on Android N
> Enable some tests previously disabled due to different results with HB-NG
> xcb: support nested paint operations in remote scenarios
> qDBusInterfaceFromMetaObject: avoid quadratic complexity.
> Change some members of QFontEngineFT::Glyph to short
> DBus: use QStringRef to optimize memory allocation
> mkspec: Add multiarch include folder to jetson tk1 device spec
> Add an early-out to QVector::operator+= and QHash::unite for empty LHS
> xcb: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [needing qAsConst()]
> Optimize convert_Indexed8_to_X32
> Improve the script itemization algorithm to match Unicode 8.0
> xcb: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [const-& returns]
> xcb: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [already const]
> Optimize QXcbScreen::visualForFormat()
> xcb: don't iterate over .keys()
> Avoid processing bezier curves that will be clipped anyway
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> QtNetwork: use const (and const APIs) more
> Fix font fallback for an overridden Common script cases
> Disallow non-character Unicode codepoints in QUrl/QUrlQuery
> xcb: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [rvalues]
> QXcbConnection: add some qAsConst()
> QXcbIntegration: simplify a switch
> QXcbConnection: mark some more methods const
> QPdf: replace a hand-written qWarning with Q_UNIMPLEMENTED
> QJsonObject: use reserve() to reduce memory allocations
> Disable Directwrite 2 when Directwrite is disabled
> iOS: Handle old exclusive build CONFIG names for simulator and device
> Windows/Configure tests: Test for DirectWrite2 more extensively.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> QLockFile: move early out earlier to avoid allocations.
> qTopLevelDomain: use QStringRef more
> QtGui: mark more types as primitive/movable
> Android: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [rvalues]
> Android: Make SDK detection its own qmake feature
> Simplify code in QSpdyProtocolHandler::parseHttpHeaders()
> QtNetwork: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [const-& returns]
> QtNetwork: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [needing qAsConst()]
> QtNetwork: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [already const]
> winrt: Skip context validation in ANGLE
> Update ANGLE to chromium/2651
> QWidgetTextControl: respect run-time changes to cursorFlashTime
> Darwin: set SH_BlinkCursorWhenTextSelected to false on Darwin
> QWidgetLineControl: respect run-time changes to cursorFlashTime
> ConfigureApp: fix warning -Wsign-compare.
> OSX: remove tablet->mouse event synth
> Android: don't iterate over .keys()
> Android: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [needing qAsConst()]
> Android: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [already const]
> QtCore: mark more types as primitive/movable
> QMutexPool: avoid QVarLengthArray of QAtomicPointers
> iOS: (crash fix) ensure we don't clear focus object in a text responder transition
> QtWidgets: Fix qdoc warnings related to inputMethodQuery().
> Moc: use QStringBuilder more
> OpenGL: use const (and const APIs) more
> xcb: remove tablet->mouse event synth; harmonize handle/report methods
> actually enable mocdepend
> Mime type browser example: Add documentation.
> QtNetwork: replace Java-style iterators
> Interpret fixed CSS line-height as minimum rather than absolute

qt/qtwayland 15216555593740029f3c25ee16dc4dc248a017b7..c07dc0c5cd138db2f222c6c58bc5778532cecf42:
> Postpone QWaylandQuickItem size update after setting output
> QML compositors: Adjust for scale factor when positioning subsurfaces
> Don't send release events for uncommitted buffers
> Move subsurface test application to tests/manual
> QtWaylandCompositor: Add support for different EGL buffer formats
> QML compositor: Scale surfaces if bufferScale is not set
> QML compositor: Adjust for scale factor when handling mouse events
> Update the plugins.qmltypes file
> Automatically initialize the quick extension objects
> Rename the quick extension macros
> Compositor API: Add bufferScale property to QWaylandSurface
> QWaylandQuickItem: Fix potential null-pointer dereference
> Remove left over files
> Update the virtual keyboard import
> QML API for xdg-shell
> Add window manager extension to the pure-qml example
> Make window manager extension QML friendly
> Add QML api for client side extension.
> Move drag icon relative the cursor hotspot position
> Fix test build
> QML API for subsurfaces
> Forward declare Wayland types in public headers.

qt/qttools d36d2c3026cae67c119384f47cb2680552c81aaf..570f0f314cbe4603db34d4967b6a7dd35d174eba:
> windeployqt: Adapt to new layout of Qt Quick Controls 2.
> windeployqt: Adjust to changes in QtWebEngine
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7

qt/qtwinextras 6d019d276a4be4e1a20eaf41a16eca64007249f3..8e816f25034287bb3f89317a631075533914102b:
> Add changelog for Qt 5.7.0 release

qt/qtimageformats 42b07b2ddf443d3eafd18e169f2e5ab5e36604a5..68d9cfe5256c91510552c2b16d5efdb01e77ea57:
> Add changes file for 5.7

qt/qtconnectivity f8759f683cfc433c432059e1160d2ab657baaec6..caded2edf69e8a60897653ace1e10b72199c7427:
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Do not pin the QML plugins import version.
> Remove the traces of the discontinued android-no-sdk platform

qt/qtquickcontrols 2ee6ef43d681746d07c1175738184715ce0d84e4..c6713e212ef0b97c45d6466b73220567e94a05f1:
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Remove the traces of the discontinued android-no-sdk platform
> TextArea: disable selectByMouse on iOS
> iOS: Let CursorDelegate respond to cursorFlashTime from style hints
> iOS: Remove text selection handling
> Add support for QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_1_STYLE

qt/qtxmlpatterns fb1dc19bf195c530b7f44d18cc927472b9866a46..9751d3d82eecb4f2c2a805783fbcce9ccd189fea:
> tst_XmlPattern:xquerySupport - silence QSsl's debug output

qt/qtactiveqt b5440b50f23982e7459a66b46ad41f176f67e308..73ee37bebbf724a3ec01b30212ed31002a682083:
> Add changelog for Qt 5.7.0 release

qt/qtvirtualkeyboard 9c401c0881bc92491ef128ca9288d5b7c2c7a33c..0c70872a81aab39465606ab37333caf55064482a:
> Fix hunspell build for Windows targets
> Fix t9write resource library build
> Bump version number to 2.1
> Remove 'enterprise' from QML imports and QRC prefixes
> Remove non-QML references to "enterprise" or old project structure
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7

qt/qtgamepad dee527d22731963096023c298f946ef8cd25a7cc..84b87c222872eb6e49727d773177b7f5b86e9beb:
> import missing .gitattributes
> Fix compile
> Doc: Add basic documentation

qt/qtquickcontrols2 e253427f93248983d18055c5020094799a2c6b3b..8b2e819ab2246d01eb564a52aa08bdf1d55c02c2:
> QQuickPopup: align position accessors with x/y accessors
> Menu: remove the extra margins
> Popup: sync content padding with Pane
> Material: correct check indicator size
> customize.qdoc: Use standalone snippets
> ComboBox: restore the old popup behavior
> Popup: use margins to determine whether to push inside window bounds
> Material: fix SwitchDelegate press color
> Menu: support dynamically added items in the same way as static ones
> Material: corrected height for delegates
> Use a lowercase style name as a built-in file selector
> Material: fix flat button colors
> Tumbler: calculate proper displacement when count <= visibleItemCount
> Material: set correct ToolBar foreground color for built-in primaries
> Material: use proper shade for light and dark theme
> Popup: make x() and y() return the effective coordinates
> Fix overlay stacking order for multiple modal popups
> Material: emit paletteChanged() on background color change
> Material: fix raised button color for dark theme
> Material: mark internal darkerShade() function as static
> Gallery: fix main page label text color
> Material: remove obsolete imports of QtGraphicalEffects
> tests: skip material/BoxShadow.qml and material/ElevationEffect.qml
> Fix grammar in style selector documentation
> Material: add implicitHeight to MenuItem
> Material: Add proper elevation support
> Material: made MenuItem not grow above 48 px by default
> Allow Menu to grow bigger than implicitHeight of the background
> Adding type information for Material and Universal style
> Templates: update plugins.qmltypes
> QQuickContainer: add missing null check
> Fix SwipeDelegate's detailed description
> Default style: fix focus visuals for remaining controls
> QQuickSwitch: fix the order of checkedChanged() vs. clicked()
> Fix accessibility
> Improve Tumbler's delegate opacity for all styles
> QQuickPopup: listen to parent item's window changes
> Fix overlay stacking order
> universal: fix moving direction behavior when clicking item
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Default style: add correct focus colors for RangeSlider
> Popup: emit opened() when fully opened
> Revert Tumbler::displacement to position changes
> Fix TODO link in qtquickcontrols2-differences.qdoc
> Avoid "implicitWidth/Height redefined" warnings
> Remove TODO from Chat Tutorial documentation
> Remove unnecessary TODO comments
> Give Tumbler's text a focus color
> Give ToolButton's text a focus color
> Material: add top and bottom paddings for Menu
> ComboBox: separate indicator
> Align header guards: all uppercase & match with the file name
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7
> Tumbler: normalize position to [-1.0..1.0]
> Tumbler: rename displacement to position
> Move highlighted to subclasses that actually use it
> Material: fix CheckIndicator focus again
> Doc: Disambiguate \l targets by providing additional parameters
> Replace activeKeyFocus => visualFocus in 'Creating a Custom Style' doc
> Popup: separate modal and modeless background dimming
> Doc: remove the calendar import from "Qt Quick Controls 2 QML Types"
> Doc: re-organize and cleanup the index page
> Doc: link to "Customizing Qt Quick Controls 2" from the index page
> Doc: fix qdoc warnings in "Customizing Qt Quick Controls 2"
> Introduce Page::title
> Document how to create custom styles
> Material: Set default height for one-line item delegates
> Fix SwipeDelegate spacing to match other delegates
> Control: rename activeKeyFocus to visualFocus
> Allow attaching TextArea to a Flickable
> Optimize QQuickStyleSelector
> Material: revise ComboBox looks
> Hide SwipeDelegate text when removing
> Doc: fix base type of MenuItem
> Remove "strong" focus policy from menu items created by ComboBox
> Use ToolTip font from theme
> Fix Q_INIT_RESOURCE() for static builds
> Doc: add missing ToolButton screenshot
> Material: fix CheckIndicator focus
> Improve Drawer docs
> ToolTip: enable font inheritance
> Doc: add missing Tumbler attached properties
> QQuickStyleSelector: fix relative path handling
> Promote QQuickToolTip's repositioning code to QQuickPopup
> QQuickStyleSelector: re-use QFileSelectorPrivate::platformSelectors()
> Register the latest revisions of all template/control base classes
> Doc: add "Popup Controls" group page
> QQuickStyle: fix style name lookup on OSX
> Make 'Usage' section of styles.qdoc easier to link to
> Doc: Add \target to avoid incorrect links
> Set "strong" focus policy for buttons and sliders
> Move autoRepeat out of QQuickAbstractButton
> Universal: notify foreground and background changes on theme change
> Implement case-insensitive style name lookup
> Fix .impl imports
> Be consistent with spacing between sections
> Move individual customization docs into a top-level "reference" section
> Rename the style plugins
> Fix Q_INIT_RESOURCE for Material & Universal style plugins
> Update plugins.qmltypes
> Update QQuickDialRing license headers
> Fix controls/qmldir depends
> Doc: cleanup remaining "labs" references
> Update qtquickcontrols2.metainfo
> Doc: rename Qt.labs.controls 1.0 to QtQuick.Controls 2.0
> Fix SwipeDelegate to inherit ItemDelegate
> Update ItemDelegate snippet images
> Move resources to :/qt-project.org/imports/QtQuick/Controls.2
> tst_styles: fix style name casing
> import Qt.labs.controls 1.0 => QtQuick.Controls 2.0
> QQuickStyleSelector: don't force lowercase style name
> Replace activeFocus with activeKeyFocus
> Doc: rename Qt.labs.templates 1.0 to QtQuick.Templates 2.0
> import Qt.labs.templates 1.0 => QtQuick.Templates 2.0
> Add Drawer::dragMargin
> Fix QQuickDrawerPrivate::positionAt()
> Fix tst_popup with transitions (Material)
> Tests: prepare for the upcoming import rename - part II
> Update .gitignore
> Fix 'Undocumented parameter 'style'' warning in QQuickStyle docs
> Fix rendering of squished default Dial
> Dial: make wrap default to false
> Add GIFs for Dial
> Improve default Dial's painting
> Fix-up the use of QQuickAbstractButton::down in delegates
> Chat Tutorial: update the install path
> Rename qtquickcontrols.conf to qtquickcontrols2.conf
> Default: use QQuickColorImageProvider
> Material: rename internal constants for divider color
> Popup: rename close policy flags
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7" into refs/staging/5.7
> Tests: cleanup templates imports
> Tests: prepare for the upcoming import rename
> Popup: add opened() and closed() signals.
> Material: increase size and paddings for SpinBox
> Update Default style Dial to match new design specs
> Add focus visuals to default ItemDelegate
> tst_button: fix warnings in test_checkable
> Merge QQuickPluginUtils to QQuickStylePlugin
> Doc: rename remaining qtlabscontrols groups and links
> Update Default style ComboBox to match new design specs

qt/qtrepotools 0b1dba7456f0e2cebf0d270bbaa4b04b4883c46e..be3d47ae9560950de0908f0129703e9f7a8d68cd:
> Obtain sha1s from supermodule instead of using branch tips

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