[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 15.11.2016

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Wed Nov 16 11:16:00 CET 2016

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 15th November 2016

Qt 5.7.1 status:
- Final packages under testing 
   * All known blockers should be fixed
   * We will release these packages as Qt 5.7.1 if nothing serious found during testing

Qt 5.8.0:
- Header diff review ongoing
   * http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2016-November/027642.html
- Updated Qt 5.8.0 schedule:
   * Start branching Mon 21.11, final branching 28.11.2016
   * RC target 13th December 2016
   * Final immediately after Christmas period (3.1.2017)
      ** To be able to keep this we need to have all ready before Christmas break

3rd party lib updates:
- From 5.6.3, 5.7.2 & 5.8.0 -> we always check the bundled 3rd parties before a release
   * Preferred timing: for minor/major releases before beta and for patch level release before branching

Next meeting Tue 29th November 16:00 CET

Jani Heikkinen
Release Manager

irc log below:
[17:01:33] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl: ablasche: ping 
[17:01:43] <ankokko_> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:43] <thiago> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:43] <fregl> hello :)
[17:02:43] <carewolf> poing
[17:02:58] <jaheikki3> time to start qt release team meeting
[17:03:05] <jaheikki3> on agenda today:
[17:03:14] <jaheikki3> Qt 5.7.1 status
[17:03:38] <jaheikki3> Qt 5.8.0 status
[17:03:45] <jaheikki3> Any additional item to the agenda?
[17:04:06] <akseli> jaheikki3: late pong
[17:05:08] <thiago> update to third party
[17:05:19] <fkleint> jaheikki3: late pong
[17:05:25] <thiago> I'd like to propose we always check the bundled 3rd parties before a release
[17:06:18] <jaheikki3> thiago: do you mean each release of just new minor ones?
[17:06:25] <jaheikki3> of==or
[17:06:35] <thiago> each release of ours
[17:07:21] <thiago> we don't want to be responsible for shipping software that contains known security issues
[17:07:24] <thiago> so we update
[17:07:57] <fregl> I generally agree, one thing is that there's a potential for breakage, so the update should happen early enough
[17:08:14] <fregl> and late in the process we should only take in security updates that we know about
[17:08:17] <thiago> for our patch releases, we should upgrade patch releases only
[17:08:45] <thiago> for example, the 5.7 branch (and 5.6) has libpng 1.6.20. The latest is 1.6.26.
[17:08:54] <jaheikki3> yeah, agree. We need to add a step to check that. 
[17:10:38] <jaheikki3> Any opinions in which phase we should do that? for minor releases before beta and for patch level release before branching?
[17:11:37] <thiago> around branching time
[17:11:54] <thiago> it should land before we branch, preferably
[17:12:17] <jaheikki3> I think for 5.7.1 this is too late but we could agree to do this before releasing. Or do you thiago know something why we must update some now & delay the release?
[17:12:37] <fregl> in addition I'd say we should encourage it at all times, not just last second
[17:13:02] <jaheikki3> fregl: yes, agree. Would be good to get updates in as early as possible
[17:13:42] <thiago> I don't know of anything that requires urgency
[17:13:58] <thiago> but if something is found on things we are shipping, we'll be blamed for not shipping the latest
[17:15:03] <jaheikki3> yeah, that's true. But we are that close to release with 5.7.1 and so on I wouldn't take in anything which isn't really blocking the release
[17:15:06] <thiago> we can begin this policy for 5.6.3 / 5.7.2 / 5.8.0
[17:15:15] <jaheikki3> +1
[17:15:51] <jaheikki3> Any objections?
[17:17:17] <jaheikki3> Ok, I'll add that step in my release task list
[17:17:23] <fregl> sounds good
[17:17:27] <jaheikki3> Then qt 5.7.1 status
[17:17:43] <jaheikki3> We should have final content in place now
[17:17:57] <jaheikki3> Packages are ready & undertesting
[17:18:25] <jaheikki3> RTA smoke is still ongoing for LGPL packages, enterprise ones are already under manual testing
[17:18:54] <jaheikki3> manual testing request will be sent to the community when RTA smoke ready
[17:19:00] <jaheikki3> (if all seems to be ok)
[17:19:18] <thiago> what's "RTA smoke"?
[17:20:15] <jaheikki3> it is simple release test automation set of test to verify all basic functionality from the packages 
[17:20:42] <jaheikki3> & verify that packaging went OK as well
[17:21:35] <thiago> ok
[17:21:40] <thiago> "release test automation"
[17:22:29] <jaheikki3> ?
[17:23:43] <jaheikki3> We are targeting to release existing packages as qt 5.7.1 if all OK according to test
[17:24:25] <jaheikki3> Any comments or questions?
[17:26:13] <jaheikki3> Then qt 5.8.0 status
[17:26:28] <jaheikki3> string freeze in effect
[17:26:57] <jaheikki3> header diff / API review ongoing. Hoping we can get it finalized during this week
[17:27:44] <jaheikki3> I propose following schedule update for Qt 5.8.0:
[17:28:27] <jaheikki3> - Start branching from 5.8 -> 5.8.0 Mon 21.11 & finalize it 28.11.2016
[17:28:39] <thiago> header diff and API review are two different things
[17:29:07] <jaheikki3> - RC target 13.12.2016
[17:29:07] <thiago> they were also supposed to happen at different times
[17:30:04] <jaheikki3> - Final Qt 5.8.0 release immediately after Christmas period
[17:30:44] <jaheikki3> thiago: yeah. We have done API review earlier
[17:31:08] <jaheikki3> thiago: And according to my understanding we are now reviewing diffs 
[17:31:24] <jaheikki3> or am I completely wrong?
[17:37:01] <akseli> we had API review near alpha and header diff is ongoing .. so jaheikki3 you are not completely wrong
[17:37:14] <jaheikki3> Great :)
[17:38:06] <jaheikki3> What about schedule, ok for everyone? I was planning to set 3.1.2017 to target schedule for final
[17:38:21] <akseli> +1
[17:38:30] <ankokko_> +1
[17:38:53] <jaheikki3> But to reach that we need to have almost all ready before christmas
[17:39:39] <jaheikki3> Great. I'll update the schedule soon in 5.8 release wiki 
[17:40:27] <jaheikki3> I think this was all at this time. I think we can skip next week & have new meeting Tue 29th Nov. OK?
[17:40:57] <akseli> ok for me
[17:42:48] <jaheikki3> great. Let's end this meeting now. Bye!
[17:43:00] <akseli> bye
[17:43:09] <fkleint> bye
[17:43:16] <ankokko_> byw
[17:43:22] <ankokko_> bye

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