[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 29.11.2016

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Wed Nov 30 08:31:13 CET 2016

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 29th November 2016

Qt 5.7.1 status:
- Unfortunately new blocker found from Device Creation testing
   * It seems root cause is in Qt side 
   --> Most probably we need to update qt content once again
--> No Qt 5.7.1 release during this week. New target week 49

Qt 5.8.0 status:
- Branching from '5.8' to '5.8.0' finalized
- Time to start creating submodule change files
- Target to get RC out 13th December so there is ~ 2 weeks time to fix remaining blockers from https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=18053, get change files in & do all testing etc
- Target to create first snapshot from '5.8.0' during this week

Qt 5.9.0 initial schedule:
- Feature Freeze & branching 1st February 2017
   * Soft branching starts already 25th January 2017
- Alpha release 1st March 2017
- Beta release 5th April 2017
- RC 17th May 2017
- Final release 31st May 2017

Qt 5.6.3 schedule
- Target to start creating Qt 5.6.3 release Jan/Feb 2017 & get the release out March/April 2017

Next meeting 13th December 2016 16:00 CET


irc log below:

[17:00:03] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl: ablasche: ping 
[17:00:26] <thiago> jaheikki3: pong
[17:00:46] <carewolf> pong
[17:01:39] <jaheikki3> Time to start qt release team meeting
[17:01:42] <fkleint> jaheikki3: pong
[17:01:48] <jaheikki3> On agenda today:
[17:01:54] <jaheikki3> qt 5.7.1 status
[17:02:02] <jaheikki3> qt 5.8.0 status
[17:02:11] <jaheikki3> qt 5.9 initial schedule
[17:02:20] <jaheikki3> Any additional items to the agenda?
[17:02:28] <fkleint> 5.63.? ;-) 
[17:03:04] <jaheikki3> fkleint: Ok, we can quickly discuss about 5.6.3 as well
[17:03:07] <akseli> jaheikki3: late pong
[17:03:38] <jaheikki3> lets start from Qt 5.7.1 status
[17:04:09] <jaheikki3> Packages has been under testing a while & we have test results available (mostly)
[17:04:54] <jaheikki3> unfortunately new blocker found during device creation testing, see QTBUG-57290
[17:05:47] <jaheikki3> At the moment it seems the rootcause is in qt content and so on we need to update qt content again
[17:06:07] <jaheikki3> But we will see than when the rootcause is known
[17:06:20] <jaheikki3> So no qt 5.7.1 release during this week
[17:06:38] <jaheikki3> otherwise packages seems to be quite ok & ready for the release
[17:06:45] <jaheikki3> Any comments or questions?
[17:07:53] <thiago> nothing here
[17:08:20] <jaheikki3> Ok, thats all about 5.7.1 at this time. Then Qt 5.8.0 status:
[17:08:29] <jaheikki3> Branching finalized today
[17:08:53] <jaheikki3> Time to to start creating change files for Qt 5.8.0 release (if not started yet)
[17:10:34] -*- thiago hasn't had time to do header review yet
[17:10:45] <thiago> have we got oks on most modules already?
[17:10:56] <jaheikki3> Target to get RC out 13th December so there is ~ 2 weeks time to fix remaining blockers from https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=18053, get change files in & do all testing etc
[17:11:14] <jaheikki3> thiago: yes, all should be OK. lars checked those last week
[17:11:50] <thiago> ok
[17:11:59] <thiago> we have one API change to make. I'll try to do it today.
[17:12:13] <jaheikki3> thiago: ok, great
[17:12:59] <jaheikki3> qt5.git integration is ongoing in '5.8.0'. Hoping it succeed & we can create first snapshot for testing still during this week
[17:13:09] <lars> jaheikki3: thiago: yes, I went through them all
[17:13:47] <jaheikki3> That was pretty much all about 5.8.0 at this time, any more comments/questions?
[17:15:43] <jaheikki3> Ok, then Qt 5.9 initial schedule
[17:16:43] <jaheikki3> I proposed to have FF 1.2.2017 for Qt 5.9 in dev ml
[17:17:02] <thiago> sounds ok to me
[17:17:20] <jaheikki3> There hasn't been any objections in ML either
[17:17:42] <jaheikki3> So let's have 5.9 FF 1.2.2017
[17:18:03] <jaheikki3> That means we could have Qt 5.9 final at the end of may
[17:19:10] <jaheikki3> RC mid May, Beta beginning of April and Alpha end of Feb/beginning of march
[17:19:20] <jaheikki3> Any comments / questions ?
[17:19:34] <thiago> long time between FF and release
[17:19:35] <thiago> why?
[17:19:55] <fkleint> from experience ;-) 
[17:19:56] <thiago> oh, sorry, Feb 1
[17:20:03] <thiago> damn those american dates
[17:20:06] <thiago> I'm getting confused
[17:20:26] <jaheikki3> Yeah, FF at the beginning of Feb
[17:20:37] <thiago> makes sense now
[17:20:54] <jaheikki3> But I agree it is quite long time from ff to final but from history we see it is best we can do atm
[17:21:20] <jaheikki3> great
[17:21:40] <jaheikki3> I'll update the the initial schedule in https://wiki.qt.io/Qt-5.9-release
[17:21:55] <jaheikki3> Then Qt 5.6.3 schedule
[17:23:33] <jaheikki3> I think there isn't any reason why we should do quick 5.6.3 release and so on I have been thinking we could start creating it ~ feb & targeting to get Qt 5.6.3 out march/april 2017
[17:23:47] <jaheikki3> Would that be OK?
[17:23:55] <thiago> yeah
[17:24:00] <fkleint> sounds good
[17:24:12] <thiago> if we could get started in Jan would be better, but we'll see availability
[17:24:34] -*- thiago will try to merge the QtDBus fixes that everyone is already deploying in January
[17:25:10] <jaheikki3> Ok, great
[17:25:24] <jaheikki3> I'll update 5.6.3 plan in https://wiki.qt.io/Qt-5.6-release
[17:27:09] <fkleint> Sth from our side, we should be ready to upgrade from MSVC2015 Update 2 to MSVC2015 Update 3  (famous last words)
[17:27:22] <fkleint> shall we wait until 5.7.1 is out and then do that?
[17:28:05] <jaheikki3> fkleint: I think wait 5.7.1 at least
[17:28:15] <fkleint> yep
[17:28:19] <jaheikki3> but should we wait 5.8 as well?
[17:28:29] <fkleint> Hm, no I  think not
[17:28:59] <jaheikki3> we should avoid late changes in sw as well to minimize risks
[17:29:17] <thiago> have we added the flag to disable the optimisation?
[17:29:39] <fkleint> COIN now has an integration for such changes (hasn't it ;-) ?
[17:29:47] <fkleint> in QML yes
[17:30:27] <fkleint> https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/169854/
[17:30:36] <thiago> I thought we were going to disable it throughout our build
[17:30:40] <jaheikki3> fkleint: Have you tested the update3 with 5.8 ? if there is no real reason to update it for 5.8 I really hope we could update it for 5.9 only
[17:31:05] <fkleint> Hm,ok, if you think so
[17:31:14] <jaheikki3> Just to minimize risks
[17:31:58] <jaheikki3> great
[17:32:02] <fkleint> ok, then let's leave it at that
[17:32:15] <jaheikki3> Then next meeting. We will have national holiday in finland next Tue. What is your opinion should we have a meeting wed 7.12 or just skip next week & have new one tue 13the Dec ?
[17:32:26] <divide> Hi, just one point
[17:32:28] <divide> Regarding the 5.9 packages (macOS/iOS/Android/... as discussed in the releasing mailing list) I also think (and always thought since mobile package appeared) that combo packages (a+b+..) are confusing, it should be one target platform per package, then up to the user to download and install more than one package as needed.
[17:33:43] <jaheikki3> divide: There is many packages containing desktop + mobile targets because usually you need both. 
[17:34:14] <jaheikki3> But let's still continue discussion in ML to get conclusion there
[17:34:22] <divide> ok
[17:34:33] <jaheikki3> We aren't hurry with that decision yet ;)
[17:34:54] <divide> sure :) but since it always bothered me, I'm taking the chance... :)
[17:34:57] -*- thiago would prefer Dec 13 meeting
[17:35:24] <jaheikki3> divide: Yeah, that's OK & wellcome ;)
[17:35:31] <thiago> Dec 7 I can't join
[17:35:57] <jaheikki3> ok, let's skip next week & have new meeting dec 13 at this same time
[17:36:52] <jaheikki3> It was all at this time. Thanks for your participation. Bye!
[17:37:07] <fkleint> bye

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