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Seems like the assumption is that people will actively try to sabotage the system because of some hatred of comments :)

For me personally, the times I don't add a changelog entry in changes where it would be appropriate, it is simply because I forgot and no one reminded me. I would appreciate the automatic check, as I appreciate the other reminders from the bot, even if there are false positives once in a while (in which case I will just either override the sanity review or add the empty changelog entry to appease the bot.)

So count this as my vote for having the sanity bot mention when the changelog is missing.

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On 26/01/2017 13:28, Kai Koehne wrote:

> Jani's proposal is to fix parts of this is to encourage committers and reviewers to write [ChangeLog] entries as part of the commit. This could be encouraged by
> * Enabling the [ChangeLog] line by default in the commit template
> * Enforcing a [ChangeLog] entry by the Sanity Bot (under conditions xxx)
> For the sanity bot, either we decide that _every_ change has a [ChangeLog], or we try to make the bot intelligent enough to decide whether a commit needs a change log, or not. Parts of the discussion so far makes me think that this will be an uphill battle though.
> So, any strong opinion against enforcing a [ChangeLog] line, with "[ChangeLog] -" for commits that don't need one?

Yes, people who cannot be bothered to write a [ChangeLog] line will just
add "[ChangeLog] -" to their local template to reduce the overall
bossing around from the sanity bot. Then we've gained nothing but a bag
of noise in the git log.

If anything, enable the [ChangeLog] line in the commit template. The
manual action to remove or comment out this line should be enough to
remind people of their changelog duty - unless they're using a custom
template which you cannot prevent.

I claim that you won't find an automatic enforcement that makes manual
intervention superfluous when creating change logs. As others already
implied, this problem must be solved on a social level.


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