[Releasing] Qt API review process (was: Re: Qt 5.11 Alpha released)

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Fri Mar 16 11:41:34 CET 2018

Jani Heikkinen (14 March 2018 08:03) wrote:
> We have API review ongoing for Qt 5.11.
> For me our process for that is a bit unclear;

That sounds like something we should aim to turn into a QUIP,
once discussion here has produced something close enough to
a consensus to be worth documenting.

Folks out there with opinions on the process Jani proposed,
please speak up !

> 4) API review for module needs to be updated in gerrit until it gets
> '+2'.  After that no more updates.

If there are updates to the code that change API, I shall feel
duty-bound to update the API review; of course, those shouldn't happen
except in responses to the API review, but we do things asynchronously,
so it's possible some change that's been on its way in for some time
lands after my last update to the API review before it gets its +2;
particularly if there was an objection to something in the API review,
that someone set about addressing but despite which the maintainer
decided to +2 (e.g. it might be in new API that's not yet subject to
[BS]C promises; but its perpetrator sees the wisdom of the objection so
addresses it).

The QUIP shall, at least, need to document how we deal with such cases,
if they arise,


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