[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 08.05.2018

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Wed May 9 08:01:11 CEST 2018

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 8th May 2018

Qt 5.11.0 status:
- RC released
- Target to release Qt 5.11.0 22.5.2018
- MSVC 2017 15.7 released, to be confirmed if 5.11.0 RC compiles ok with it
- RC2 needs to be done because of critical security fix in Chromium
   * Fix already in but we will wait a while to see if there is something else to be fixed as well

Qt 5.9.6:
- Branching from '5.9' -> '5.9.6' to be started at the beginning of next week
- Target to get release out at the beginning of June

Qt 5.6.4:
- To be discussed in ml/QtCS if release is really needed
   * But in any case possible release won't happen before summer break

Next meeting Tue 15.5.2018 16:00 CET

Jani Heikkinen
Release Manager

irc log below:

[17:00:14] <jaheikki3_> akseli: iieklund: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical:vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl:ablasche:lars: ping 
[17:00:22] <lars> jaheikki3_: pong
[17:00:44] <thiago> jaheikki3_: pong
[17:01:29] <jaheikki3_> Time to start qt release team meeting
[17:01:34] <jaheikki3_> On agenda today:
[17:01:40] <carewolf> pong
[17:01:42] <jaheikki3_> - Qt 5.11.0 status
[17:01:47] <jaheikki3_> - Qt 5.9.6
[17:01:57] <jaheikki3_> Any additional item to the agenda?
[17:03:17] <jaheikki3_> Ok, qt 5.11.0 status:
[17:03:24] <jaheikki3_> rc released today
[17:03:42] <frkleint> jaheikki3_: pong
[17:04:01] <thiago> in the two weeks since we've last had this meeting, MSVC 2017 15.7 was released
[17:04:10] <thiago> we need to make sure that 5.11 works on it
[17:04:36] <thiago> I only installed it yesterday. I'm in the middle of compiling qtbase.
[17:04:41] <thiago> has anyone progressed further?
[17:05:00] <lars> thiago: I doubt it.
[17:05:45] <jaheikki3_> thiago: lars: if there is some issues with it I think we could wait 5.11.1 instead of delaying 5.11.0
[17:05:57] <thiago> I do not think so
[17:06:02] <jaheikki3_> 5.11.1 is targeted to happen before summer break
[17:06:06] <thiago> if there are issues, it's an FTBFS on a major platform
[17:06:28] <thiago> there is one feature I'd like to enable that can wait: -Zc:__cplusplus support
[17:07:21] <jaheikki3_> thiago: should't that kind of changes be done in 5.12 instead (meaning not evein in 5.11.1
[17:07:33] <carewolf> hopefully nothing will break, or will only be warnings that only affect some builds and are not important. 
[17:07:48] <thiago> people have complained about us not identifying the C++ level properly
[17:07:53] <lars> jaheikki3_: since we say we support 2017, we should fix those in 5.11. The only question would be 5.11.0 or later
[17:07:55] <thiago> so I don't think we can wait
[17:08:10] <thiago> the point is that 15.7 has __has_include, which is why we need to make sure everything still compiles
[17:08:25] <lars> thiago: so they finally added that?
[17:08:28] <carewolf> ah
[17:08:34] <thiago> lars: seems so
[17:08:51] <thiago> I haven't directly verified it yet. I need to compile and run some of the unit tests.
[17:09:04] <lars> thiago: well, in theory it should help us, but yes, that has the potential to break something
[17:09:22] <thiago> and that's why I am asking for someone else besides me to also test it
[17:09:49] <jaheikki3_> frkleint: do you or others in windows team have tried that?
[17:09:59] <frkleint> never heard of it,.sorry
[17:10:09] <lars> agree, that would be good. 
[17:10:13] <frkleint> ask someone to do on-demand COIN runs?
[17:10:40] <jaheikki3_> frkleint: we would need to provisioning that in coin first
[17:10:41] <thiago> so... does COIN have 15.7 installed?
[17:10:44] <lars> frkleint: I don't think we have that MSVC version available in COIN yet
[17:11:14] <lars> but yes, that would be a good way to test
[17:11:33] <jaheikki3_> lars: frkleint: no, there isn't. I'll check tomorrow with hehalmet & tosaraja if we could give a test run
[17:11:53] <frkleint> what is this exactly, some update of VS2017?
[17:11:53] <lars> jaheikki3_: sounds good. let's try to add the provisioning and see what happens :)
[17:11:59] <frkleint> is living under a rock
[17:12:24] <thiago> yes
[17:12:30] <lars> frkleint: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/releasenotes/vs2017-relnotes
[17:12:32] <thiago> compiler version 19.14
[17:13:00] <thiago> see also https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2018/05/07/announcing-msvc-conforms-to-the-c-standard/
[17:13:11] <frkleint> hm,ok
[17:13:26] <jaheikki3_> Ok,we will check if we can give a test run for that in coin & see what happens
[17:13:43] <frkleint> yup
[17:14:02] <frkleint> ok, have to rush, sorry
[17:14:14] <jaheikki3_> There is also couple of new changes already coming in '5.11.0', see https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/q/branch:5.11.0,n,z
[17:14:43] <jaheikki3_> I am not sure yet if we should do rc2 because of those or just wait 5.11.1
[17:15:05] <thiago> I think we need at least one more week
[17:15:17] <jaheikki3_> another one is security fixes for WE and another one is just a changes file update
[17:15:18] <carewolf> I think the update of chromium is important, it includes one security fix marked critical.
[17:15:20] <thiago> we'll see what the 15.7 build turns up
[17:15:24] <thiago> it could be nothing
[17:15:37] <jaheikki3_> that's true
[17:16:01] -*- thiago crosses finger
[17:16:01] <thiago> s
[17:16:10] <jaheikki3_> And let's see what is found during testing of rc packages
[17:16:17] <jaheikki3_> same here
[17:16:24] <lars> yes, let's check that first. hopefully things will simply work with the new compiler
[17:17:42] <jaheikki3_> carewolf: but is that really worth of rc2 alone?. because 5.11.1 is coming really soon as well? 
[17:18:11] <thiago> if it's FTBFS or something broken, it's 5.11.0
[17:18:28] <thiago> if it's a feature that was never enabled for 2017 before, 5.11.1
[17:18:37] <carewolf> let me put it this way, the only security fixes marked critical in chrome the last 3 years and have those here from chrome 66
[17:18:55] <carewolf> I don't know how it can be exploited, but 'critical' is not something they use a lot
[17:20:02] <jaheikki3_> carewolf: ok, i see your point. We have time to do rc2 even we are targeting to get final out 22nd of May
[17:20:38] <jaheikki3_> we don't need 2 weeks between rc2 and final; it is enough to have that time between rc & final
[17:20:44] <lars> jaheikki3_: agree with carewolf that we should get those in
[17:21:05] <carewolf> though, I have accepted we can wait with the same fixes in 5.9 as long as 5.9.6 is released within the 12 weeks grace we have before the details are public
[17:22:21] <jaheikki3_> yeah, let's do rc2 at least with those changes. Let's see if something else is found as well
[17:22:37] <jaheikki3_> I'll stage those changes in 
[17:22:44] <carewolf> thanks
[17:22:54] <thiago> carewolf: do you know if V8 is compiled with the spectre mitigations turned on?
[17:23:45] <carewolf> the main spectre mitigation is disabling shared-arrays, lowering timing precision and adding cryptographis noise to the timers
[17:23:48] <carewolf> we have all that.
[17:24:20] <jaheikki3_> Ok,this was all about 5.11.0 at this time
[17:24:27] <jaheikki3_> Then quickly 5.9.6:
[17:24:54] <jaheikki3_> I think we should start branching from 5.9 -> 5.9.6 at the beginning of next week
[17:25:26] <jaheikki3_> That way we could get 5.9.6 out at the beginning of June and then we would have enough time to get 5.11.1 out as well during june
[17:26:13] <jaheikki3_> Would that be OK?
[17:26:39] <carewolf> ok by me
[17:26:42] <lars> jaheikki3_: sounds good to me. how large is the delta between 5.9.5 and 5.9 currently?
[17:26:57] <lars> do we know how many patches we have in there?
[17:28:01] <jaheikki3_> lars: I haven't check detailed but qith quick look ~150 - 200 changes
[17:28:20] <lars> jaheikki3_: in qtbase alone I assume?
[17:29:25] <thiago> that's 23 in qtbase only
[17:29:45] <jaheikki3_> lars: overall. I just browse through gerrit history to see merged changes in '5.9' after 5.9.5
[17:29:59] <lars> thiago: ok, so rather small update
[17:30:38] <jaheikki3_> true. But on the other hand it should be easier to get release out when amount of changes is smaller
[17:30:59] <lars> jaheikki3_: sure, I was just curious. I think it's good that we have regular updates
[17:31:14] <jaheikki3_> agree
[17:31:41] <jaheikki3_> Ok, let's start branching from '5.9' -> '5.9.6' at the beginning of next week
[17:31:55] <jaheikki3_> It was all at this time
[17:32:07] <thiago> one more topic
[17:32:12] <jaheikki3_> ?
[17:32:12] <thiago> timeline for 5.6.4?
[17:32:22] <thiago> we're 9 months since 5.6.3
[17:32:27] <thiago> after Summer break?
[17:32:48] <jaheikki3_> At least not before. 
[17:33:10] <thiago> ok
[17:33:19] <thiago> that's all I needed
[17:33:19] <jaheikki3_> Do we really need to do it at all?
[17:33:36] <thiago> I think one more release is important
[17:34:01] <thiago> we promised 2 years of fixes and there are some pending fixes
[17:34:05] <thiago> we could make it and close the branch
[17:34:42] <jaheikki3_> lars: do you have any comments to that? 
[17:35:10] <thiago> we should discuss this in the ML. Doesn't need to be now.
[17:35:19] <thiago> I was just wondering if the timeline asked for someothing sooner.
[17:35:24] <lars> jaheikki3_: let's have a look at the fixes in 5.6 as well
[17:35:27] <thiago> we can also discuss during QtCS
[17:35:45] <lars> thiago: let's do that. currently nobody is asking for something soon
[17:36:05] <jaheikki3_> Yeah. We aren't that hurry with it. 
[17:37:08] <lars> ok, need to leave. have a good day/evening everybody :)
[17:37:49] <jaheikki3_> Same to you. Let's end this meeting now & have new one next tue (15.5.2018) at this same time
[17:38:09] <jaheikki3_> thanks for your participation. Bye!
[17:39:59] <thiago> bye

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