[Releasing] Changes planned for the online installer

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Mon Mar 25 09:32:22 CET 2019


Il 19/03/19 13:32, Tuukka Turunen ha scritto:
> With an upcoming version of the online installer, we are planning to 
> make the following changes:
>   * Separate the pre-releases to its own ‘preview’ category, only
>     visible when enabled
>   * Remove all unsupported Qt releases from the online installer
>   * Move all but the latest patch releases of supported Qt releases into
>     ‘archive’ category
> This allows for greatly improved user experience of the online 
> installer, focuses users to take the latest release with all security 
> updates and reduces the space needed from the mirrors.

So, for instance, right now what would be offered by the installer? If 
I'm understanding correctly:

* 5.13 alpha in the 'preview' category
* 5.12.latest / 5.11.latest / 5.9.latest as ordinary installation
* All the other 5.12, 5.11 and 5.9 as archive

Is this correct?

> Old Qt releases continue to be available for everyone in the 
> download.qt.io <http://download.qt.io> historical archive, but in 
> general they should be considered as a historical reference, not used in 
> active projects.

Do you mean as binary builds, or just the source archives? If binary, as 
online or offline installers?


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