[Releasing] [Development] Add QTBUG title to new release changelog

Julius Bullinger julius.bullinger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 10:30:09 CET 2021

On 05-Mar-21 10:46 AM, Roland Winklmeier wrote:
> Good morning,
> I was curious to see what changed in Qt 6.0.2 release and found a list 
> of fixed QTBUGS:
> [qtbase]
> 443ce5d073 Fixes: QTBUG-89578
> b61275ee72 Fixes: QTBUG-90042 
> e255716291 Fixes: QTBUG-74088
> The QTBUG number itself does not tell me much, hence it is very hard to 
> predict if anything relevant is in that release affecting my projects.
> How hard would it be to change it to
> [qtbase]
> 443ce5d073 Fixes: QTBUG-89578 QLineEdit Cursor show white line when use property of setInputMask
> b61275ee72 Fixes: QTBUG-90042 QIcon not using Hi DPI pixmap version
> e255716291 Fixes: QTBUG-74088 Menu Bar Items Disabled When QMainWindow Has Window Modal Child and Another Window Made Active
> That would be much easier to read.

I very much second this request. Also, most of the bugs mentioned as 
fixed in the 5.15.3 release notes don't have the respective Fix Version 
set in Jira (or any Fix Version, for that matter).

That means commercial customers must now cross-reference each and every 
issue ID in the release note with the ones they reported/that affect 
them to see if they have been fixed.

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