[Web] Meeting minutes "What is Qt Project Web" Monday 26.11.2012

Yrvin Knut Knut.Yrvin at digia.com
Mon Dec 3 14:00:57 CET 2012

26/11: What is Qt Project Web? (on IRC #qt-devnet-moderators on
freenode network)

Tests with meeting on Google Hangout and Skype will be performed after
the IRC meeting.

-- Single SignOn might be #1 priorit
-- There is a discussion on who are served with Qt Projecet Web
   (Dev.Net): those who developers Qt or those developers who uses Qt
   for making apps.  Ration is 1/1000
-- There is suggestions on new best-of-breed services, requiering
   single sign on
-- QnA are suggested (which has taken long time to make, if I
   understood the discussion right).
-- We'll put up a wiki for all the ideas
-- There are other discussions on roles and responsibilities going
   forward (soscial moderators, technical, agreements, privacy and so
-- Digia means to have the site as the main public site for suppor to
   Qt developers (outside of direct commercial support)
-- Making the Mailing List public

Audio/Video conference testing: 

-- Skype worked without video for 8/8. Windows users got video. Not
   for Linux. 
-- Google Hangout worked with video for 7/8 Tobias didn't make it yet

Regarding video Google Hangout is the best option. Regarding audio
Skype is the best option. 

Participants in the testing: 

[kl. 21:48:22] andresomers: atsomers at gmail.com
[kl. 21:48:31] Denis Kormalev: kormalev.denis at gmail.com
[kl. 21:48:36] Knut Yrvin: knut.yrvin at gmail.com
[kl. 21:48:37] Vasiliy Sorokin: sorokin.vasiliy at gmail.com
[kl. 21:48:45] Tobias Hunger: tobias.hunger at gmail.com
[kl. 21:49:47] Mark Long: Markdavidlong at gmail.com
[kl. 21:50:01] Giuseppe D'Angelo: dangelog at gmail.com
[kl. 21:50:02] Gerolf Reinwardt (Geoff): giesbert at scoutnet.de

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