[Web] Suggestions for http://qt-project.org/downloads

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
Thu Dec 20 13:11:10 CET 2012


first of all congratulations to everyone involved in getting Qt 5 out, especially related to qt-project.org sites! There was almost no time from "we've the final packages" to "it's released", so great job everyone!

Anyhow, when I started downloading Qt 5 myself from home today I noticed some issues with the main downloads page. So here are my observations (also backed by complains by other users):

- there's no hint in the Qt 5 section that the binaries also include qt creator (it even explicitly says "Qt libraries", ).

Suggestion: Call it e.g. "Qt 5.0.0 for Windows (VS 2010 406 MB)". Add a small section under the downloads saying : "The binary packages include Qt 5.0.0 libraries and Qt Creator 2.6.1."

- there's no hint that the MSVC binaries are 32 bit only

Suggestion: Call it e.g. "Qt 5.0.0 for Windows (VS 2010 32 bit, 406 MB)".

- There's no visual separation between the Qt5 section, and the Qt 4.8.4 one. Actually I downloaded the qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.4.zip by accident because I thought that it's the Qt 5 one.

Suggestion: Add section subtitles for "Qt 5.0", Qt "4.8", "Qt 4.7", "Qt 4.6"



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