[Web] Old DevDays videos (2k10, 2k11)

Knut Yrvin knut.yrvin at digia.com
Fri Apr 5 13:13:40 CEST 2013

Fredag 8. mars 2013 10.20.25 skrev Tomasz Siekierda:
> I've recently got a question about videos from old DevDays. Does any
> of you have any information where (or more importantly: if) they can
> be found?

Good news. The videos have finally been found! They are now on their way to a 
hard drive to Germany, and will be uploaded to the QtStudios at youtube. 

> Newest vids are on qt-project.org and YouTube, that is clear. Older
> were probably copyrighted by Nokia, but used to be available on our
> web page. 

The videos are from DevDays 2005-2011 including some training videos. 

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