[Web] Influx of spam in the forum

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Thu Mar 20 13:19:07 CET 2014

Kojo Tero schreef op 20-3-2014 12:36:
>> I assume that this is the current list of moderators: 
>> http://qt-project.org/groups/site_moderators/members/ 
> Actually no, it's just a group. Has nothing to do with the rights.
Hmm... It might be good to sync the two then. It is good to be able to 
identify who has special powers on the forum I think.
>> I would at least like to invite some of the most active current members:
>> SGaist: http://qt-project.org/member/39728
>> qxoz: http://qt-project.org/member/13653
> Yes, good names. Added rights.
Would have been good to ask if they would be interested first in playing 
such a role, perhaps.

>> On the spamming: I would really appreciate a system where users under a
>> certain status level:
>> * can not set a URL as/in their signature
>> * will have postings with URLs in them to be automatically marked for
>> moderation and put in some queue with those, with the exception of links to
>> a small number of white-listed sites (Qt-project itself, stack overflow and qt
>> forum come to mind).
>> I simply can no longer keep up with all forum posts anymore. I used to read
>> almost everything, but now I only occasionally have time to read more than
>> just a few postings here and there. Having stuff to moderate in some
>> seperate queue would be beneficial. It should be easy and fast for a
>> moderator to dismiss postings in the queue as not spam though.
> Agree with that. These features would be needed. The current system doesn't seem to be capable of that.
Good, please add it to your list of wishes/requirements for new web 
stuff you're on then :-)


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