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Good to see the new forum online! The instant-preview feature is very useful.

[Tero Kojo] Thank you, the migration was a nerve wrecking experience in slow motion. I’m happy to have the system up and running.

Some issues, however:

- Clicking "Login" takes us to a funny screen at http://forum.qt.io/login -- it's not obvious that we need to click on the "tick" to login.
    - Suggestion: Clicking "Login" should go straight to http://forum.qt.io/auth/QtAccount

[Tero Kojo] Yes, that needs to be changed. When testing it wasn’t obvious how it would look.

- Code formatting has not been converted, e.g. https://forum.qt.io/topic/51907/qtimer-acting-unreliable-with-qopenglwidget

[Tero Kojo]

- I can't find a way to mark my topic as "Solved"

[Tero Kojo] There should be a ‘topic tools’ box at the bottom of the topic, there is a ‘mark as solved’ option. The alternative is to edit the topic and add a solved tag (not convenient, that is why the topic tools was added).

- The grid at http://forum.qt.io/ is harder to understand than the hierarchical lists at http://qt-project.org/forums/

[Tero Kojo] Yes, I asked our front end designer to look into it. As a first step I put the hierarchy back in place.

- Moderator rights are missing

[Tero Kojo] Will add today.

- https://forum.qt.io/users/sort-reputation is not sorted by reputation

[Tero Kojo]No, I don’t know why it’s a bit random. I have a guess it has something to do with the way the old system degraded points over time. I’ll look into it.


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