[Accessibility] Seeking input from experts with mobile assistive devices

Leo Spalteholz leos at uvic.ca
Fri Nov 7 01:33:36 CET 2014

On May 21, 2014, at 12:41 AM, Trenton Schulz <Trenton.Schulz at nr.no> wrote:
> On May 21, 2014, at 06:50 , Leo Spalteholz <leos at uvic.ca> wrote
>> We work a lot with individuals with physical disabilities, and along with the rest of the industry have migrated primarily to mobile development.  So we are primarily concerned with Voiceover support and switch accessibility.  We have primarily concentrated past app development efforts on iOS because platform accessibility and accessibility app support is still far ahead of android for most of our clients.  However we are naturally interested in cross platform development so we have switched to Qt for most of our new, in-development apps to be able to ship Android and iOS simultaneously with our very small team.  
>> We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals with disabilities over the years across the age and disability spectrum.  Happy to help if we can.
> Thank you, Leo. I would be interested in discussing how switch support works on smartphones as I haven’t seen much of that. I’ll contact you off-list.

Following up on this.  As you know Qt 5.3 apps on iOS were completely unaccessible to VoiceOver on iOS, however I’m extremely happy to see that after some testing on 5.4 beta it looks like it perfectly supports VoiceOver now!   Great work and thank you Digia and whoever did the work for making this happen!   With no changes our apps are now almost completely accessible to VoiceOver users.

I tested with iOS 8 Switch Control using the Pretorian Applicator switch interface and it also works quite well.  It seems to scan to Label elements in addition to actionable items which doesn’t match the behaviour or most other apps, but it is certainly working.


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