[Accessibility] How do you run QT / QT Apps with a Screen Reader and Valgrind

Steve C list15 at trumpton.org.uk
Sun Feb 15 10:49:10 CET 2015

In digging around within QT, I've stumbled across a lock-up scenario that only 
exhibits itself when NVDA is running (bug reported).  Stepping through the 
code, it looks like a response to a get attributes is being corrupted, and 
looking at the code, I can't see where / how - in fact, if I step through the 
code, it doesn't get corrupted!

I'm imagining that it is caused by a memory leak elsewhere.

As far as I can read, valgrind and windows don't work together, and wine and 
NVDA don't work together.

My quesiton is: has anyone tried running a memory analyser with QT running 
alongside a windows screen reader?  if so, how?

Thanks and Regards,


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