[Accessibility] basic accessibility in qt 5.4

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Sat Jan 24 11:31:19 CET 2015


I am using qt with c++ to write few small utility applications. During past
few days i read quite a few articles on accessibility and from what i
gathered all one needs to do to get some basic accessibility is to add
accessibility library and add accessible names and descriptions. Friend of
mine tested it on both jaws and nvda and he can't see anything but some
graphic xx objects where xx are numbers. his braille display doesn't show
anything as well.
All tutorials and documentation i managed to find focuses mostly on
implementing accessibility for custom widgets.

What are minimum requirements to get at least some accessibility (for
starters i'll be completely happy to get accessible names working)? Also if
i were to inherit from widgets like qpushbutton or qlabel, would i inherit
its accessibility on parts i am not changing? To rephrase, if i only
inherited widget and leaving everything as it is, would accessibility still

Hope to get some answers...


P.S. To Frederik and all others at Qt - you are doing great work, even
though you sometimes have to listen to criticism there are some of us who
can appreciate what you do.
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