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Andrei Tuicu andrei.tuicu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 12:46:11 CET 2015

Hello Jurij!

I am using qt with c++ to write few small utility applications. During past
> few days i read quite a few articles on accessibility and from what i
> gathered all one needs to do to get some basic accessibility is to add
> accessibility library and add accessible names and descriptions. Friend of
> mine tested it on both jaws and nvda and he can't see anything but some
> graphic xx objects where xx are numbers. his braille display doesn't show
> anything as well.
> All tutorials and documentation i managed to find focuses mostly on
> implementing accessibility for custom widgets.
What are minimum requirements to get at least some accessibility (for
> starters i'll be completely happy to get accessible names working)?

You can first set the accessibleName and accessibleDescription properties
of your objects using the setAccessibleName/Description methods (if you
create those objects dynamically), or directly from the designer. If you
are working on Windows, I do recommend that you test these by yourself
using NVDA screen-reader which is free and very easy to install, or
depending on your version of Windows one of the tools from here [1]
If you are using a Qt older than 5.4 you need to copy the folder
"accessible" from path\to\Qt\5.*\mingw48_32\plugins to where your
executable is compiled, if you are using 5.4 it should work out of the box.

> Also if i were to inherit from widgets like qpushbutton or qlabel, would i
> inherit its accessibility on parts i am not changing? To rephrase, if i
> only inherited widget and leaving everything as it is, would accessibility
> still work?

Yes, they will. Use the same methods from above.

Hope to get some answers...
> Jurij
> P.S. To Frederik and all others at Qt - you are doing great work, even
> though you sometimes have to listen to criticism there are some of us who
> can appreciate what you do.

Best regards,
Andrei Tuicu
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