[Accessibility] Please include QT accessibility as separate downloads

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel ernesta at tiscali.cz
Thu Nov 24 15:50:21 CET 2016

Dear developers,
I would like to valuably plea you, if You would have A good will and if 
You would include all QT accessibility Accessible directoryes for all QT 
versions to yours site.
Because many developers do not take AQT accessibility on their mind 
while developing. So typical situation would look as follows.
Advanced user will launch not accessible QT app. He discovery, which QT 
IDE have been used to create it by searching inside specific program 
folder for QT libraryes. BLind user must locate and download whole QT 
specific IDE version and install it only to get one folder accessible 
from specific QT bundle.
Why yxou can not simply add one zip archive to yours opensource QT site 
with all QT accessibility versions support files?
Try to imagine, that no every body has time to install whole bundle only 
to copy one folder from one location to other.
Yes, sure. You are doing yours bet to accessibility. Developers have 
chance to enable accessibility support for QT. But what if some 
developer do not do that?
If you know some free and saccessible tool to extract some files from 
.msi packages, perfect. But I did not find something similar to do that.

Next issue.
Some QT application developers have fallen in love to static QT 
libraryes compilation. So they are statically embed QT libraryes inside 
machine code, inside .exe program.
This can not be simply solved by unzipping .exer. Because QT libraryes 
are statically embedded inside some .exe format structures. And it is 
really not legal and easy for only advanced visually impaired user to 
use binary editor and modify .exe program to include accessible folder 
inside it.
And I AM afraid, that if program is including statically compiled and 
embedded QT libs without accessibility support. user would not have A 

Do you have some solution for that?

Thank You very much for yours time.
With kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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